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It’s spring, and you’re feeling a tingle in your loins that isn’t just Gold Bond. And sure you could just spend your days swiping right on Tider, desperately hoping you’ll find love that way. Or you could try for actual human contact, which is what you’re gonna have to do when you meet your Tinder date anyway. For instance, you could do a speed dating game night at the Brooklyn Game Lab in Park Slope on Thursday. And if you’re a dude, you can do it for free, because while women have signed up eagerly while men have not, leaving the organizers scrambling to get dates for these women.

Because this imbalance seems to happen every time there’s a dating event around here, the organizers of the speed dating game night are giving the first five men to use the code “Brokelyn” when getting tickets here will get in for free.

What other pressing matters do you have to attend to that night? Agonizing over your fantasy baseball rosters for your team that will come in last place anyway? Instead, why don’t you sign up to play Pictionary, Taboo and Charades for free with girls who are actually interested in spending time with you. Even if you don’t find Mrs. Right or even Mrs. Right Now, it’s important to get there and get those flirting muscles limbered up for summer after a long hard winter where they surely atrophied. You don’t want to be the only one without a summer fling this year, but that’s what’s gonna happen if you can’t think of things to talk to girls about outside of Todd Frazier’s on-base percentage.

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  1. Hell, I just signed up – I keep hearing about these events and figured that it’s only fair to try once and then get disappointed. Although I doubt I’m the true target audience.

  2. Yeah, I figured what the hell and I signed up too.

    I think Brokelyn should post more stuff like this. It’s lonely here in Broketown.

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