Yes we can!

With all the DIY chicken coops, backyard gardening and home-canning, Brooklyn’s great aspirations over the past few years is to become your Southern grandma from 60 years ago, which is fine by us, because grandma knew what’s up. To keep that tradition going, BK Swappers, Local Roots NYC and Krrb are hosing a big swap event tomorrow night: bring a homemade edible treat or non-edible kitchen item to trade with other food-loving Brooklynites. The event comes with free beer, and it’s also a potluck, so bring a dish to share — prizes go to the best swap item and best potluck dish. You can buy a ticket for $5, but we’ve got a pair to giveaway! Details below: 

To enter, simply add a comment below about what you would bring to the swap (make sure to register so we can contact you) by 3pm tomorrow. It can be anything: pickles, jams, syrups, cookies, herbs from your garden, eggs from your backyard — anything that you made, baked, grew or foraged yourself.

The swap is at Krrb HQ, 99 Richardson St., floor 2 in Williamsburg.

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  1. I would bring jalapeno cornbread — my best recipe by far. Combines the best of my heritage, since its a Southern dish (I went to school in the South) but Jewish style (uses no milk so it can be served with meat)! Picky friends tell me they dream about it sometimes.

    Oh, and of course, its spicy — seeds in, the only way one should ever cook with jalapenos.

  2. If I go, I will bring sauerkraut with beets and garlic scapes. It’s delicious, healthy, pro-biotic, and perfect for summer!

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