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You, too, can drink just like your professional ballplayer heroes do. Just don't do something like this in the bar without asking the bartender first. via Facebook

You, too, can drink just like your professional ballplayer heroes do. Just don’t do something like this in the bar without asking the bartender first. via Facebook

As we’ve gone over, THE METS ARE IN THE GODDAMN WORLD SERIES. You know how to talk about the games and sound like you’ve been watching all year, if not for years on end, and now you need to know where to watch the games. We’ve got your back, with the best spots to watch the Mets in the World Series these next two weeks and holy shit we still can’t believe we’re typing that. (more…)

10/26/15 10:53am
Hold it close, it needs your love. Photo via Blank Slate

Hold it close, it needs your love. Photo via Blank Slate

There’s nothing quite like the 24-hour diner to fix your drunken hankering for food or provide you a place for coffee and cheap eats when you need a break from an all-nighter. Sadly, it turns out we don’t have a birthright to these magic food boxes, as a story in Crain’s shows that diners in New York are facing threats from fake franchise diners, increased costs and the rent situation that threatens to drive all of us into the sea (or Cleveland). (more…)


Gaze into the abyss, the delicious delicious abyss. via Facebook

It’s Halloween time and beyond all those parties you have to make time for, you’ve also got to make room in your stomach for candy, so much candy. Of course, now that you’re an adult your tastes might be leaning towards something a bit more mature, something that sounds a bit more French. If that’s the case, Bay Ridge bakers (and makers of great holiday-themed stunt foods) is rolling out what they’re calling Pain au Halloween, or in English, candy-stuffed croissants. (more…)

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These ice cream holes are NSFW

These ice cream holes are NSFW

You there, carefully arranging your burger or pizza or fried chicken sandwich so that it captures the light just perfectly and really makes your food pop for your Instagram post. Sure, you jokingly call it food porn, but it turns out that according to neuroscientists you’re nothing but a common pornographer, getting people’s brains hot and bothered and conditioned to easy joyless fucking. Err, eating. (more…)

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Eat up at Gargiulo's, it's 15% off this week. via Facebook

Eat up at Gargiulo’s, it’s 15% off this week. via Facebook

Brooklyn, what a melting pot! And given that we have many different peoples thrown together and on top of each other all breathing in the same garbage juice and poison air and what have you, it means we get so many wonderful ethnic restaurant week deals. October is a cold and unforgiving month, so to help you get through it, we’ve got Italia Week, where Italian restaurants around the borough throw their doors open with the promise of prix-fixe meals and discounts on your bill. (more…)

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A rare glimpse of Kings Coffee during opening hours. via Twitter

A rare glimpse of Kings Coffee during opening hours. via Twitter

If you lived in Bensonhurst a little over a decade ago, you knew about Mister Joe. He was the guy who roasted coffee and sold cups of it out of his storefront at 14th Avenue and 63rd Street. The lady who ran the corner store next door was his wife.

“We always called him Mister Joe. He’s just Mister Joe,” says Kings Coffee owner Dominic Palastro, who lived nearby and frequented the coffee shop with his father growing up. Palastro, who now runs his own successful coffee outpost in Red Hook, didn’t know just how important Mister Joe would become to him at the time. Growing up, coffee was his father’s passion, not his. Today, Palastro sits down with Brokelyn to talk about his unlikely career path, where small business meets old tradition, and how ‘neighborhood’ is more than meets the eye. (more…)

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Look! The Pulp & the Bean has even more Fall flavors than Starbucks!

We fought it as long as we could, but it is officially, undeniably autumn. And with closed-toed shoes and denim-covered limbs comes the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Look, I get it. They taste like caffeinated pie, complete with whipped cream and a stomach ache later. As Donald Trump would say, “They’re great!”

Another thing that the Donald thinks is great is the corporate takeover of Brooklyn. You know who I’m talking about. That venti grande adult-contemporary-pumping purveyor of Oprah-branded tea products. Crown Heights got its first Starbucks last year, nestled between a Capital One branch and a beloved local coffee house just outside of the Franklin Avenue station. People saw its opening a harbinger of gentrification gone off the rails, the Disney-fication of Brooklyn, but mostly a slap in the face to the already vibrant coffee scene in the area. Politics aside; Starbucks’ coffee is just not that good, you can do better. So, this fall if you find yourself in the vicinity of Franklin Avenue and in need of an an autumnal treat, we’ve compiled this handy list of 6 fall alternatives from Crown Heights coffee shops to make caffeinating great again! (more…)

10/13/15 10:27am
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Tutu’s doesn’t dance around a value, with an awesome burger and beer combo every weekday. via Facebook

As any food-loving Brooklynite is undoubtedly aware, our borough has no shortage of amazing burgers. But patty prices have gone luxe lately, with prices creeping well into the double digits (and they no longer include sides, what gives?). So, what’s a brokester in need of a burger fix to do?

Luckily, there are still vestiges of the cheap burger days of yore. And they come in the form of a holy union: the burger and beer special! We rounded up the best of the borough’s pint-and-patty specials, so you can get back to enjoying your ground chuck, and get a buzz to boot. (more…)

Sure, eat this. What could go wrong?

Sure, eat this. What could go wrong?

There’s nothing we love as much as a gimmicky way to become the owner of a restaurant. After all, why work hard and sweat and take enormous risks when you can just write an essay, pay a small entrance fee and potentially be able to start picking people up by sidling up next to them and saying, “Would you like to get something to eat at my restaurant, THAT I OWN?” That being said, this new restaurant ownership sweepstakes gimmick has a bit more of a risk than usual, because you have to eat an entire 30-pound burrito in an hour in order to get partial ownership of Park Slope’s Don Chingon. (more…)

10/12/15 12:42pm
Are we sure they're not making meth in there? via Facebook

Are we sure they’re not making meth in there? via Facebook

It’s been two years since Walter White died a heroic death (or just had an extended dream sequence about it) and Breaking Bad shuffled off our TV coil. Just because the show is gone from TV doesn’t mean it has to be gone from your lives totally though, and we’re not just talking Netflix marathons. A Turkish coffee shop that’s Breaking Bad-themed, from coffee roasters wearing HaZmat suits to coffee being served in beakers, is raising money on Kickstarter to open in Greenpoint. Say what you will about the limits of the charms of theme restaurants, this is a better idea than the Will Ferrell bar on the Lower East Side. (more…)