03/14/16 4:11pm
Greenpoint's Budin.

Greenpoint’s Budin.

Finding your way around Brooklyn’s ever-growing bar scene is tough. Which bar has board games? Which one will provide a soft cushion of barbecued meats for my drinking binge? Which one will entertain me with groundbreaking comedy or let me bask in glorious backyard sunshine? And most of all: which bars offer the best drunk value for my dollars? Well fire up your browser bookmarks and save this page on your phone because Brokelyn’s 2016 bar guide is here! We’ve compiled listings and descriptions for more than 60 of our favorite Brokelyn-approved pubs, beer-friendly eateries, taverns and dives and put them in a searchable list for you, with a map too!

The bars are featured in our 2016 Brokelyn Beer Books — and there are a limited supply of those left so get one now if you haven’t already, and you’ll have a ticket to more than 30 beers for just $30. And we’ll see you at these bars. Cheers!

03/10/16 3:24pm
The crowd has changed at Mulholland's but the bar keeps kicking. Via Facebook.

The crowd has changed at Mulholland’s but the bar keeps kicking. Via Facebook.

Mulholland’s has always seemed like a bit of of an odd outlier in Williamsburg. It’s a straight-up sports bar, with a wall of TVs and a kitchen serving up chicken wings to big Sunday football crowds. It would feel slightly more at home in Midtown, not on Grand Street down the road from the Skee-Ball bar and around the corner from the pinball bar. When it first opened 10 years ago, Brooklyn Paper said it “felt more like a bar in a strip mall;” the Times called it “probably the first place to be so completely dedicated to sports” in the neighborhood. It opened near the tail end of peak artsy Williamsburg, when the neighborhood was still the butt of fedora and kickball jokes. Muholland’s seemed, for lack of better terms, an oasis for bros in the hipster desert.

Then a strange thing happened: the neighborhood changed. Trash Bar a few doors down closed; vegan fast food joint Foodswings across the street turned into a wine bar owned by James Murphy. The condos came in and so did the chain stores — and chain bars. Mulholland’s has always been embraced by a diverse clientele, but now it seems almost quaint amid the change, a stalwart of slightly older Williamsburg as the neighborhood becomes a mini Manhattan.

“We stuck in there kinda just being the originals,” owner Shawn Mulholland said. This weekend, the bar is celebrating its 10th anniversary with three hours of free beer and a night of music from Brooklyn-born artists. Mulholland has seen his customers change a lot over that time, though he doesn’t know if the bar has another 10 years left. (more…)

03/07/16 3:22pm

We get a lot of emails about bars and it takes a special advertisement to stand out in our flooded inboxes. Bushwick’s Bootleg Bar made this bonkers video for its second anniversary last week, mashing up 80s local TV ads, car dealership commercials and a reference to the most famous NYC local commercial of all time, Grand Prospect Hall. It’s great. We don’t even have much more to say about it, except that more bars should advertise themselves this way. Don’t take yourself so seriously all the time, guys. I haven’t even been to Bootleg! Now I definitely want to go! See, advertising works. (more…)

03/02/16 9:21am
Shake it off: You can make this delicious Shake Shack burger right at home. Photos by Lauren Page Richeson.

Shake it off: You can make this delicious Shake Shack burger right at home. Photos by Lauren Paige.

Burgers: Everyone love them … some of us (me) more than others. When I lie awake at night, I dream of beef.

This glorious city has so many burger options, however nothing quite fills my carnivorous cravings like a hot and juicy double ShackBurger. For just under $8, you can’t beat it. But what about those late nights when they’re closed? (Shake Shack closes at 11pm.) Or let’s say, you just don’t want to wait in line with tourists? While Shake Shack has opened many locations throughout the city since the OG in 2004, you won’t always be near one when the craving strikes. But why should that stop you from complete burger satisfaction? Here’s how to create your own ShackBurger, #lpfedme style. Get ready to hack the shack. (more…)

02/29/16 2:28pm
Ryan Gosling might be on the Gen X/millennial cusp, but he can be seen here standing in solidarity with millennials who understand the alleged breakfast food is actually garbage

Ryan Gosling might be on the Gen X/millennial cusp, but he can be seen here standing in solidarity with millennials who understand the alleged breakfast food is actually garbage

Last week, the old people reading newspapers and old people reading the internet were disgusted and embarrassed at the behavior of millennials again. What did they have left to ruin after cars and broken windows policing and Jesus? According to the New York Times, millennials committed the gravest sin of all in rejecting breakfast cereal, a covenant handed down by nostalgia-ridden parents who figured if they loved nutrition-less processed garbage pushed by cartoon characters, their children would do the same even into adulthood.

Panicky sliding sales figures were thrown around, the specter of  kids and their damn gluten allergies was invoked and a dark future where kids weren’t tricked into drinking sugar milk by cartoon animals was forecast. The one thing the story about millennials leaving cereal behind in the Dumpster of history where it belongs forgot was asking actual millennials why they were making this reasonable choice. We did though, and the results were stunning in their pragmatism. Millennials, as it turns out, aren’t ditching cereal because it takes too long to clean up: they’re hip to the fact that cereal is expensive, processed, unfulfilling trash that lacks the ability to actually get you through the day. In short, they’ve realized it’s a disgusting fraud. (more…)

02/25/16 4:02pm
Coolio served up chili, performed a new track and gave out some of his personal budget cooking tips. Photos by Anna Spivak.

Coolio served up chili, performed a new track and gave out some of his personal budget cooking tips at an appearance in Downton Brooklyn last night. Photos by Anna Spivak.

I really didn’t think anything could ever top my Bat-Mitzvah as the best night of my life, but that was before I was seated at a table, across from Coolio, with only a plate of barbecued meats between us. The Grammy award-wining rapper, cookbook author and former Celebrity Big Brother housemate, popped into downtown Brooklyn barbecue joint Hill Country Brooklyn on Wednesday night to take fans on a fantastic voyage (sorry) of cooking, learning, laughs and later on an impromptu performance that was bomb as all hell —  he performed a new track that sampled the Eagles’ “Hotel California,” plus his own “C U When U Get There” and, thankfully, “Gangster’s Paradise.”

He was there for a Q&A and to promote his 2009 book Cookin’ with Coolio, (some chapters of which include: How to Become a Kitchen Pimp, Appetizers for That Ass, Salad-Eatin’ Bitches, It’s Hard Out Here for a Shrimp, and Vegetarians? Okay Whatever). It makes the bold claim that he can create 5-star meals at a 1-star price, which is something we are also always aspiring to, so we grabbed the multi-hyphenate star to get some budget cooking tips (hint: he loves canned vegetables), plus some career advice to aspiring rappers and/or cookbook authors, and why he still loves Paula Deen.   (more…)

02/25/16 1:00pm
Slow that Brooklyn hustle to a crawl and savor these fresh Caribbean eats

Slow that Brooklyn hustle to a crawl and savor these cheap Caribbean eats on Flatbush. Photos by Will Widmaier.

Flatbush Avenue cuts through the entirety of Brooklyn, stretching from the Manhattan bridge, down to the Gil Hodges Memorial bridge. It’s almost 10 miles long and touches about 12 different neighborhoods, defining borders for at least eight of those ‘hoods. One could start at the southern end, near Kings Plaza Mall, or at the northern end, frolicking around Fort Greene Park for a totally different experience. There’s a lot of culture and history in the heart of the avenue, too: the thoroughfare’s namesake ‘hood, Flatbush, is home to centuries-old churches, brand-new theaters and a huge Caribbean population.

Maybe you’ve just scored tickets to see an awesome show at King’s Theatre. Maybe you’re getting ready to lounge around Prospect Park for the day, and you want to pick up some goodies before you smoke too many joints in the park and end up eating a chicken sandwich from an overpriced Park Slope deli. Or maybe you just like adventure and you want to take in some of the incredible history along with a cultural experience. Either way, come to Flatbush Avenue hungry, and get ready to take a Brokelyn’s Caribbean Culinary Journey (TM) in the stretch of blocks between Parkside Avenue and Avenue D. Forget leaving the borough for “authentic” food; you won’t even need to turn off the street. (more…)

02/18/16 4:00pm
Kaitie and Sam of Brooklyn Brewery. Photo by Patrick Phillips.

Kaitie Lynch and Sam Bernstein of Brooklyn Brewery. Photo by Patrick Phillips.

Beer drinkers of Brooklyn: Friday is the kickoff of NYC Beer Week 2016. This means 10 straight days of tap takeovers, beer discounts, meet-the-brewers, SMaSH beers (that’s State Malt and State Hop, in this case) and beer dinners highlighting the better beverage and its makers who are based right here in New York City. The celebration includes such extravagant affairs as an Opening Bash boat cruise (Feb. 20), Brewers Choice festival (Feb. 24) and beer dinners with steep ticket prices (various), but here at Brokelyn, we’re all about finding free-entry events where you can sample the best of the boroughs on whatever budget you choose. Here are 29 free Beer Week events happening right here in Brooklyn that should not be missed. (more…)

02/12/16 3:00pm
It's a supermarket sweep!

It’s a supermarket sweep!

I like supermarkets. I really do. They often make their way into my dating life, and I’ve been asked more than once, “For our next few dates, can we go someplace that isn’t a supermarket?” It’s not like I want to go to every Key Foods or Met Food in the borough. And It’s not like I’m trying to map out every humdrum faux-organic-natural-food market full of overpriced kale and coconut smoothie supplements. I just really like going to supermarkets.

And I especially like going to ethnic ones. Often, I’ll try and find a restaurant nearby so that I can eat some ethnic food and then hunt down ingredients from that dish. I’ll get a little culture. I’ll ask some questions. Maybe I’ll find something questionable, like the place that sells pig uterus. Or the spot that has almost-expired dairy products for 50 percent off.

Either way, I’ve been to a lot of spots, and racked up a repertoire of gems that I’m ready to share with the world. So, here they are: the best ethnic supermarkets worth the train ride, and then some. (more…)

02/05/16 10:23am
2017 .. what a time it will be to be alive.

2017 .. what a time it will be to be alive.

It’s been a strange and often disturbing few years in the Brooklyn food scene. We’ve seen Nutelasagna, cricket bitters, chorizo ice cream and pig-foot pancakes and, frankly, things are just gonna keep getting weirder.

While other publications speculate about this year, we here at Brokelyn are already getting a head start on 2017. After months of research, crystal-gazing and blind-guessing, our in-house R&D team/time scientists bring you our 10 best predictions for what you’ll be eating in 2017 (we hope you like horse).  (more…)