Girl Scout taste-alikes at Family Dollar, photo by Tom Sullivan.


If you love Girl Scouts as much as this ex-fat kid, you know that nothing quite beats the anticipation of that first bite of Thin Mints or Samoas, fueled in part by their only-once-a-year availability/hairy-nosed wombat level of rarity in our fair borough. (As of this writing, they go on sale exactly 27 days from now, according to this cookie countdown stopwatch.)

Enter Family Dollar. A few days ago, an Instagram photo of several boxes of cookies from everyone’s favorite discount store chain went around Twitter (Thank you @KateHarding.) While not legit Girl Scout cookies per se, the cookies on the box looked an awful lot like the Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and Samoas that I have an inappropriate obsession with/hoard shamelessly in my kitchen pantry/stress eat on a regular basis.

Available year round, “identical,” and only $1.75 a box, as opposed to $4 – $5 or more when the real things come down the pike in March? Don’t mind if I do. I immediately hauled ass from my Ditmas Park apartment down to Family Dollar’s Clarendon Road location, the closest of the chain’s 24 Brooklyn stores.

While these aren’t explicitly Girl Scout cookies, they certainly look the same. When I got home–and perhaps while strolling back up picturesque Flatbush Ave.–I tore them open for a test. Turns out the imposters taste the same too–so much so that it’s even possible that they’re made by the same bakery.

Aside from costing third of the price, the only real difference is that by cheaping out, you’re giving money to a national chain store instead of supporting a $760 million girl-led enterprise that teaches girls entrepreneurial skills, subsidizes summer camps, helps make Girl Scouts available to low income families and supports trans inclusivity, among other worthy pursuits.

Ugh. So how about if someone ONLY buys Dollar Scout cookies when the real ones aren’t available. Is that wrong?


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It's Girl Scout cookie season, in case that story about the Girl Scouts setting up in front of a weed store in San Francisco...


  1. Wow, veeery interesting…  And that location is right around the corner from my apartment, too — I’ll have to go get some… in the Girl Scouts’ off season of course :)

    • Check them out! I guess I just want to make it clear that I don’t support buying these if you’re in a position where you can purchase them directly from the Girl Scouts themselves. 

  2. Damn you!  I’ll have you know that I took two buses to get to that Family Dollar Store to buy these cookies.  They were good.  And I’ll be back.  And my ass will continue to spread like hot butter on toast!  NEXT TIME KEEP THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TASTY AND CHEAP NOMS TO YOURSELF!

  3. Always support the Girl Scouts. Always. Amazing organization that needs our support to keep helping girls become strong leaders.

  4. I had a craving for Girl Crack Cookies the other day, at midnight actually, and went on a desperate online search for cookies. Turns out, you really can’t buy them online. Bummer. Then I remembered that Dollar General had the knock offs, so today I bought three boxes. Oddly enough, I haven’t opened them yet. I don’t really eat sweets anymore but it’s a comfort to knowing that they are there when I need them. Cheaper than counseling. :)

  5. So have the local Girl Scouts buy them for $1.75, and sell them for $3. They will sell a TON more and the Scouts will make $1.25 per box!! Buying them from the Girl Scout organization nets the troup only about 80 cents per box. The rest goes to Girl Scout overhead! That’s a high percentage for a non-profit. I am guessing that Family Dollar/Dollar General will be glad to help!!

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