03/24/17 1:10pm
Free delivery of this to your doorstep is pretty damn appealing, but we're still holding out for the day when you can have clap on delivery via Floo Network. Photo via Shake Shack

Free delivery of this to your doorstep is pretty damn appealing, but we’re still holding out for the day when you can have clap on delivery via Floo Network. Photo via Shake Shack

The burger gods that be have smiled upon our fair borough: starting two hours ago, Shake Shack has been making free deliveries to Brooklyn and Queens. (more…)

03/23/17 2:32pm
Photo via St. Mazie / Facebook

Photo via St. Mazie / Facebook

The streets of New York may not be paved with gold, but there was a time when they were paved with something better: oysters. Before New York Harbor was New York Harbor, it was to oysters what the Fertile Crescent was to humans. People have written entire books on the archeological significance of the giant piles of shells left around New York, and when they discovered a midden (which is the academic word for “pile of trash”) on the Statue of Liberty in 1980, it took them until 1998 to excavate the pile.

I don’t have the patience to dig through oyster shells for 18 years, but I did have the patience to dig through all the $1 oyster happy hours in Brooklyn. Voila: (more…)

03/21/17 12:26pm


Now opening up his third business on Bushwick’s Wilson Ave., 32-year-old Cuban-American Danny Teran’s entrepreneurial skills are prolific to the point that he has earned the moniker The Wolf of Wilson. I sat down with him at his restaurant, The Wheelhouse, to discuss how he started out on this road to Brooklyn domination.

So, how’d you get started as an entrepreneur? 

My parents are Cuban-American immigrants and when I came back to Jersey after college, my brother said “Let’s open up a Cuban restaurant together.” At that time food trucks were very popular so, instead, we did that for about three – four years. It was very successful, but after a while it became a little tiring and when our permits were about to expire, my brother and I said, “let’s start thinking about a new project.”


03/16/17 5:33pm
We love you too, potato

We love you too, potato

St. Patty’s day is commonly treated as an excuse to get very drunk very early off deplorable drinks like green beer without actually paying homage to Irish culture in any way, but why should booze define a day that could belong to everyone’s favorite tuberous crop and Irish staple, the potato (“prata” in Irish)? We love beer here at Brokelyn, but potatoes, potatoes! Not only can they create alcohol, they can create fries, they can create candy, they can create utensils, and they can sustain an entire country on their nourishment. So tomorrow, even if you do decide to guzzle disgusting quantities of green juices that have virtually nothing to do with Irish culture, take a moment to honor the cash-crop that brought us bangers and mash, vodka, hash browns, and which casually supported the Irish people and economy for centuries (I mean really, you never see potatoes bragging about all they’ve done for humankind. The king of starch is humble indeed).

On the real though, the history of potatoes in Ireland is rooted in poverty and poor policy and many people will, with good reason, automatically think of “famine” after hearing “Irish” and “potato”. Still, there’s a lot of great Irish recipes that are potato-based, certainly a lot of Irish history that revolves around the potato, and it’s just a generally better place to focus your energies tomorrow than getting wasted and acting like a frat bro in the name of negative stereotypes. (more…)

03/15/17 10:59am
Coney Island Brewery is always ready for a party

Coney Island Brewery is always ready for a party. Photo via Coney Island Brewery

Brooklyn’s burgeoning beer scene is buzzing faster than we can get a buzz on an empty stomach. Keep up with the borough’s beer-centric happenings with this monthly installment of Brooklyn beer news, including can releases, beer festivals, brewery nights and other beer celebrations around the borough. (more…)

03/01/17 1:07pm
Behold: a Kolache. Photo via Brooklyn Kolache Co.

Behold: a Kolache. Photo via Brooklyn Kolache Co.

Got the munchies? It’s midnight, your local bodega is closed for renovations, and there’s not a sweet morsel to be found in your apartment? Starting this Thursday small-batch Texan-style baker Brooklyn Kolache Co. will be stepping up to meet Brooklyn’s demand for late-night cookie (and milk!) delivery, DNAinfo first reported.

While the neighborhood bakery specializes in Kolaches — a puffy pastry with a center full of fruit that originated in Central Europe and is now the subject of festivals in numerous Texan towns –their delivery service, Bake Sale, will be offering up a variety of cookies and, should you be feeling thirsty, you can add a pint of Battenkill Valley Creamery milk to your order. Cookie options include the gluten-free monster cookie, classics like peanut butter, and more original recipes like purple yam, according to DNA. (more…)

02/22/17 5:16pm
Margarita pug

If you do not have a margarita today these pugs will cry and it will be your fault.

Today is National Margarita Day! So, friends, ask not what tequila can do for you, but what you can do for tequila: namely, consume it in large amounts with lots of salt and lime.

For naysayers who believe margaritas to be a thing for summer and only summer, this elderly talking puppet puts it best, “In the darkness of winter we need the citrus vitality and joyful fellowship of National Margarita Day all the more.” Also, it kind of feels like spring outside right, which is the next best thing to summer. (more…)

02/22/17 2:19pm
Pick your poison, crickets or mealworms

Pick your poison, crickets or mealworms. Photo by Hannah Frishberg / Brokelyn

In recent months there have been a host of opportunities around New York City to consume free sweets for the small price of a mandatory insect topping thanks to The Economist‘s wildly creative promotional pop-ups promoting bug-consumption as a protein-alternative.

Today until 4:30pm the bug brigade has put up camp in Dumbo, on the corner of Water and Jay streets, and is offering a free waffle from the beloved Wafels and Dinges food truck with one topping (Nutella, whipped cream, Speculoos or fudge) of your choice … and either mealworms or crickets. If you get both insects, you get two toppings.

But should even the brokest Brokest Brokester’s limits for taking free food break down at bugs? I tried it to find out.  (more…)

02/22/17 12:54pm

The Levee is one of the last true old (as in, from 10 years ago) bars left in Williamsburg, where you can still get piss drunk on cheap beer at 1pm on a Tuesday while sitting on a cigarette-covered picnic table as a guy with ratty metal hair digs around in a vat of communal cheese balls to provide you with a non-nutritious but free bar meal of cheese dust with a Twizzler chaser. You know, the good ol’ days of the recession before any of us had jobs.

Anyway, the bar we check on every week out of fear it’s finally being turned into an M&M Store/Lexus dealership mega complex is still holding strong, and is still at it with the great street art. The bar just unveiled a new mural yesterday (above) on its North 3rd Street-facing side created by Damien Mitchell. It shows a winking Vladimir Putin taking off his Trump mask, which is to date the worst cosplay to wear to a party. Not even in your most strung out nights in the old Kokie’s days would you imagine a world where this art would be necessary in 2017.  (more…)

02/15/17 1:10pm
Happyfun Hideaway

Bushwick’s Happyfun Hideaway is just one of the wonderful bars that await you in the 2017 Brokelyn Beer Books.

We all fall into the same bar patterns over and over again. Maybe you stick to the same few spots where you know the beer selection and the burgers are juicy, maybe you frequent the same beer hall because it’s your weekly trivia spot, or maybe you just stick to your local because it’s, well, local and you’re lazy. But this is Brooklyn, the best borough in the best city in the world, where the diversity of bar options is second to none and not to be taken for granted.

So to help you break your bar rut and aid you on your boozy exploring, check out our new 2017 guide to Brokelyn approved bars. In it you’ll find 60 of our favorite dives, gastropubs, rooftop bars, breweries and legendary pubs, from Greenpoint and Bushwick to Bay Ridge and Coney Island. And each one is featured in our new 2017 Brokelyn Beer Books. The books give you 30 beers for just 30 bucks at this spot, making them the perfect companion to going on bar adventures. Grab yours now before they sell out!