07/29/15 4:22pm


First, multiple Academy Award-nominated actress Michelle Williams moved to Ditmas Park, in an attempt to outrace or jump start gentrification, we’re not sure which. If that wasn’t trying to be Brooklyn enough though, Williams, who has shared the screen with modern Adonises like Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Peter Dinklage, has now started a relationship with a Brooklyn writer. And not just any Brooklyn writer, but the tweest of the twee Brooklyn Jonathans, Jonathan Safran Foer. According to premiere soccer mom tabloid Us Weekly, the My Week with Marilyn actress is seeing and sharing vegan meals with the author of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. What? (more…)

07/29/15 12:05pm

There are boutique firms helping New Yorkers move to the suburbs [DNA Info]
Bringing kids to protests in New York: So hot right now [Capital]
Don’t let your boss pay you with a damn gift card instead of a raise [Washington Post]
Meet BK’s new Democratic boss, Frank Seddio [City & State]
Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” video is a time machine to 1980s DUMBO [Gothamist]
Remember the LaGuardia renovation timetable? Double the price and the time [Crain’s]
There was a Black Lives Matter protest in Williamsburg yesterday [Bedford + Bowery]
Should the Mets use a Kickstarter to get themselves an impact bat? [Vice Sports]

773 lounge

They’ll be back. via GoFundMe

Need more proof that Monday is the worst day everything? So check it out: On Monday we learned that Montero’s, one of the best dive bars in Brooklyn, was ready to sell to a developer who’d make their block a mall if any of the developers met their price. Booooo. Today though, on not-Monday, we learn that 773 Lounge, one of the best dive bars in Brooklyn, will be reopening in September. Just in time for a Mets playoff run! (more…)

07/28/15 2:55pm
city point

Okay, it’s time to try to live here. Photo by David Colon

You might remember last month when we told you about the 200 units of affordable housing coming to Downtown Brooklyn as part of the City Point project. Or maybe you don’t, a month is a long time and your brain melted in the heat. Anyway, they’ll be open to welcome you in to your affordable home any day now, so it means that the application process for these apartments has begun. Even if you hate filling out forms, we think you should pay attention here, because for $651/month studios and $655 2-bedrooms, most of us would probably fill out a Mount Everest made of forms. (more…)

07/28/15 12:02pm

The borough president has some thoughts on gentrification [City & State]
Synthetic weed is destroying Brooklyn’s homeless population [Vice]
Let’s not coronate Andrew Cuomo for that LaGuardia overhaul just yet [2nd Ave. Sagas]
These stunning photos will fill you with rage and class envy [Slate]
Donald Trump’s lawyer seems like a reasonable guy who knows laws about rape [The Daily Beast]
ANIMAL New York is packing it in [ANIMAL]
Dairy Queen and Subway are in a garbage food fight [Grub Street]
Cutting down a tree to steal a bike is certainly one way to go about it [DNA Info]

07/27/15 3:15pm
Save Montero's. Photo by Catherine Wolinski

Save Montero’s. Photo by Catherine Wolinski

An important thing to remember when you live in New York City (anywhere really, but especially in New York today) is that anything you love will eventually be replaced by condos. This is an immutable law, only superseded by the fact that the angry ocean will swallow up every last trace of you and your accomplishments. That being said, it’s doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the news that the owners of Montero’s are weighing selling the bar and that someone is talking about the stretch of Atlantic it’s on potentially being “the next South Street Seaport” like that’s a good thing. (more…)

07/27/15 12:05pm

Samurai sword road rage. That’s new [Daily News]
Mass-transit: An express train to gentrification? [CityLab]
Apparently this BK high school isn’t cool with a pro-voodoo guidance counselor [New York Post]
These are the people who are tops in the city at screwing with developers [Crain’s]
Local doc made sick by plans for health center replacing LICH [Brooklyn Paper]
Wandering through Bernie Sanders’ Brooklyn [New York Times]
All of our crime stats are off, so is crime even real? [DNA Info]

07/27/15 10:07am
Taylor, help us. We're all waiting for you.

Taylor, help us. We’re all waiting for you.

Last night if you were hanging out online, you probably came across New York Magazine‘s devastating story in which they spoke to and photographed 35 women accusing Bill Cosby of rape and sexual assault. This morning though, you couldn’t read it. What people thought was just high demand turned out to be a DDOS attack by a hacker, but not just any hacker. This hacker claims to have a burning hatred for all things New York City due to a bad experience he had as a tourist here, and says he’ll continue to strike at any and all websites and businesses that have “New York” in their name.

Someone needs to talk this person down, before we face a future where the latest Style section or Andrea Peyser hate read isn’t available on the websites of the New York Times or New York Post, and as luck might have it, we’re supposed to have that hero waiting in the wings. Yet she’s been strangely silent at the moment. So if no one else will ask, we will: Where is our global tourism ambassador Taylor Swift to deal with this spurned tourist? (more…)

07/24/15 4:12pm
Mosey along in your weekend. Photo by Sam Corbin

Mosey along in your weekend. Photo by Sam Corbin

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07/24/15 2:12pm
Coincidentally, these maps match up with the "New Headlights Purchased" map.

Coincidentally, these maps match up with the “New Headlights Purchased” map.

Look out, cyclists: there’s one place in NYC where motorcars are gunning to kill you: Clinton Hill and Fort Greene. Auto Insurance Center analyzed traffic collision data from the past twelve months and found that the 88th precinct, home to the Pratt Institute and Susan Sarandon, has the most cyclist injuries (7.7) per 100 collisions, quadruple the city’s precinct average. What’s going on here? Are late-night munchie runs sending student cyclists to the hospital? Is the BAFTA Award winning actress taking out her aggression on two-wheeled vehicles? Or is something else going on? (more…)