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A Downtown soup dumpling spot is just one reason to kind of be okay with fall arriving. via Facebook

Well, fall has finally arrived, and everyone is reluctantly sliding into their light jackets. I won’t lie, I’m sad. Summer in New York is my favorite, even if it does mean the city smells like boiling garbage and the subway is a direct conduit to the molten center of the earth. But don’t despair, fall has it’s upsides – like cozy sweaters, colorful foliage and pumpkin spice everything. There’s also plenty to do in Brooklyn in the fall and you can do it without back sweat! Here are just a few of the reasons to look forward to autumn in Brooklyn, like restaurant openings, craft beer festivals and a spooky theme park. (more…)

09/24/15 10:14am
You've gotta be on your guard

You’ve gotta be on your guard

We all know that a crowded subway car is no excuse for sexual misconduct (or sexual conduct, for that matter; get a room, guys). We’ve all been the victim of manspreading at one point or another, and we’ve definitely had to fight people to share the pole that they thought was their personal leaning post. But what about the lesser-known rules of subway etiquette, the ones the MTA doesn’t advertise on its website, via press release, or by adorning train walls with cute cartoons?

There are problems more serious than “showtime” plaguing the New York underground, and Brokelyn feels a moral responsibility to inform you. Let our staff contributors’ tales—and the appropriate Seinfeld reaction GIFs—inspire you to take heed. Avoid becoming the victim of poor subway etiquette, but above all, please don’t exhibit this behavior at the expense of your fellow commuters. (more…)

Trade out your eyebrows for high-brows this weekend with some lofty discussions at the BKBF. via website

Trade out your eyebrows for high-brows this weekend with some lofty discussions at the BKBF. via website

Calling all word nerds, bookworms, poets and dreamers, culture-seekers and diarists and people who are just looking for something to do this weekend: the Brooklyn Book Festival is this Sunday, September 20! It’s a day of free poetry readings, panel discussions, meaningful conversations and celebrations of writerly achievement. It’s a day, in short, not to be missed.

There are so many events happening every hour, on the hour, but if you’re the kind of person who gets overwhelmed by choices, we think we did a pretty good job of hand-picking the ones you ought to check out.  (more…)

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This adorable photo is actually part of the Self Portrait Project, a unique photobooth at Passenger Bar. via Facebook

Aubert, showing off the Self Portrait Project photobooth at Passenger Bar

For some of us, the start of the academic year means trading in towels for textbooks, and happy hour cocktails for by-the-hour class schedules. For others, this time of year is just an excuse to take advantage of the deals at Staples. But whatever our respective Septembers hangup, we can all agree on one thing: weekends. Yes, those glorious two days where you have full license to ignore emails, laze around the house, and eat meals at odd hours year-round.

And we’re here to help the cause. It’s time for another installment of Perfect Summer Sundays, the Brokelyn profile series in which we bring you a local personality from the borough who shares how they like to spend a Sunday in their neighborhood. This week, we’re talking to Melissa Aubert, a Jill-of-all-trades in Williamsburg.

In addition to owning the popular Passenger Bar, Aubert also runs a music management company, and does licensing music for film & TV with Playup Music. But her bar is her real crowning achievement. “I’ve worked in the service industry since I was 14. I always wanted to open a bar, as far back as I could remember. I’ve had so many themes and ideas over the years! I settled on this one for Passenger, but I want to open another one.” (more…)

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Because it's not just a matter of taste. via Extra Fancy

Because it’s not just a matter of taste. via Extra Fancy

Ahhh, Labor Day: it hastens ever closer, bringing with it the cruel reality of summer’s end, reminding us of winter’s inevitable return. But we mustn’t fret. For here, in the best borough of them all, we have ways of making summer last all year long!  We’ve got slushy frozen drinks even in sub-zero temperatures (well we did, at least), tiki bars serving island-style cocktails whatever the season…and best of all, we can enjoy some damn fine seafood anytime we want.

As a New England native, I think I can boast a fair bit of a authority on the shellfish and mollusk offerings here in Brooklyn. And there are a lot of ’em to choose from. So, here’s a roundup of the best Brooklyn spots for lobster, clams, crab and oyster—all available well after this delightful August heat and humidity is a thing of the past. (more…)

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west indian day parade 2014

Summer is almost done, but there’s still time to enjoy yourself and it, at things like the West Indian Day Parade. Photo by Madelyn Owens

Well, here we are, in September somehow, stuck with back to school sales and people talking about pumpkin spice everything despite there being clear rules about seasonal creep. Guess fall is here and there’s nothing we can do…hey wait a minute! Summer isn’t over according to the seasons until September 23! That means there’s plenty of ways for you to enjoy the season before fall finally takes the stage, and even if things are moving a bit more to an indoor bent, it’s still technically a summer night out if you do something from this guide. So get out there and enjoy yourself, because summer won’t be back for another year. (more…)

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Want to be Brooklyn’s next top brewer? Read on!

When it comes to quality craft beer, New Yorkers are spoiled for choice. But for enthusiasts interested in the ultimate in small-batch brews, there’s one option that can’t be found in any of the city’s numberless watering holes — and that’s one you concoct yourself, in the comfort of your very own kitchen. Unsure where to begin? Enter the experts. John LaPolla and Douglas Amport, co-owners of Prospect Heights homebrew shop Bitters & Esters, have the answers you need to master home brewing, starting with these five tips, specially tailored for those new to the art of brew. (more…)

08/25/15 12:38pm
Her smile's contagious. via website

Her smile sure is contagious.

Summer is waning, the daylight hours are getting shorter, but a good lazy Sunday is timeless. In that spirit, here’s another installment of Perfect Summer Sundays, the profile series in which we bring you a local personality from the borough who shares how they like to spend a Sunday in their neighborhood. Gone are the empty brags of having “been to Bushwick,” or the misguided attempts to hang out where all the locals do. This way, you can get a sense of the neighborhood from someone who actually lives there, and then try it yourself!

This week, we’re headed to Kensington with Colleen A. F. Venable, author and designer of graphic novels for all ages. Today, Venable sits down with Brokelyn to talk shop about why she loves living in a relatively un-yuppiefied area south of Prospect Park, even though it means walking a mile or so to get to her destination spots. “Friends don’t understand why I love Kensington,” Venable tells us. “They say it’s ‘too quiet.’ All houses, barely any bars or stores, and it’s a long train ride from the city. But in my mind, Kensington’s a heart with real people! Nobody’s fake. It also helps that my rent is 1/3 the price of a trendy neighborhood.” (more…)

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Here it is, your new shower regimen. Photos by Emma Kaye

Here it is, your new shower regimen. Photos by Emma Kaye

You’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating: every time you shampoo, you’re essentially stripping your hair cuticle of its natural oils. As a result, your scalp develops a reliance, or even a physical addiction, to being shampooed. Addiction is bad. It’s time for a change. It’s time to stop washing your hair.

It’s not as gross as it sounds. Plus, you will be cleaning your hair still. In place of shampooing and conditioning, you’ll be using two homemade cleansing solutions made from two simple ingredients: baking soda and apple cider vinegar. This method will cost you no more than $10 a year and make your hair feel clean and look great. So, here are the recipes and directions for getting back to basics with your haircare routine. You’ll never want to shampoo again.

08/18/15 10:51am
Her name was Lola (and it still is)

Her name was Lola (and it still is). Photo by Andrea Chu

Holy smokes, brokesters, it’s already the second day of the week! Which also means that only four days stand in between you and this coming Sunday. And when Sunday comes around, you’re going to know exactly what to do, because you’ll have read this latest installment of our local-savvy neighborhood walking tours, known as Perfect Summer Sundays. Brokelyn brings you a local personality from the borough who shares how they like to spend a Sunday in their neighborhood. Then, you try it! Gone are the empty brags of having “been to Bushwick,” or the misguided attempts to hang out where the locals do. This way, you get a taste of what the neighborhood’s all about from someone who actually lives there, and you can leave satisfied.

This week, we’re bringing you back down to South Brooklyn for a taste of Coney Island with Lola Star, the face of Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco at Lakeside in Prospect Park (where you can find us hanging with her on August 28 as we take over the Splashpad for a wet and wild hair metal party). Star is everyone’s disco dream—a living, breathing, spinning entrepreneur whose roller rink has expanded into something of an empire. This week, Star talks to us about the magic of the People’s Playground, Coney Island.  “As soon as you set foot onto the sandy shores, it’s all magic and inspiration. It really will capture your soul. No matter what the adventure in Coney Island, it’s sure to liberate you from whatever rut life has gotten you into.” (more…)