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You might have been wondering what the Kentile Floors sign has been up to since being removed from the Brooklyn skyline last year. Is it on a fabulous cruise? Working on its poetry? No, turns out that the Gowanus Alliance has been holding on to the giant letters, which makes sense. It’s the holiday season and sharing is the name of the game, so the Gowanus Alliance is sharing a piece of the sign with Brooklyn this weekend, inviting everyone to come on down to take a picture with the iconic K from the sign.

The chance to get a picture with Brooklyn’s most famous K will happen on Friday, December 11 between 5pm and 9pm, at 135 13th Street, during a community potluck. So, bring something good to eat with you. Despite the presence of a golden throne that you’ll sit in to get your picture taken, this is NOT a meeting of a cult dedicated to promoting the hegemony of the letter K around the world. Instead, the K is being hauled out for the simple reason that “People feel attached to the sign” and “it’s really cool to see it up close,” Irina Edelstein of the Gowanus Alliance told DNA Info. Or so they say. It really does seem a little kult-ish. We mean, cult-ish.

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