04/01/15 12:34pm

Where subway ridership has risen and fallen the last few years [New York World]
Here’s some pictures of New York State’s high security prisons [Gothamist]
Sounds like Younger somehow screwed up the “millennials in Brooklyn” plot [Slate]
Here’s the cop caught on tape berating an Uber driver [ANIMAL]
New Greenpoint Landing rendering are less Miami-ish [New York YIMBY]
Really seems like illegal gas siphoning caused the East Village building explosion [NYT]
Not an April Fool’s joke: This is Coney Island’s Subway Cafe [Amusing the Zillion]

04/01/15 12:03pm
celebrate brooklyn dance party

There you are, dancing like it’s warm. Photo by Julienne Schaer via Brooklyn Bridge Park

Actual weather lately be damned, spring and summer are on their way, it’s just a fact of life. That also means that Celebrate Brooklyn announcements are starting to dribble out, bit by bit. We know that Chaka Khan is opening up the concert season, and now in another herald of warm weather, we got a press release with the schedule for the always fun Brooklyn Bridge Park dance parties. You can’t hide from us forever, warmth. (more…)

03/31/15 4:00pm
Because nobody wants problems with the IRS

Because nobody wants problems with the IRS

Tax time is a stressful time for everyone, unless of course you’re some rich goon with an army of lawyers who know how to convince the government your highly profitable sweatshop operation actually made no money. Presumably, that isn’t you, so you’re sweating it out and trying to do your taxes on your own. Don’t do that! Your pal, the Brooklyn Public Library, will help you out with FREE tax preparation at the Central Library Branch, per Park Slope Stoop. Now who needs an army of battle-scarred tax fraud attorneys? Not you! (more…)

03/31/15 12:37pm
Ratnatunga and Goldberg want to give you more, give you, give you more. via Instagram @surir

Ratnatunga and Goldberg want to give you more, give you, give you more. via Instagram @surir

Calling all Spears fans: have you always wanted to know what made Britney so Lucky? Wish you knew what pitted her Against the Music? Do you find yourself wondering what happened while she was Not a Girl anymore, but Not Yet A Woman? Now you can find out all that stuff, and you don’t have to stalk her on TMZ or go to college all over again to do it. According to DNA Info, there’s a “Britney Spears 101″ workshop being offered in Greenpoint, and it’ll only cost you $25.  (more…)

03/31/15 12:01pm

::Seinfeld voice:: What’s the deal with our transit construction costs? [Capital]
The battle over Sheepshead Bay’s party boats has a deeper meaning [WNYC]
Just some body parts washing up in Gravesend, no big deal [DNA Info]
Mayor Tall is kind of energy hog [Brooklyn Paper]
Stephen Levin saves pregnant, shot cat from doom on the BQE [Gothamist]
Coffee: Still good for you [Grub Street]
The woman who wants to be the first female Muslim FDNY firefighter [Runnin' Scared]
Sacred parking garage knocked down for apartment buildings [Brownstoner]

03/30/15 12:41pm
Park views, but your neighbors will hate you.

Park views, but your neighbors will hate you.

Fearful of Brooklyn’s always-apocalyptic real estate forecast? Yeah, us too, it’s the only forecast that’s constantly worse than the weather (nailed itttt). Anyway, if you want to find some kind of protection from it, you could always get lucky and win the lottery. The housing lottery we mean, like for Prospect-Lefferts’ new monstrosity, 626 Flatbush Avenue, which is offering $843/month 3-bedroom apartments to some lucky winners (via The Q at Parkside). Yes, that’s right, three rooms for the price you’re paying a bedroom with no window and some roommates you’re always seething about. (more…)

03/30/15 12:01pm

Talking mapping NYC’s toxic spills. Fun! [CityLab]
With all the good spots for a selfie in New York, why pick the East Village fire? [New York Post]
Dante de Blasio showed up to protest some school safety officer shenanigans in Park Slope [DNA Info]
The coulda been, woulda been projects of Manhattan [Arch Daily]
New York State has a budget deal, but without a minimum wage increase [New York Times]
Will 2015 be hip-hop’s best year? Sure, why not? [Studio 360]
No one wants an upzoning [Pardon Me For Asking]

the cyclone

Woahhh…hey… via Flickr user Caitlin Slaninka

It’s been a tough road to spring, what with the various starts and stops and false hopes that this time, finally, is the last bit of snow and bundling up for 10 minutes before leaving the house that everyone will have to put up with. Hell, our phone was so beaten down, it displayed the damn snow icon in the weather app this morning. Just in time for our spring that seems stuck in first gear, we got a perfect metaphor for all of it, with the Cyclone’s opening day derailed by the coaster getting stuck near the top on its second run. (more…)

03/27/15 4:00pm
Brokelyn group shot

We want you to be as good at partying as we are.

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-We told you about free cheesesteaks happening tomorrow at Delilah’s for late National Cheesesteak Day

-We also told you about the free rum and PBR you can drink tonight if you support this benefit at Three Kings Tattoo

-Tim generously gave you a guide (parts one and two) to being better at parties

-Brokelyn alum, Alison Pels opened her very own pie shop, Pels Pie Co., that you should go to

-We helped you find new job opportunities so you can do what you love, still be poor

-Commuters weren’t the only ones pissed about the L train shutdown

-MTA fares went up, but there’s also a money saving button now

-You can take your pick of affordable housing units at Navy Green, or at least try

-One of our own tried to justify moving to LA, but the joke’s on him, we hate sand

-We told you the best places to eat and shop in Sunnyside’s Chinatown (and told you it exists)

-We loved The Way Station, Hope and Anchor and Hops Hill

03/27/15 12:30pm

Update: 19 injured, at least one missing in East Village building collapse [NY Times]
In better FDNY related news, there are Instagram accounts for firehouse cats [Gothamist]
There are worse real estate markets than Brooklyn [Curbed]
Damn kids these days, slapping MTA train conductors [Daily News]
Brooklyn Bridge Park is 5 years old now—and we remember when it was just a road [Gothamist]
On the DUMBO waterfront: Empire Stores will now include  a watchmaker, so you don’t spend too much time at the beer garden [Crain's]
This is why catchy pop songs get stuck in your head, says science [Laughing Squid]