Axl Rose, possibly not NYC’s first choice for a headliner. via Facebook

One of the wonders of the internet is that it basically puts anything up for debate. Sure you might think Tom Brady is a first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback, but have you ever considered that he actually sucks? Similarly, sane people can also use the internet to make a fuss about possibly inconsequential things, like who headlines a summer festival. In this case, the people of New York have taken to to ask the organizers of Governors Ball to get rid of newly announced headliner Guns’N’Roses.

It didn’t take long, considering that Guns’N’Roses was announced as a headliner this morning. The petition doesn’t mince words, claiming the 80s band was “already unfavorably viewed when it first started making music,” and is now “a shell of its former self” and “frustratingly inconsistent.” We’re not going to lie, this is hilarious and isn’t the worst idea in the world, since the only other 80s holdover is Dinosaur Jr. and at least Dinosaur Jr. still has the whole indie rock legends thing to prop them up.

What does Guns’N’Roses have other than Fat Axl Rose and a time warp back to an era before Nirvana blew their kind of rock out of the water? The petition doesn’t ask for a specific band to replace them, but if the festival organizers have a sense of humor, they’ll grant the petition signers their wish, but replace Guns’N’Roses with Velvet Revolver.

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