Craigslist gig of the day: female zombie stand-in

'Hawn of the Dead' photo courtesy of

Perhaps overly disturbing 'Hawn of the Dead' photo courtesy of

There’s not a whole lot we can add to this intriguing posting on the Craigstlist gigs board today:

A School of Visual Arts thesis film, Zombies Are Our Friends, is currently looking for an actress to stand in for one of our leads during a zombie fight scene. The shoot will take place March 11th – 14th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Actress must be between 5’4 – 5’6 and fit into a size 2 – 4 costume, have a fair complexion and straight dark brown hair to the shoulders. Also must be willing to fight zombie extras. Meals and transportation will be covered. It’s a fun shoot and we could really use the help.

Incidentally, if you’re more the “bored 12-year-old Chinese boy” type or an Italian-American woman in her 40s who’s comfortable with nudity and wants to be in a film called “The Christmas Meatball” (Aunt Snooki?) here’s a  list of more highly entertaining unpaid film gigs.