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Montana's Trail House.

Montana’s Trail House.

Montana’s Trail House
455 Troutman St., (Scott Ave and Cypress Ave.), Bushwick,

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What it is: Montana’s Trail House is a restaurant/bar with an Appalachian-based high-low menu.

Why we love it:  You’ll be tempted to stay the weekend at Montana’s, a comforting and warm bar that feels like a secluded cabin, only with hot bartenders and rootbeer-braised brisket. We’ve seen people come in with a couple of friends, a Tinder date or a large group of people – although obvs advance notice is recommended for the latter.

What to order: Nate Courtland serves up some locally based, warm you to the bones, food until the wee hours with their main menu ending at 11pm and their late night bites raging until 3am. If you’re looking for something sweet to order, grab some date cake. Or if you don’t think you are looking for something sweet, still order the date cake. From 11 to 3 you can order fried pickles and wash them down with a $2 Bud. Their hot toddies are bizarrely and addictively good.

Regular tip: Montana’s Trail House makes their own homemade switchel, which is a vinegar, ginger, maple brew aged in bourbon barrels. You can have it mixed with soda water or in the Switch Back, an eight buck cocktail with Ol’ Overholt.

07/14/15 8:51am

Market Skyview

Update: The signup is now closed. If you missed out on our Cyclones giveaway on Saturday night, fear not: everything-is-free-for-Brokelyn-readers weekend continues on Sunday at the Long Island City Flea & Food, where you get a pro bono beer as a welcome gift, just for being a loyal reader of one of the finest digital publications in all of Brooklynland.

Our friends at the LIC Flea wanted to show you guys around their market at Hunter’s Pointso they’re offering Brokelyn readers a brew on the house at the beer garden on Sunday, where the Queens Brewery will be doing a residency for the day.

But beer alone does not a market make: LIC Flea & Food also has a fine array of vendors including Dutch Kills Klotheing, which creates t-shirts and accessories focused on the history of Dutch Kills, the brisket and pulled-pork purveyors Butcher Bar and Fiza Fashion, which sells Indian jewelry and other shiny, summery things.

Fifa Fashion, an outpost of all things Indian and boho-chic.

Fifa Fashion, an outpost of all things Indian and boho-chic.

While you’re Fleaing, there’s plenty to do nearby: kayak for free courtesy of the LIC Community Boathouse , soak in some sun at Gantry Plaza State Park along the East River or visit PS1 or the Museum of the Moving Image. (On a less cultural, more personal note: LIC has a crazy paint ball / laser tag place where you can discharge your inner hellfire without your nice Brooklyn friends seeing what a militaristic animal you really are.)

The market is open from 10 to 6 and located at-25 46th Avenue in Long Island City. We’ll be there selling our first-ever, world-famous Queens Beer Books, so pop by and say hello. To claim your status as a Brokelyn reader and rightful deserver of free beer, give us your name and check in at the beer garden on Sunday. Cheers!

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Pine Box Rock Shop. Via Bitch Cakes.

Pine Box Rock Shop. Via Bitch Cakes.

Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan Street (off Morgan Avenue)

What it is: A bar and music venue located steps from the Morgan L stop in an old casket factory.

Why we love it: Owners/oft-bartenders Jeff and Heather are awesome people, encouraging a laid back, dog-friendly vibe where a good conversation isn’t hard to find. It’s also the best place in the area to catch some football while tipping back a local microbrew like Alphabet City Dizzy Brewnette or the latest Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Reserve. You can look over the old show stubs that are scattered as part of the bar top and wonder how many thousands of dollars of concert money are represented beneath your beverage. Live music in a sectioned-off venue, karaoke, Walking Dead watching parties…what’s not to love? Bring good talkers, rockers, groups, zombie-enthusiasts, dog-lovers, and that vegan friend of yours

What to order: Along with a completely domestic, badass beer list with ABV range of 3.8 to a walloping 10.0%, you can try one of their seasonal cocktails like the Dig For Fire (Espolon muddled with jalapenos and simple syrup) or the Phyllis Diller (Jim Beam, apple juice and fresh lemon, served on the rocks with a crisp apple slice).

Regular tip: Pine Box’s beer and cocktails are 100% vegan. If you didn’t know it, everything from bone meal to beetle extract can be found in many adult beverages. Pine Box gets around using certain bar staples like Baileys by making their own vegan cream, using Kahlua and vanilla soy milk. People rave about their vegan empanadas and sometimes vegan food trucks park out front.

07/10/15 9:04am
via Flickr user Beth

Just don’t get an all-syrup one. You know what happens if you drink that, via Flickr user Beth

It’s starting to finally feel like summer, with the high temperatures and humidity the season is supposed to have. And while that’s way better than when it’s cold in the winter, it might be leaving you a little hot and thirsty. This weekend at least, you can solve those problems for free, because it’s Free Slurpee Day, so 7-Eleven is just giving away Slurpees will nilly. (more…)

pie corps


Take a stroll down Driggs Avenue — past McGuiness Boulevard and the entrance of McGolrick Park — and you’ll find an unassuming storefront under a chocolate brown awning. Its name, Pie Corps, is emblazoned in white; its windows provide a glimpse into a sweet and savory world beloved by neighborhood foodies since its debut in 2012.

As it turns out, Pie Corps’s is a story that nearly didn’t happen. “I had been a chef for 30 years before opening the shop,” says Cheryl Perry, who co-founded the bakery alongside Felipa Lopez, an acupuncturist who brings a medicinal philosophy to the company’s culinary approach. “I’d had a restaurant in Manhattan, and when we closed, I swore I’d never open another business. But there was something about pie. I was intrigued by the sweet and savory possibilities, and the idea of using fresh, local ingredients. Pie is sculptural. It’s something you build, and I like that. That’s where Pie Corps started.” (more…)

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It’s bad for ya. via Shake Shack

For a borough that’s often mocked as a place where everyone is mainlining quinoa while looking up whether or not their tattoo ink is vegan, Brooklyn is also pretty into piling on reliable ways to kill ourselves with diet-related heart disease and hypertension. So while it’s true that Shack Shack began in Manhattan, it only makes sense that their fried chicken sandwich is only available in Brooklyn at the moment. After all, we understand that Manhattanites just eat money these days. (more…)

07/03/15 11:20am
Because George Washington died for your right to wrap things in bacon

Because George Washington died for your right to wrap things in bacon

Thanks to thousands of years of celebrating on behalf of the human race, there are holidays for just about everyone. The devout and nog-lovers have Christmas, the hideous and horny have Halloween, dreidel aficionados have Hannukah, but what of us, the frugal foodies? If only there was a holiday devoted to eating awesome, messy food made of the cheapest ingredients and drinking cheap beer while we’re at it. Also, it would be great if there were flags. And explosions. You get where I’m going here,

4th of July is quite possibly the best holiday available for people who love to cook and hate to spend a dime doing it. Even if you don’t happen to be running your big 4th of July barbecue, the fact is that you’re still expected to bring some sides, because that’s what Abraham Lincoln would do. So, if you don’t want to seem like a complete and eternal tool, you’ll bring something, ideally tastier than stale hot dog buns and ice. Here are a few recipes that require minimal effort for maximum “Holy crap, did they make those?! Get them a beer!”, as well as being as budget-friendly as you are American. That’s “very,” by the way. (more…)

06/30/15 2:44pm

Bierleichen is waiting for its beer corpses.

Putting together the Queens Beer Book introduced us to a whole new set of bars and breweries beyond our borough’s borders. One of the standouts is Ridgewood’s Bierleichen, a German-style beer garden and heavy metal bar that opened its friendly hell gates to beer and brat lovers in April. The bar’s name literally means “beer corpses,” a reference to the Oktoberfest enthusiasts who go a little overboard and get so drunk, they migrate to grassy knolls to pass out, subsequently looking like beer-bellied dead people.

To give our readers a better idea of what it’s like to hang out there, we’ve bartered via ritual sacrifice to get our hands on this Spotify playlist of the Top 10 Metal Drinking Songs from Bierleichen’s owners. (more…)

06/30/15 11:36am
Goodbye to all these Turkey's Nest cups. Photo by Tim Donnelly

Goodbye to all these Turkey’s Nest cups. Photo by Tim Donnelly

Styrofoam and New York City go together like pollution and New York City, so despite the looming styrofoam ban, a lot of you probably just pretended it wasn’t happening. Well, wake up and smell the sticky sweet margarita, because today is the last possible day you can drink a giant beer from Rosemary’s or The Turkey’s Nest, the last day you can get anything in a styrofoam container at all, actually. (more…)