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mountain dew dewshine

Come on, man

Hello, millennials who are wisely spending their parents’ retirement money on fantastical futuristic gadgets from the Apple Corporation and Caleb Kola (a sugary carbonated beverage in NO WAY affiliated with PepsiCo)! Looking forward to spring’s annual carnival of flesh and trading sexual partners, but only ones who value the concept of consent and never pressure their partners into doing something they don’t want to do?

While you’re busy living your party life, be sure you don’t die of thirst (a leading cause of cool and popular young people), which can be prevented by picking up a four pack of Dewshine, a new totally natural, totally hip craft soda that isn’t mass-produced sugar water like that gross Mountain Dew stuff. Tony Hawk! (more…)

03/13/15 1:54pm

Sugarburg is so sweet, they’re serving coffee and pastries now. Photo via Facebook

What’s better than a bar that has curated craft beer and whiskey, great food and cool art on the walls? A bar that has all of that plus good coffee, and as of this week, Sugarburg is it. Better yet, they’re giving it away for free next week. (more…)


442 Court Street (at 3rd Pl), Carroll Gardens
(718) 522-6900


What it is: Cozy corner bar from the folks behind Lowlands, Skylark and the Adirondack, with great bar eats, board games and brews.

Why we love it: Everyone feels at home here thanks to a low-key, unpretentious vibe and comfortable retro-living room decor. When it’s nice out, having a beer with friends at one of the sidewalk tables makes for a lazy, lovely afternoon.

What to order: Seven out of eight draft lines are reserved for rotating crafts, so see what’s on tap and take your pick. Feast on anything from burgers to burritos, wings to nachos, and feel the wave of comfort wash over you.

Regular tip: Don’t overlook the cocktail menu, especially the classic daiquiri and the Kentucky Lemonade.

03/12/15 4:31pm
Paper plates, lunch trays, cue-card receipts and all— BK's scrappiest eats still rank among the best. Via flickr user Robyn Lee

Paper plates, lunch trays, cue-card receipts and all— BK’s scrappiest eats like Tortilleria Los Hermanos still rank among Brooklyn’s best. Via flickr user Robyn Lee

Forget everything you’ve read on Yelp: Brooklyn’s food scene is here to stay. In fact, according to this roundup on The Village Voice, our food scene is downright essential! Hey, we’ll be the first to agree about that. They’ve compiled a list 99 strong, with BK favorites new and old. The best thing about this map, though, is that it actually covers a large swath of the borough, as opposed to just hanging out off of one train line. You’ll almost certainly find a neighborhood spot on here that’s close to home, wherever home is for you. (more…)

03/11/15 9:59am
bushwick country club

Stop in at the country club on the bar crawl, they’ve got a hot dog tree. via Flickr user Chris Carella

In case you’re not a fan of the Shamrock Shake, or you think you’re too cool to look at a calendar like some kind of confident weirdo, you probably didn’t realize that St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. That’s right, next Tuesday it’ll be time once again to avoid getting pinched by just giving in and wearing green, and it’s also once again time for the Grand Street BID’s 4th annual Saint Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl. (more…)

03/09/15 12:40pm
Happyfun Hideaway, photo via Bushwick Daily.

Happyfun Hideaway, photo via Bushwick Daily.

Happyfun Hideaway     
1211 Myrtle Ave. (Charles Pl. and Bushwick Ave.)
Facebook • Website

What it is:
This rad bar jumped the Bushwick scene in 2013 with their ever-changing, always experimental vibe.

Why we love it: You never know what you will get when you walk into here – but like, in a good way. Perhaps a DJ from a band such as Prince Rama, Vivian Girls and SSion or an obscure B cinema classic like Holy Mountain projected on the back screen. What you do know is that you will get a great time with friendly bartenders. Go there solo or with a group of friends – a clutch bar for Jenga enthusiasts. It also provides many a conversation starter for a date along with two pinball machines to fill in any awkward conversation gaps.

What to Order: They make a rocking dark and stormy with their Crabbies real ginger beer and have a killer, or I guess non-killer, vegetarian comfort food menu. The rotating beer list is curated with local standards and international beers.

Regular tip: The bartenders are all local artists, musicians and promoters that have helped found great things like Bushwig, Klump and Worship Vintage.


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These guys are glad to hear it.

These guys are glad to hear it.

You already know how we feel about Boobie Trap, the breast and board game-filled bar that calls Bushwick home: we love it. You also probably know how we feel about pizza: that we love it. We weren’t expecting our two loves to be slammed together into one great taste, but today DNA Info reports that Boobie Trap opened up a pizza joint across the street from their bar called Pizza Party, so lo and behold, our love grows more and more. (more…)

03/06/15 11:00am
Bar Chord

Bar Chord

Bar Chord, 1008 Cortelyou Road, (Stratford and Coney Island ave), Ditmas Park

Facebook • Twitter • Website

What it is: A charming locals’ bar with plenty of soul and sound. From an impressive jukebox to even more impressive daily live performances, this candlelit bar is a great time any night of the week. Also home to Underdog Guitars, a carefully curated selection of vintage guitars for sale and on display. A definite music hub for the neighborhood.

Why we love it: Live music, funky guitars, a large and inviting backyard (heated in winter, people), eight rotating taps, and plenty of great cocktails on the menu. It’s easy to see why this Cortelyou bar quickly won the hearts of locals and live music lovers alike. It’s busy but not packed, so grab a seat and enjoy the nightly 9pm performance. Check the calendar first because often it’s jazz, but many other musical genres grace the stage—either way rest assured that music is a constant and loud. Bring friends or lovers who are into live music and want to see a great performance. Good for groups, something more intimate or basically anything. (Did we mention live music?)

What to order: Craft beers on draught, wines by the glass, a solid selection of whiskeys and agave based spirits. For cocktails the Mezcal Mule is a must-have. Plenty of free bar snacks.

Regular tip: The jukebox is praiseworthy enough with its fantastic selection of albums, but slip 2 bucks in there and you’ll get 7 songs!

03/04/15 10:55am
kitchen equipment

A Myland knife, solid tongs and an excellent pan. Photo by William Widmaier

When it comes to kitchen basics, not everyone has the basics. Dollar store can openers, discount store knife sets, and that pair of tongs that digs into your hands but can hardly hold a drumstick — they’re all keeping you down. Stop buying cheap shit just because it’s cheap. If there’s a knife set with 7 knives in it for $25, there’s a reason why, and it’s because those knives are absolute crap. Same goes for spatulas, frying pan sets, cookie sheets and all manner of different kitchen utensils that you’re currently using as paperweights. If you’re going to buy something for your kitchen, you have to make sure it’s going to be quality. That doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. It just means you have to choose carefully.

Some things are worth spending an extra five or ten dollars on. It makes a difference. I’m not saying you need to go out and replace all the terrible equipment you have this moment, but here’s how to go item-by-item and upgrade your kitchen equipment until you’ve got stuff that will last and that works for just $78.  (more…)

tom's resturant

Prospect Heights’ hot new nightlife spot (haha, just kidding CB8!) via Flickr user Carl Collins

If there’s one thing we love here at Brokelyn, it’s a good diner. Sitting down for a cheap, unpretentious plate of eggs benedict or pancakes is one of the simple joys in life, and one place that excels at providing that experience is Tom’s Restaurant in Prospect Heights. We didn’t think there was a way for the neighborhood mainstay to get any better, but now DNA Info is reporting that they’re going to start serving beer, so that shows what we know. Oh, they’re going to serve dinner seven days a week now too, for those of you who care more about dinner than drinking. (more…)