06/25/15 1:41pm
No need to search for a good way to spend a Friday night. We've got it all laid out for you.

No need to search for a good way to spend a Friday night. We’ve got it all laid out for you.

At long last, the first Friday of the summer season is here and you can’t wait to get home, away from co-workers, weird people on the train and flirty bodega clerks. You could head back out, to the heat and humidity that makes your clothes weigh five pounds heavier than they normally are, or you can do something more relaxing. You can put on your PJ’s, turn on the air conditioner your former roommate left behind and never picked up and stay in. To keep yourself entertained and away from your phone, buzzing with texts from sweaty people, we have ideas of what to cook, listen to and watch while you enjoy staying at home this Friday. (more…)

06/24/15 7:00am
floyd bennett field

This is Floyd Bennett Field, right here in Brooklyn! Photo by Matt Septimus

So warm weather is here (there’s photographic evidence and everything), and you’re looking for a little life-saving peace and quiet in nature somewhere outside of (or perhaps inside of) this sprawling metropolis, but you think you need a car and a bunch of cash, or the luck to win the camping in Prospect Park lottery, to really take advantage. Think again, blog-readers of Broketown! You don’t need to be a car owner to get yourself deep into the woods, and supplies don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Read on and we’ll show you how to camp (and not just in coffee shops!). (more…)

06/19/15 7:01am
Coney Island-Brooklyn-Brokelyn-Summer Guide

Looks much more fun than watching Netflix all summer. Image via Flickr user gigi_nyc

Put on your jorts, slather yourself in sunblock and cue the Ella Fitzgerald; it’s summer time, kid, and the living is easy. We-e-ll, okay, that’s not entirely true. Summer can be as expensive as any other season, unless you know how to pace yourself. After all, you’ve gota whole 94 days (plus one bonus day we’ve determined the calendar gave us) to enjoy the warmth and the good feelings that come from being outdoors Between co-workers, a significant other, social gatherings and me-time, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed.

Not to fear. Through vigorous research at the Brokelyn offices, we’ve gathered not one, not two, not 39, but 95 things to do—one for each day of summer. They range between the splurge-worthy and the completely free, so you don’t have to shell out every day to make memories. Use this guide as a go-to for how to spend your summer daze, and keep your bank account flush. First up, we’ve got June and July. So strap on your summer shoes (which might just be your shoes) and get ready to get out there. (more…)

06/18/15 3:27pm
Jump for joy, because you're staying in and watching Orange is the New Black on Friday night

Jump for joy, because you’re staying in and watching Orange is the New Black on Friday night

All of us celebrate Friday because it means the end of the work week. After five days of stress, lack of sleep and thoughts about moving to the woods, and living in a tree house; we rush to the weekend like a Night Watchman’s blade to Jon Snow’s torso (spoilers). Some of us however, don’t want to just hit the bar and spend half of our just deposited paycheck, or get dragged to see Jurassic Whatever. No, we want nothing more than to get home, put on our pajama’s and flop on the couch. We get to spend time with what’s their name? That person that lives with us but never see because we work all the time? Whatever, not important.

To help you make the most of your night in, we have a guide of what to cook, drink, watch, read and/or listen to, while you just relax and actually get six or more hours of sleep. (more…)

06/17/15 7:05am
It's so hip, it's practically European. via Flickr user cisc1970.

BK Flea: so hip, it’s practically European. via Flickr user cisc1970

Once upon a Brooklyn, the term “flea market” conjured up images of bug-infested antique wares and stained vintage clothing finds from a deceased person’s estate sale. Now, though, BK’s market game is on flea-k. That’s right, I said it. Our flea markets have grown to boast an especial eye for the Hard to Find, the One of a Kind, and the Melt Your Mind.

Because remember, a flea market isn’t just a vintage store with an open door. These places also have food, and feature smaller businesses/indie makers who can’t necessarily afford a brick-and-mortar storefront. They’re a great all-in-one way to spend a day with friends and family, or meeting strangers with similar tastes and interests. Flea markets away! Here are all the ones in the borough to enjoy this summer. (more…)

06/16/15 7:56am
Little Italy-Arthur Avenue-Brokelyn-Bronx

Best part about this: 90% tourist free. via Flickr user Japp1967

When most people think of Little Italy, they picture Lower Manhattan. A place once filled with Italian mom-and-pop shops and restaurants is now one we studiously avoid, packed as it is with tourists who come to have that “authentic” Italian experience.

Don’t tell them that the real Little Italy is far uptown, along Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Just take the 4 or D train all the way up past Grand Central, past 125th Street, and yes, even past Yankee Stadium. Once you reach Fordham Road you can take an express bus or walk to Arthur Avenue. Bring your appetite and somewhere to stash all the food you’ll be bringing home. (more…)

06/08/15 12:42pm
brooklyn navy yard

In the Navy (Yard)/There’s a bunch of stuff to see! In the Navy (Yard)/Open to you and me! via Flickr user Tracy O.

From hosting complainers during Fashion Week to being declared a national landmark, the Brooklyn Navy Yard has been getting plenty of hype lately. But unless you work here or live in the surrounding neighborhoods, chances are good you haven’t ventured to this pocket of our borough. Not unlike… almost all of Brooklyn, the Navy Yard has changed drastically in recent years. Once one of the most active military shipbuilding sites in the U.S. all the way back to the days the Revolutionary War, the Navy Yard is now a vast, urban industrial park dedicated to sustainability. It’s home to almost 330 widely diverse businesses which employ over 7000 people. Though non-employees can’t always access the secure confines of the yard, there are still plenty of opportunities to explore it! We’ve compiled a list of things you should do and see in the Yard, as well as just a sampling of the awesome work from this hotbed of creativity and innovation. (more…)

05/21/15 10:24am
Like the Pearly Gates, but you don't have to die to go! via Flickr user gigi_nyc

Like the Pearly Gates, but you’re still alive. via Flickr user gigi_nyc

Gosh, it seems like only yesterday that we were battling the medusa of New York winter. But Governors Island—the most irrefutable officiant of warm weather—reopens for the summer this Saturday at 10am! You might already be gearing up for your first island visit, jorts in crotch and frisbee in hand. But one does not simply walk into Governor’s Island. (One takes a $2 ferry ride.)  Before you go traipsing out to Pier 6 on a weekday and screaming “Where’s the ferry?!” into the ether, let us clue you in. Here’s everything you need to know about Governors Island in 2015!  (more…)

05/07/15 2:17pm
Why travel the world when Seven Wonders is right here in Greenpoint? via Facebook

Why travel the world when Seven Wonders is right here in Greenpoint? via Facebook

Spring weather = shopping season. After months bundled in sweaters and winter coats, who doesn’t feel the sun’s rays finally hitting their bare skin and experience the urge to buy something new? Or at least “new-ish”? Vintage shopping is a great way to find unique pieces for less, but along with fair-trade coffee, bike share, artisanal kombucha, and all other pursuits that have come to characterize bougie Brooklyn, vintage often gets an unfair rep (well, maybe not artisanal kombucha).

“Why buy something someone has already worn?” goes the well-worn skeptic cry. “Why not get something at Topshop? I heard they’re having a 40% off sale!” Please, silence this inner critic. Forget the images of well-worn muumuus and crusty flannels dancing in your head. If you’re looking for cool clothes on a budget, then you’ve gotta give vintage another chance, especially since we’ve handpicked you Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick’s best vintage shops. (more…)

05/06/15 8:55am
tk. Photo by William Wiedmier

Worth the schlep. Photo by William Widmaier

Weekend days can be a lot of fun, especially when you skip the traditional drunken brunch routine and go for an adventure packed outing. Even if mimosas and bloody mary’s call for you every weekend, you sometimes need more than just day drinking to get you through – especially when it’s nice out. If being broke has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t need to spend a lot to do a lot, and Red Hook is great place to practice that mantra. Gather your friends and follow this guide to get the most out of a Red Hook adventure day. (more…)