Cool gig alert: startup needs ‘witty, personable’ writers / street team

Does a sandwich board count as social media? Photo courtesy of Imprint Magazine.

We don’t know what this new media startup does, but these people obviously know what they’re doing because they posted the job on the number one news source for “witty, personable” Brooklyn people. Just listed in our very own Brokester Exchange is gig for part-time contributors to promote a fresh new company, and you can work anywhere with WiFi. Sounds like you’re supposed to go around talking up this venture up at parties and on your Tumblr blog. (Did you know we have one too?) They’re offering “competitive compensation,” by project and/or hourly, with “plenty of perks.” Find more about the gig here on the Brokester Exchange, a great place to find jobs, bandmates, ride shares, roommates, crowdfunding campaigns and even a writing gig in (gasp!) Queens.

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  • “Must have an iPhone, 4 or 4S, otherwise it’ll be hard to help contribute”

    Like hell I’m buying a $700 phone just to be eligible for a job.

    • if you pay $700 for an iphone, you don’t deserve a job.

      • Either you buy it outright for $700 or you pay an extra $20-$40/month for two years after signing a contract to get a “subsidized” phone. You still wind up paying $700.