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Whatever happened to Acme Beer? Vintage beer cans via Wikimedia.

Whatever happened to Acme Beer? Vintage beer cans via Wikimedia.

It’s that time of year when we have to think about our dear old man. Sure we never really got into sports and we never got into bumping Johnny Cash in the whip, but we mostly share one thing with poppa, and that’s the love of alcohol. It’s always a great moment when we get to crack a cold one and chill out with dad; it always makes us feel more grown up than marriage or paying taxes. So to thank dad for help giving your life (and money), how about you don’t buy him socks he doesn’t need or a watch he probably already owns, and get him some books. Not actual books, but our awesome Brooklyn beer books so he can get free booze whenever he wants to get away from his bratty grandkids. We have some excellent options for you.  (more…)

Phineas & Pherb is just one of the ice cream brands you'll be able to scream for there. Please ask nicely instead of screaming, though. via Facebook

Phin & Phebe’s is just one of the ice cream brands you’ll be able to scream for there. Please ask nicely instead of screaming, though. via Facebook

How do you beat the heat in the summer? Don’t cry in a vain attempt to spread some moisture on your face, that’s just gonna dehydrate you. Instead, eat ice cream! Brooklyn has a few ice cream shops, and now it’s about to get another one in Fort Greene, from mini-Fulton Street empire Greene Grape, who’s opening an ice cream shop on June 24. (more…)

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Little Italy-Arthur Avenue-Brokelyn-Bronx

Best part about this: 90% tourist free. via Flickr user Japp1967

When most people think of Little Italy, they picture Lower Manhattan. A place once filled with Italian mom-and-pop shops and restaurants is now one we studiously avoid, packed as it is with tourists who come to have that “authentic” Italian experience.

Don’t tell them that the real Little Italy is far uptown, along Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Just take the 4 or D train all the way up past Grand Central, past 125th Street, and yes, even past Yankee Stadium. Once you reach Fordham Road you can take an express bus or walk to Arthur Avenue. Bring your appetite and somewhere to stash all the food you’ll be bringing home. (more…)

mary's bar 1

Mary’s Bar
708 5th Ave. at 22nd, South Slope


What it is: Mary’s Bar stands out as a fan favorite in South Slope. A tavern-style bar with late-night jazz, a pool table and darts, Mary’s Bar is that charming local bar you go to for a fun mix of Brooklyn natives and the neighborhood’s more recent inhabitants.

Why we love it: Mary’s is a great space that encapsulates everything a tavern should be, with a relaxed atmosphere, fun and friendly crowd, and no short amount of music nights. On Fridays and Saturdays it has rotating DJs, Wednesdays they do an 80s night, and every night from 3am to last call is the Frank and Dean Jazz Hour. How could you not love a bar that sends you home like that?

Who to bring: Mary’s Bar has a great low-key vibe that makes for a good weeknight out with friends or a nightcap with that someone you convinced to hang out for just one more drink.

What to order: Check out any of their 12 domestic craft beers on tap, or just go for the simple pleasures, like PBR and Dale’s Pale Ale in the can. Be aware: Happy Hour is $2 off drafts and spirits applies to all spirits, including top shelf.

Fun fact: Mary’s has joined the flea market brigade, and hosts a shopping space in their backyard called the Bar ‘n Yard Flea every weekend in the summer.

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joe's pizza

Will you eat at Joe’s? via Flickr user Adam Kuban

Hey, you know the old saying, “When it rains pizza news, it pours pizza news”? That phrase is as true as a trusty compass, because hot on the heels of Pizza Moto’s move into Red Hook and Artichoke’s planned expansion into Park Slope, comes the news from Eater that beloved Greenwich Village slice spot Joe’s Pizza is opening a new location in Williamsburg(more…)

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via The Brew Inn

via The Brew Inn.

The Brew Inn
924 Manhattan Ave. (at Kent), Greenpoint
(212) 361-6164

Facebook • Twitter • Website

What it is: A young yet historied mainstay in the making with a focus on New York craft beer.

Why we love it: The Brew Inn may have only opened in November of 2013, but the space has its history. This is due primarily to owner Martin Cyran inheriting the space from his parents, who ran a Polish restaurant called Happy End here years ago, and secondly because much of the space is outfitted in reclaimed materials–the bar (recycled doors), the light fixtures (antique pictures frames) and other decorum (old street lamps) have been thoughtfully repurposed, adding to the homemade charm. Another big plus for hop heads: beer paraphernalia. Everywhere you turn, beer branding is present, from the bar stools made of beer signs to the door knobs and bathroom stall handles made with tap handles.

The bar started out serving only New York brewed beers, and still does a pretty good job of keeping a majority of the 27 taps local–there are some Pennsylvania and New Hampshire brews snuck in, due to customer demand for out-of-state favorites like Victory and Smuttynose. An upgrade since last year is the full bar, so for the thirsty folks who’ve had their fill of barley and hops (if that’s possible), liquor and wine is now available.

What to order: The place may look like a modern Brooklyn beer bar (because it is) but it’s still Polish at heart. Pierogies (potato and cheese, mushroom or beef) are just 50 cents a piece on Mondays, and well worth your pennies. Another Polack option is the kielbasa reuben, which you can get with a beer for just $12 during happy hour, every day from 4 to 7pm. If you’re feeling less adventurous, substitute with a burger and beer with tater tots.

Regular tip: Remember that thing we said about beer paraphernalia? Buy a beer flight and you can purchase the paddle to take home with you. Want to take the beer home, too? You can buy it in a growler, and even claim a locker in the bar to hold the thing when you’re not using it. The Brew Inn knows your shelf space is stupidly limited and you can’t fit another giant glass jug in your kitchen…or maybe that’s just us.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 9.26.58 AM

BEFORE: a romantic dinner for two.

Does a typical night consist of falling asleep in your kid’s bed after scraping the mac & cheese crust from the pot? Sneaking out after bedtime for an overdue Fairway shop and splurging on stinky cheese? Or the worst fate of all… going to a school concert?

I see your Pirate’s Booty and raise you mom jeans. But there’s new hope for us shut ins, and I’m here to tell you about it.  (more…)

Just what Bushwick needs, California coffee. Image via Blue Bottle Coffee

Just what Bushwick needs, California coffee. Image via Blue Bottle Coffee

Whenever we think of California, we think of certain things: the abomination that is the”Entourage” movie; the Tupac and Dr. Dre “California Love” video and we guess palm trees. What we don’t really associate California with is coffee, because coffee is an East Coast thing. However, a roasting company in Oakland (a.k.a San Francisco’s New Jersey) is serious about coffee. So much so that they have made their mark here, in Brooklyn. Blue Bottle Coffee has two very popular locations in Brooklyn, one in Boerum Hill and one in Williamsburg. And now, according to Gothamist, Blue Bottle Coffee is opening another shop in Bushwick. (more…)

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A national holiday more important than Flag Day is here Image via Facebook

A national holiday more important than Flag Day is here Image via Dough’s Facebook

People. I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever you are doing – STOP. Get your butt out the door and experience the best day of all: National Donut Day.

Every doughnut shop plays by their own rules, so keep reading to find the best deal in town for you and your doughnut needs.

Krispy Kreme– $Free.99! (In case, that didn’t read the doughnuts are free!)

Dunkin Donuts– Free donut with coffee purchase. I may or may not have already consumed two coffees and two jelly filled this morning…

Dun Well Doughnuts – Free doughnut with purchase of espresso drink. Don’t let the ‘vegan doughnut place’ deter you because their doughnuts are stupidly delicious you won’t be able to tell the difference. And if you can, you have the world’s most refined taste buds.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop– $1.10 donuts all day everyday. Basically, everyday is Donut Day. Tip: make sure to call ahead because they sell out of donuts multiply times a day. Don’t worry! They are replenished, but to avoid a wait, or to place an order, call ahead!

Dough– Be careful with this one Brokesters. Today Dough is featuring their Matcha (green tea) sugar doughnut. (Fun Fact: Dough revealed this doughnut in Japan at a food expo, and the demand for it was so high they decided to bring it home to the states. Thanks guys!) The fun doesn’t stop there; today, if you buy 6 Doughnuts, you can enter your name in a lottery to win FREE DOUGHNUTS FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

Gourmet Guild– Get your doughnut loving self to GG for BK Poppers. “Oh, what are those,” you say? Doughnut holes. For $.75 a pop.

Happy Friday, ya’ll and get your sugar high with god’s single greatest gift to man: the Donut.

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pizza moto

Soon to have a home of its own. via Facebook

Have you been to Berg’n lately and noticed that Pizza Moto used to be there but now it isn’t there? Don’t worry, they weren’t Raptured. Or maybe in a sense, they were, because the mobile pizza favorite of Smorgasburg and then Berg’n has found themselves a brick-and-mortar location in Red Hook that’s opening in September, according to DNA Info. Right, that’s what pizza heaven is, a place you can plant your pizza flag? (more…)