09/06/16 9:56am
Ample Hills becoming a world of pure imagination with its Roald Dahl 100th birthday celebration

Ample Hills Roald Dahl tribute month includes this Fantastic Mr. Fox flavor: sweet cream with swirls of apple cider caramel and ginger molasses nutmeg cookies. Via Instagram

The sad passing of Gene Wilder last week gave us a moment to revisit, in teary eyed nostalgia, the greatness that was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and to remind ourselves again how unnecessary the Tim Burton remake was. I’m no studio executive, but it seems like instead of supplanting a classic movie character with a creepy, Michael-Jackson-inspired simulacrum, Burton and co. should have instead just adapted the book’s sequel, the drastically under-appreciated Willy Wonka and the Great Glass Elevator. That tale takes our heroes into orbit in the famous elevator, encountering a great space hotel and facing off against the nasty vermicious knids and other delights borne of the endlessly imaginative mind of Roald Dahl.

Alas, no movie can accurately capture everything Dahl, who died in 1990, accomplished (see the disappointing reviews for The BFG this summer). But where movies fail, let’s turn to ice cream: Dahl would have turned 100 on Sept. 13, and while the footprint of his joyful nonsense is still appreciated lots of places today well beyond movies, he’s getting a special tribute all month from one of Brooklyn’s own confectionary wizards: Ample Hills. The beloved local chain is offering a special Fantastic Mr. Fox inspired flavor, holding events all month and even bringing in the real-life Matilda for an appearance. Kids, adults and knids (vermicious or not) are all welcome.  (more…)

08/24/16 3:42pm
The Pour House of Bay Ridge has Friday Teacher Happy Hours, where the teachers bartend. Photo via Facebook.

The Pour House of Bay Ridge has Friday Teacher Happy Hours, where the teachers bartend. Photo via Facebook.

We’re all upset that summer is drawing to a close, but teachers throughout the city are especially bitching right now because their two-month-plus vacation is ending in just two short weeks. That’s right, kiddos and profs, the first day of the (public) school year is Thursday, Sept. 8. But luckily for the teachers (we don’t have any news with which to console the kids, unfortunately), there is one silver lining to going back to work: once school starts, a number of Friday teacher happy hours at Brooklyn bars start back up again as well.

It’s good to get drunk with your fellow teachers, so you can commiserate with those who share your particular grievances—unlike your non-teacher friends, who are done with hearing you complain about your “kids.” But we at Brokelyn, and the select bars providing the deals, appreciate your hard work; we can only imagine how molding young, or really, any minds, must drive you to drink!

Check out these six BK bars providing opportunities to get f-cked up for less after a rough week in the classroom —they’re all on Fridays, which we guess is good, because teaching hungover really sounds like hell. Let us know in the comments if we missed any! (more…)

08/22/16 2:00pm
Photo via @dunkindonuts on Instagram.

Photo via @dunkindonuts on Instagram.

I’m a cold brew iced coffee nut. I make it at home and drink it year round, even on the chilliest of winter days, when my hands will go numb from clutching it on a walk to the train. I’m not a cold brew snob, per se, but I don’t really want to mess with iced coffee if it isn’t prepared that way. (For those unfamiliar, the cold brew method consists of steeping coffee grounds in water for roughly 12 hours and then filtering it out.)

I’m accustomed to the smooth, less acidic taste resulting from the cold brew, having grown up drinking it in New Orleans, where iced coffee has always been cold brewed — and back then, it wasn’t even designated “cold brew,” because there wasn’t a need to differentiate it.

In the past few years, in New York and other major cities, cold brew iced coffee has become much more ubiquitous. Once only available at boutique coffee shops, it’s now bottled and canned and stocked at grocery stores, and national chains like Starbucks have begun adding it to their menus. Just this month, Dunkin’ Donuts, jumped on the cold brew caravan, offering it nationwide. (more…)

08/22/16 10:40am
Via Instagram user @niitoflyy_ornaww.

Via Instagram user @niitoflyy_ornaww.

It’s tough being a roving freelancer in New York City: Cafe owners are cracking down on free wifi, #brands are constantly co-opting your hustle and you get so frustrated at not being paid on time, sometimes you just got to sing about it. It can seem like the city is conspiring against you, closing in around you and constantly raising the price of cold brew when you are just looking for a seat and a reliable wifi signal.

But lo, fear not, for today we learn of one company stepping up to help out overworked freelancers: TGI Fridays, the nation’s leading app-developer, is offering a “Fridays Office” coworking space with free wifi at its Forest Hills location starting this week. It happens to coincide with the return of its Endless Apps special too. If your work schedule would be drastically improved by making your weak freelancer’s body stronger by consuming a feed bag full of mozzarella sticks and the occasional blueberry Long Island iced tea, get your ass to Forest Hills.  (more…)

08/18/16 2:25pm
Help us #feedhuma. Photo via @quepaso_daniel1993

Help us #feedhuma. Photo via @quepaso_daniel1993

In a recent profile in Vogue, Huma Abedin revealed that she’s so harried at work as Hillary’s top aide, she has never once left the campaign headquarters for lunch. “When someone recently asked for a lunch recommendation near the office, Huma didn’t know a single eatery in downtown Brooklyn,” writes Nathan Heller.

Huma, we know you’re busy, and yes, the Shake Shack line is very long, but come on, how many sad Seamless desk lunches can one woman endure? If there’s anything Huma deserves after putting up with a husband who just can’t stop/won’t stop sliding into DMs, it’s a hearty mid day meal.

We at Brokelyn are here for Huma with a list of suggestions of nearby lunchtime fare. Call us her temporary interns. (Another good question: where do Hillary’s interns eat lunch???) Check out our list, and offer your own suggestions in the comments. #FeedHuma! (more…)

08/17/16 12:30pm
The Great Cornholio: 8 of the best bars for playing bags in Brooklyn

Photo via Brooklyn Crab.

To say a lot of Brooklyn’s ~hipster~ culture has been influenced by the Midwest would be… accurate. Mom jeans, dad bods, PBR — there’s a lot of goodness to borrow from the so-called flyover states. And now we can add another thing to the list of Midwestern traditions making an appearance in our fair borough: bags.

Cornhole, bags, bean bag toss, baggo — whatever you want to call it, the number of places in Brooklyn to play the king of all yard games is on the rise, and we’re pretty psyched. (Though for the record, it’s bags. What is this, Ohio?). It’s the perfect game for almost any occasion — a nice summer day, relaxing at the beach, tailgating this fall.

You get to drink while playing, but you’re not playing to drink, ya know? It moves fairly quickly, and you can still be social, so it’s not like you have to make some big commitment to go isolate in a corner for an hour during a party. And though we wouldn’t call it a spectator sport, it’s more entertaining to watch than a lot of other games.

While we’re happy to see more and more bags sets around town, we’ve also noticed most of these spots don’t have any house rules, meaning wiley tourists or people from Massachusetts are just making up their own rules, willy-nilly. And that’s no good. To help spread the love and entertainment — and to save you from the embarrassment of not knowing a woodie from a cornhole* — here’s a quick guide on how and where to play your new favorite bar game.
*JK, no one really cares about this.

Also, because we know this is going to come up in the comments, it’s worth noting that although the exact origins are unknown, this game likely got its start in southern Ohio, where it’s most commonly referred to as “cornhole.” Different parts of the country call it by other names. (more…)

08/12/16 11:45am
You want to get in that space where the bar begins and the sidewalk cafe ends. Photo via Bar Bruno.

In between where the bar begins and the sidewalk cafe ends is the sweet spot of summer. Photo via Bar Bruno.

We can almost hear the death knell of summer; what is it, three weeks until Labor Day? Get outside! Even on a scorching hot day like today, you’ve got to remember how you’ll long for it in just a few short months, when instead of lounging with a bloody mary in some epic bar backyard, you’ll be sitting inside, clutching a hot coffee, filled with dread at the thought of having to leave the house again. Just remember: sweating>shivering.

To help you get outside and fight, fight against the dying of the summer heat and light, the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs has released an interactive map of every licensed sidewalk cafe in New York. For your outdoor alcohol imbibing needs in Brooklyn, our outdoor bar guide has got you covered. But for sidewalk coffee shop, restaurant and cafe hangs, do check out the map.  (more…)

08/10/16 11:00am
Cut the cubicle cord: How the owner of Cardiff Giant turned volunteering into opening his own bar

Steven Baird opened Cardiff Giant in March of this year, after learning the ropes at Mission Dolores and Owl Farm. All photos by Brianna Digioia.

Honestly, if you had to take a shot for all the times you or a friend have said, “Man, we should open a bar!” how drunk would you be?

Most of us have had this dream, usually as we’re sitting at a bar, likely after spending eight sad hours sitting under some harsh overhead lighting in standard-issue desk chair in front of an equally harsh computer screen.

But should you really? You have no idea how to run a bar. Being good at drinking does not make you good at running a drinking establishment. The only applicable experience you might have was pouring pitchers of PBR in college (sorry, fellas, stirring up some cocktails at a house party doesn’t count). So you order another beer, go home, and then go back to work the next day.

That’s the difference between us and Steven Baird, a 35-year-old former cubicle dweller who just opened his first bar, Clinton Hill’s new Cardiff Giant, after saying bye to the 9-to-5 grind at his accounts payable job in favor of following this dream.

Baird, who’s also the manager of Owl Farm, a Park Slope bar known for having an eclectic and constantly-changing draft list from around the world, sat down with Brokelyn at his new spot, where all the product is from New York State (more on that later), to tell us how he did it.

And, like so many New York success stories, it started with an unpaid internship (of sorts). (more…)

08/09/16 3:19pm

Photo via Taste WG.

Taste Williamsburg Greenpoint is an annual food festival and fundraiser to renovate the Firehouse North Brooklyn Community Center. Set up Smorgasburg-style in the East River State Park at N. 6th Street and Wythe Ave., it features live music and more than 40 restaurants and bars from Williamsburg and Greenpoint giving out food and drink “tastes,” aka samples.

Now in its seventh year, Taste WG is seeking volunteers for the event which takes place Sunday, September 18, from 1-5pm. Duties include helping set up and break down, managing crowd control, as well as tasks leading up to the event, such as social media marketing and distributing fliers (old-school).

As tickets for the fundraiser start at $35, by volunteering you not only get free entry but also a free tasting ticket—which includes four tastes and two drinks tickets. And with Brooklyn Star, Maison Premiere, Oddfellows Ice Cream, Brooklyn Winery, Brooklyn Brewery, and more delicious North Brooklyn eateries and drinkeries participating, it’ll make for some seriously delicious tasting and imbibing, while contributing to a good cause. Register to volunteer here(more…)

08/09/16 11:11am
Photo via Hobrahtaco on Instagram.

Enjoy a complimentary bloody mary with your meal at Ho’Brah’s weekend Mexicali Brunch.  Photo via Hobrahtaco on Instagram.

North Brooklyn doesn’t get the monopoly on brunch. Feast your eyes on these eight great brunch spots in Bay Ridge, the quaint South Brooklyn nabe at the end of the R line that’ll take the bun right out of your man with its sweet, small town vibe and entice you with its incredible waterfront views of the Atlantic Ocean, not yet spoiled by mondo condos. Filled to the brim with sweet deals on bottomless drinks, things like $25 pitchers, (yes, I said pitchers) and crazy delicious menu options, this definitive list of Bay Ridge brunch happenings will be sure to satisfy even the crabbiest of weekenders. (more…)