In Brooklyn, get paid $500 to fake barf, goosebumps, orgasms


Even in this economy, Craigslist always has opportunities for hot people to take their clothes off, but today brings one of the more interesting ones: An educational German video series is looking for “uninhibited models/actors” to cast a non-broadcast, no-dialogue “Anatomy of…” series filming in Brooklyn this weekend:

Each sequence include interviews by medical professionals, animation and a faceless model used to demonstrate the subject. Models will not have their face shown and so can remain anonymous. Some sequences include… Anatomy of heartburn, Anatomy of a headache, Anatomy of Goosebumps, Anatomy of vomiting, Anatomy of cold hands, Anatomy of Diarrhea, Anatomy of a Growling Stomach, Anatomy of an Orgasm, Anatomy of Body Odor, Anatomy of Laughter, etc…

Subjects get paid $500, which is pretty decent by naked Craigslist gig standards. But should you be offended if they cast you for body odor instead of orgasm? Didn’t realize you were the diarrhea “type”? Read the full ad here.

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