07/18/14 9:23am
summer fridays

You COULD sit in a kiddie pool on your roof, but think about all the fun stuff you’d be missing out on.

If you’re lucky enough to have a job that gives you summer Fridays (or any job at all), you’re pretty much killing us here at Brokelyn if you’re using your free, salaried time to watch Netflix. We’re not going to say we’re not jealous of your paid free hours, but even while secretly hating you we want you help you make the most of your summer Fridays.

Even though lucky you has permanent, parent-approved employment, you don’t need to spend a lot, or any, money to make the most of your much-deserved time off. (more…)

06/20/14 7:00am
brooklyn summer

Summer! America! via Flickr user Crashworks

Phew!  Summer is finally here! Time to drop your winter clothes at a Salvation Army, because of course that closet-sized apartment of yours doesn’t have its own closet. Who cares though? Because despite the brutal winter we just experienced and the insanely high rent you pay for your insanely tiny apartment, it’s summer and a look at your calendar reminds you why this is the best place in the world to spend it. In fact, looking at your calendar, you’re a little overwhelmed because there’s almost too much to do… Have no fear, your ultimate guide to summer is here, with something to do every day of the summer for cheap or free.

First up: June and July, the hopeful, exciting part of summer, before everyone is sick of the trash juice and running their air conditioners. (more…)

06/19/14 8:42am
brooklyn navy yard

In the Navy (Yard)/There’s a bunch of stuff to see! In the Navy (Yard)/Open to you and me! via Flickr user Tracy O.

From hosting complainers during Fashion Week to being declared a national landmark, the Brooklyn Navy Yard has been getting plenty of hype lately. But unless you work here or live in the surrounding neighborhoods, chances are good you haven’t ventured to this pocket of our borough. Not unlike… almost all of Brooklyn, the Navy Yard has changed drastically in recent years. Once one of the most active military shipbuilding sites in the U.S. all the way back to the days the Revolutionary War, the Navy Yard is now a vast, urban industrial park dedicated to sustainability. It’s home to almost 330 widely diverse businesses which employ over 7000 people. Though non-employees can’t always access the secure confines of the yard, there are still plenty of opportunities to explore it! We’ve compiled a list of things you should do and see in the Yard, as well as just a sampling of the awesome work from this hotbed of creativity and innovation. (more…)

06/17/14 8:22am
triplets of kings county

Setting up a scene on the set of The Triplets of Kings County. Looks pretty professional, huh?

If, like me, you graduated with a degree in the arts, you probably know at least one person who’s made a web series. Maybe they shot it, or they acted in it, or maybe they just made tiny quiches for it and got to add “craft services” to their resume. You probably also at some point wanted to dip your own hands into a web series. You thought “Why not?” or “Maybe this will help me get laid,” or “I made all these tiny quiches and no one is here to eat them.”

So, with the surge of made-for-internet TV and online content coming out of Brooklyn and New York City that actually looks and sounds praiseworthy (not to mention Broad City getting picked up on Comedy Central), we got ourselves to thinking that someone should find out exactly how it’s done. After all, Brokelyn is nothing if not a highly curated panel of experts posing as your local news source. Just kidding, we talked to real experts who made acclaimed web series, from The Better Half, The Outs, Drunk Girls in Heels, Roomsies and The Triplets of Kings County. (more…)

06/16/14 7:00am
brooklyn dog runs

Your pup will jump for joy when you bring her to one of these dog runs or off-leash areas. All photos by Kirsten White

Sponsored By BarkBox.

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Created By BlankSlate

You and your mutt can only play fetch for so long in your apartment’s 10 feet of common area before you’ll both literally run into the wall. Now that it’s summer, you’ve got no excuse not to get off your haunches and bound into the great outside! Whether catatonic in the coffice or comatose on the couch, you’ve both been cooped up for too long and are in great need of some Vitamin D(og). Don’t despair, we’ve made a list of seven of our favorite North Brooklyn dog runs and off-leash areas where you both can run around free.  (more…)

06/11/14 10:49am
thee oh sees

You can see Thee Oh Sees, and so much more, even without a Northside Badge this weekend

Guess what’s back for another weekend of music, film and art in the northernmost parts of Brooklyn? It’s the Northside Festival, and this time with that hot button word “innovation.” Though the $80 music badge to the festival is sold out and the $285 Innovation Regular badge is – spoiler – also sold out, this doesn’t mean that you and your broke, Tecate-holding hand can’t get your other hand into some of the weekend’s best shows for free though, because we’ve got them all here for you.

Show the SXSW music industry types that you have a better time at free shows with your Instagrams and Tweets and don’t dig out your wallet unless it’s for beer and taco trucks that run a-plenty in Williamsburg. Innovation is defined as the process of introducing new ideas or methods, and we here at Brokelyn think you’re too innovative to pay for anything. (more…)

05/21/14 2:56pm
governors island

It’s ready for you. Are you ready for it? via Facebook

Governors Island used to feel like a New York secret, but it was a tough secret to keep. Though we may miss the days where it felt like we’d stumbled upon an overgrown idyll that fulfilled childhood dreams of having our own island, it’s time to admit that the Island is all grown up — and ready to host the masses of visitors expected to grace its shores this summer.

The city’s revamped star island opens to the public again on May 24th, and will now be open seven days a week, building on its weekend popularity from the last few years. Unless you catch a 10am or 11am ferry on weekends, the formerly free ferry is now $2, both Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn ferry from Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 will only be running weekends, Memorial Day and Labor Day, but the ferry from the Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan will ship put seven days a week. As usual, thefull list of events is extensive and includes offerings for kids, theatre buffs, art lovers, dance enthusiasts and the rest of us normal people. (more…)

12/13/13 11:25am
5 Pointz is gone, but street art like this TK off the Classon Stop is still all over Brooklyn. Photo by Brittany Allen

5 Pointz is gone, but street art like this mural off the Classon Stop is still all over Brooklyn. Photo by Brittany Allen

If you’re even a marginal fan of street art or have ever had cause to ride the 7 train, the whitewashing of the graffiti behemoth 5 Pointz likely struck a chord. The place was meant as a mecca, a museum, and a hub for five boroughs worth of aerosol-spun talent. Even though we all know graffiti is ephemeral by nature – as it’s usually illegal – this is a big loss. Sucks to your ass-mar, gentrification.

But! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Or more specifically, various lights adjacent to the G and L and M subway tunnels! In honor of 5 Pointz’ passing, we’ve compiled five fantastic walls in four neighborhoods that merit a trip from any graffiti fan. This tour is one of a thousand one might take through Brooklyn – the other great thing about quality street art in our borough is that once you start looking for it, it tends to materialize. So for all those days when paying a price of admission for one at the MOMA feels like trading in meals for a week, do yourself a favor and look around. Look up! Up first… (more…)

12/09/13 7:00am
big brooklyn toy drive

The Big Brooklyn Toy Drive is just one way you can make a kid as happy as this one this Christmas season. Photo by Kathryn Suellentrop, via Facebook

It’s easy to get sucked into a holiday spending bubble, especially when bombarded with shiny knick-knacks and long gift lists. But before we drink gallons of spiked seasonal beverages, make questionable decisions at the company holiday party and buy expensive electronics delivered to us via drones, let’s reflect on our blessings and do some unselfish things this season.

You can commit small acts of kindness to help the New Yorkers who are living on less than what you have. From donating coats, toys and food, to spending time with animals and humans who can really use the attention, here are a few ways you can give back. (more…)

12/04/13 7:00am
loft 594

No furniture at Loft 594, but it’s still nicer than a lot of Bushwick lofts. Photo by Charles Benton, courtesy of Loft 594

So much art, so little time…

There are a ton of art galleries in Brooklyn’s multifaceted art scene, displaying work from a magnificent variety of artists. With galleries all over the borough though, which ones are worth visiting? Most of the artists I spoke with said the art galleries that matter are the ones with the right vibe, one that’s “open, friendly and informative,” according to Pratt instructor and Loft 594 artist Jennifer Shepard, detailing what she looks for in a  good gallery.

A good place to start when exploring Brooklyn’s art galleries is my favorite area of them all - Bushwick. Even though the neighborhood is becoming more and more gentrified, the proximity to Pratt and absolute fierceness and freedom of expression of artists living and working here has made its impact on the art galleries. One thing, all of these art galleries have in common is their accessibility to art students, art lovers and virtually EVERYONE interested in the artistic side of the neighborhood and what it may offer. At the end of the day though, it’s about the work on display, and these seven galleries always deliver in that regard.