03/21/14 11:30am
big gay ice cream

Fortunately, you don’t need one of these in tow to get the cheap cone. via Facebook

What is it with Manhattan and their kid-friendly deals all of a sudden? First we’ve got the Landmark Sunshine letting you bring your baby to the sexy good times at Nymphomaniac for free, and starting Monday, as Time Out New York reports, Big Gay Ice Cream is offering a small cone with sprinkles for just $2 during prime after school hours at both of their locations (61 Grove Street and 125 E. 7th Street). One more place south of 14th Street starts a kid-friendly promotion and we’re writing a “LES is the new Park Slope” trend piece.” (more…)

03/20/14 1:07pm
prospct park rink alcohol

Well, it worked for Canada. via The Province

New York City is a place that doesn’t see a reason to not add booze to whatever establishment you’ve got. And for that, we love it. The next place getting a liquor license that you wouldn’t immediately think of could be the ice skating rink at Prospect Park. Which we wholeheartedly support, because the only thing that makes ice skating better is chugging a cool Molson XXX before you strap on the blades. (more…)

greene hill food co-op

What mysteries lie behind this door? Find out on Saturday via Facebook

If you’ve live in Brooklyn long enough, you’re bound to get curious about food co-ops. Are they really just mysterious hermit kingdoms with strange rituals regarding plastic bags, or are they places people actually shop for food? Usually the answer to this mystery is only available to food co-op members, but this Saturday, the Greene Hill Food Co-op in Bed-Stuy is opening their doors to just any schmuck off the street for a non-member shopping day. Plus, they’re also giving away trees, as that’s the hip thing to do these days. (more…)

03/18/14 8:25am

Want to wash all this down? You can for free now. via Briskettown

Hey guess what? Free beer! Now, for those of you who ran out of their house after reading that, then had to come back once realizing you didn’t know where or when, I like your spirit, and you’re about to be even happier. The free keg happens to be at Brokelyn-approved barbecue temple Briskettown (359 Bedford Avenue) in Williamsburg, and will be getting tapped every Tuesday at 5pm for the foreseeable future. The beer is self-serve, because you seem like a trustworthy kinda person, and will keep going ‘til the keg runs out (a.k.a. when I arrive with my Big Gulp cup). (more…)

03/17/14 1:05pm
odd fellows ice cream

There’s never a bad season for ice cream. via Facebook

You might be looking at that headline and saying, “Who can think of ice cream when there’s more snow on the horizon?” Well, we can think of ice cream, and we also think that by grabbing this coupon for a free scoop from Williamsburg’s OddFellows Ice Cream (175 Kent Avenue), we can will summer to get here faster. And if you’re still not convinced? Hey, more free ice cream for us. (more…)

03/14/14 10:15am
Four & Twenty Blackbirds

All you need is a good book and you’re set. via Four & Twenty Blackbirds Instagram

In case you haven’t heard, pie mecca Four & Twenty Blackbirds opened a new location today at the Brooklyn Public Library. They’re taking over the BPL’s café space and turning into a full-service food spot, with chefs from The Pines and Vinegar Hill House, but most importantly, will be serving slices of their famous pies. So in honor of Pi(e) Day, and in celebration of this long-awaited expansion, the Four & Twenty pie makers got together to bring you a list of pie & book pairings for your first trip to their new branch.

God bless the falafel at Godbless USA Deli. (Photo by Patrick Phillips)

The falafel at God Bless USA Deli is heavenly. (Photo by Patrick Phillips)

There you are, out for an afternoon stroll (or drunken stumble) when the urge hits to strap on that feed bag. What can you eat in this trendy neighborhood that will fill you up without gutting your bank account? Here are 10 meals for under $10 or thereabouts, from donuts (yes, that’s a meal) to falafel to guwumpkis.  (more…)

franny's mushroom pizza

For some Brokelyn staff, anything with mushrooms is a controversial pick for the tournament. via Facebook

If you aren’t a college basketball fan, you probably didn’t realize that March Madness is right around the corner. If you are a college basketball fan, you already know that, since you’ve chewed off your fingernails from nerves in the march towards the tournament. But fan or no, the one thing we can all agree on is that pizza is great, but none of us can agree on which kind of pizza is the best. Park Slope fancy pizza place franny’s is bringing cold hard economics into it though, with a sales-based Sweet Sixteen tournament starting next Monday. Will Dick Vitale be there to howl while you try to eat? Maybe! (more…)

03/03/14 4:09pm
free pancake day

Tastes best when free. via Facebook

Getting out of bed in the morning most days is a struggle. There’s no reward for it except for not getting fired from your job you hate, and to make things even worse, it’s still freaking freezing out. But tomorrow you’ll have a good reason to get out of bed, because once again, it’s National Pancake Day (aka free pancake day) at IHOP, and you don’t want to miss that, do you? (more…)

mac and cheese

Can you make it like this, or better? Prove it at the Bell House. via Flickr user smiteme

There is nothing quite as comforting in this world as mac and cheese (especially when it’s ten goddamn degrees out). Not that shit you get in a box though, ugh, come on now. No, something with real cheese, not powder, something that actually melts all over the pasta and really sits in your stomach like a rock. Can you make something like that? Then the Brooklyn Mac and Cheeze Takedown, coming in March, wants you. (more…)