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thanksgiving drinking

Going to Colorado for Thanksgiving? Keep in mind that taxes are lower on wine than on liquor. via Flickr user Jason Meredith

So maybe you’re going home for Thanksgiving to get beat up by your old high school bullies. Or maybe you’re going to some far-off family member’s place to get beat up by your cousin’s high school bullies. Either way, you’re leaving New York for Thanksgiving and you know you’re gonna be drinking Wednesday night. Just because you live Brooklyn though, doesn’t mean you should leave your Brokelyn attitude of finding the cheapest way to do things behind, so Slate put together some data on state excise taxes on alcohol to help you figure out the most efficient thing to chug when you go home and try to explain that “social media manager” is a real job. Warning: maths ahead. (more…)

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We'll follow the scent trail leading from The Good Fork to Gowanus.

We’ll follow the scent trail leading from The Good Fork to Gowanus.

Flushing is far and the 7 train is super moody, which can make getting to good Korean food and karaoke tough. Luckily though, DNAinfo reports you’ll soon be able to get Korean BBQ and belt your little heart out without having to spend an hour on the train. The owners The Good Fork, the Korean-inspired spot in Red Hook, are opening up a Korean BBQ and karaoke joint in Gowanus. (more…)

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Wear your eatin' pants for the Thanksgiving Mac

Wear your eatin’ pants for the Thanksgiving Mac

Thanksgiving can be tricky when you’re away from your family. You and your friends could try to cook a turkey, but your lavish banquet may end up being turkey-flavored ramen if you don’t know how to roast a bird, even if you try following these handy Thanksgiving cooking tips. If cooking consumes time you’d rather devote to drawing handprint turkeys and watching the National Dog Show, check out this list of Brooklyn restaurants that are delivering and serving meals this Turkey Day, updated for 2014. Most require advanced orders or reservations, so be sure to call early. (more…)

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South Brooklyn Cover Closeup

Update: Through Christmas, enter beer20 at checkout to get 20 percent off your Beer Book order. 

What’s a better holiday gift than a pocket full of free beers at the best bars in town? 

Brokelyn’s now-famous Beer Books have previously featured beloved bars from Greenpoint to Windsor Terrace. Now we’ve uncovered the best spots in Bay Ridge, Coney Island, Gerritsen Beach, Gravesend, Marine Park, Sheepshead Bay, Sunset Park and The Rockaways, all in one book: Beer Book 7, now on sale.

For $28, you get a gorgeously designed, limited edition, pocket-sized booklet filled with vouchers for 28 free beers of your choice at 28 of Brooklyn’s finest neighborhood bars, redeemable now through the end of 2015. All that savings leaves you plenty of scratch for burgers, wings, tacos and more beer.

Maybe you’ve been meaning to check out Bay Ridge — or maybe you live there and you’re a regular at places like Kettle BlackBean Post Pub and Windy City Ale House. But have you been to Lock Yard, Bay Ridge’s nod to Brooklyn North? Knocked back a knackwürst at Schnitzel Haus?

Whit's End, your new favorite pizza place in Far Rockaway.

Whit’s End, your new favorite beer-and-pizza place in Rockaway Beach.

Putting together Beer Book 7 has taken us to so many great places we think everyone should know about.  Venture over to the beer Valhalla that is Gravesend’s Draft Barn, or wash down a shot of nostalgia at Ruby’s, Coney Island’s oldest boardwalk bar and grill. Pair stroganoff and crepes at Russian/French fairy-tale bistro Anyway Café in Sheepshead Bay. Order more than cranberry juice at Sunset Park’s Irish Haven, where THAT bar scene in The Departed was filmed.

Join us in planning a winter Rockaways field trip to Whit’s End, Sayra’s Wine Bar & Bier Garden or the Playland Motel. Or explore 3rd generation family-owned marina-side refueling station, Tamaqua Bar & Grill in Gerritsen Beach. So many beer-centric outings await!

South Brooklyn cover

Here are all the great places featured in the South Brooklyn & The Rockaways Beer Book:

Bean Post Pub • Ho’Brah Taco Joint • Lock Yard • Longbow Pub & Pantry • Pipin’s Pub • Red White & Brew • Schnitzel Haus • Skinflints Bar & Restaurant • The Harp Bar • The Kettle Black • Windy City Ale House • Yellow Hook Grille • Zito’s Sandwich Shoppe • Freak Bar • Peggy O’Neill’s • Ruby’s Bar & Grill • Tamaqua Bar & Grill • Anyway Cafe • Draft Barn • Third & Seven • Caracas Rockaway • Playland Motel • Rippers • Rockaway Beach Surf Club • Sayra’s Wine Bar & Bier Garden • Whit’s End • The Brass Rail • Irish Haven

Order your South Brooklyn and the Rockaways Beer Book here, and make 2015 a year of drinking adventurously.

Recommended for significant others, crushes, teachers, coaches, babysitters, mail persons, co-workers, shrinks, tutors and dog walkers. And you.

Pair brats and brews at Midwest-themed craft beer bar Lock Yard in Bay Ridge

Pair brats and brews at Midwest-themed craft beer bar Lock Yard in Bay Ridge

Stay warm and toasty at Draft Barn.

Stay warm and toasty at Draft Barn in Sheepshead Bay.

Eventually you'll be hungry again: Schnitzel Haus in Bay Ridge.

Eventually you’ll be hungry again: Schnitzel Haus in Bay Ridge.

How adorable is the Freak Bar in Coney Island?

How fun is the Freak Bar in Coney Island?


Have you ever seen a cooler looking bar than Sayras in the Rockaways?

Have you ever seen a cooler looking bar than Sayras in the Rockaways? Looks even better with free beer.

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northeast kingdom

When you want a dinner to impress, you can’t go wrong with a good steak, like the TK at the Northeast Kingdom (vegetarians and vegans not included). via Northeast Kingdom

We’ve all been there: third date coming up, and you need that one final push to seal the deal. It’s time to bust out the steak. Now, we here at Brokelyn have felt your plight, especially when the check comes and you realize you’re in for a romantic walk home because you won’t be able to afford that cab home. You could make a steak at home, as this fine butcher will tell you, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone do the cooking for you. Yes, there are probably cheaper steaks in Kings County, but let’s save your poor date from grabbing steaks at that biker bar that grills on a sideways shopping cart. Negotiating the factors of romance and budget, here are our seven picks for where to go for the big third-date swing. (more…)

coney island brewing co

Looks like Coney Island Brewing Co is riding the F train back home. via Facebook

Brooklynites take the privilege to say “Made in Brooklyn” pretty damn seriously, especially when you have your neighborhood’s namesake in the title of the product. Well here’s great, boozy news for people picky about semantics: after a Hurricane Sandy-issued hiatus, Coney Island Brewing Co. is set to return to Coney Island.


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thanksgiving cooking

It doesn’t have to be this way! Photo by Flickr user Alessandro Valli

Congratulations! If you are reading this article, brave and noble Brooklynite, it means that you have decided to take on the Goliath task of cooking a Thanksgiving dinner whether in your New York City apartment kitchen or in the house of the family member hosting it. At the very least, you’re helping cook.

Great fortune awaits you if you are able to pull of this incredible feat, but griping from long-forgotten family members is waiting just around the corner for those unable to complete the task. We here at Brokelyn believe in you, though, and as the resident chef of our financially-challenged website, I felt it was my duty to share with you some easy Thanksgiving cooking wisdom I’ve gained while surviving the chaos that is making your own dinner on November 27. (more…)

two boots park slope

Do you want to pay for this? No, great, good news, you won’t have to this one day. via Facebook

Have you been waiting patiently for the Park Slope Two Boots to open again? Hey, good for you, patience is nice. The thing is, we’ve got news that’s really gonna test your patience, namely that when Two Boots does their Park Slope opening at 6pm on Tuesday, November 25, they’re going to celebrate with free pizza for everyone according to DNA Info. Sorry, wait. We meant to write FREE PIZZA FOR EVERYONE. (more…)

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organic turkeys brooklyn

Roaming free in greenery before he gets eaten, just as God intended. via Flickr user katmulkey

Thanksgiving is nigh, and there’s truly no better way to celebrate the cease fire in casual Native American slaughter by coming together as mankind to kill and eat something lower on the food chain. But this is the 21st century, and we’re not barbarians. That’s why we’re making sure the turkeys we carve this year are organic, and we’ve got a definitive guide to where to find the most pampered poultry in Brooklyn.

We told you just what makes an organic turkey organic here, but the cliffsnotes version is that these birds get some fresh air, sunlight, and grazing rights before the big chop. Just to streamline things we’ve rounded up 13 lb. organic turkeys, which serve 8-10 people. (more…)

You've gouda go to this event, guys. (Courtesy of Flickr user Lady Miss Marquise)

You’ve gouda go to this event, guys. (Courtesy of Flickr user Lady Miss Marquise)

When it comes to what we want out of life, the list pretty much goes : 1. Ability to pay rent, 2. Sane roommates, 3. Free cheese. So it will come as barely a surprise that when we heard the words “free cheese party,” we were already sharpening our knife set in anticipation. (more…)