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Sure, your hood drinks. But who drinks the most? Via flickr user Chris Goldberg

Sure, your hood drinks. But who drinks the most? Via flickr user Chris Goldberg

Remember last week at the bar, when you were fighting with someone about whose neighborhood would be most likely to win in a WWE cage match? We sure do. So when Brokelyn alum Sharon Lintz launched a comprehensive statistics directory called Investigate NYC, we took it for a test spin to find out how BK neighborhoods really stack up against one another when it comes to things like sexual promiscuity and alcohol tolerance. Our (very scientific) findings are provided here below.


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lena dunham la

Her new permanent wardrobe?

Around this time of year, when it feels like all hope is lost because winter’s icy grip won’t let you go (which is a lie because winter ends and there’s never any hope), the idea of just packing up and moving somewhere warmer can sound appealing. Of course, just picking your whole life up can be difficult, unless you’re fabulously wealthy like say Lena Dunham, who’s done with this Brooklyn bullshit and is decamping to L.A. (more…)

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Teen commits crimes to pay ticket for previous crime [DNA Info]
Murders, possibly due to people robbing weed dealers, are up this year [NY1]
A look inside the city’s boondoggle of a WTC transportation hub [ANIMAL]
How it became a boondoggle [CityLab]
Hillary Clinton is too good for your lousy, legally-required State Department email [NYT]
Andrew Cuomo doesn’t feel like keeping emails around either [Capital]
People are building faster than the Department of Buildings can keep up [Observer]
Smith Street loses a Mexican place and a Cuban place in one day [PMFA]
A-Rod Grocery owner still keeping the name, for now [Brooklyn Paper]

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nyc porn film festival

There was a lot to learn. All photos by Kelly Murphy

“I hope this isn’t too academic,” is how Rutgers Director of Women’s and Gender Studies, Whitney Strub, opened his presentation Sunday afternoon at the first NYC Porn Film Festival. No one objected.

The mission of this Pornhub-backed festival reads, “We aim to give credit to adult film as a significant and socially/culturally relevant art form.” Before the event, I rolled my eyes at this, assuming it was yet another Brooklyn-y attempt to add a layer of pretension to an otherwise bawdy topic. I was wrong. Of the dozens of attendees I talked to at Secret Project Robot this weekend, the resounding answer to why they paid $69 for a ticket was, “I like porn!,” followed by a reasoned argument for why they think it’s of societal importance:

“In general, there’s becoming less of a boundary of what constitutes art and what constitutes porn. I support anything that expedites that transition.”

“Sex positivity! But seriously. Fuck negativity, this is a part of every human experience.”

“I’m here to see Barbara Hammer because there wouldn’t be a way to talk about lesbian sex without her.”

“I think it’s beautiful.”

“It’s not even about sex. It’s about how we interact with each other on a grander scale.”

“There’s so much to learn [giggles].”

And indeed there was, through a series of talks curated by artist Richard John Jones, screenings of archived period pieces, and contemporary amateur films that told a story of where we were and where we are now. Read on for our five takeaways from what will hopefully become an annual event. (more…)

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vice hq

Headed for the drink? via Flickr user Andrew Wiseman

Ever since it was revealed that Vice was the company taking over a chunk of real estate that houses DIY venues and other small businesses, there’s been a little bit of anger from the creative class towards Vice. Even given the temporary nature of DIY venues, it seems getting pushed out by a media company so closely affiliated with alternative culture was a bit much.

Not content with just ripping up old copies of Vice, a musical collective is planning on a concert/public demonstration outside Vice’s current Williamsburg headquarters today, with the stated aim of levitating the building into the East River. And just when we thought Williamsburg was getting boring. (more…)

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Even this lot is probably overpriced

Even this lot is probably overpriced. via Flickr user georgia

There are few things we appreciate more than cool interactive features and complaining about rent. We’re pretty riled up right about now thanks to a map that confirms all your suspicions that the rent is in fact too damn high. It’s all thanks to a map that Curbed released, via StreetEasy, today that reminds us all Brooklyn is the least affordable borough in the city and that rent is outpacing income like it’s The Flash and our paychecks are regular humans. (more…)

03/02/15 12:00pm

Mayor Tall’s East New York rezoning is getting a slowdown [DNA Info]
Two Trees is relocating Front Street’s art galleries [Hyperallergic]
Remembering when hardcore ruled New York [The New Yorker]
Woman commits suicide by jumping off a Williamsburg ferry dock [New York Post]
There are 8 million stories in the Naked City, here’s some of their filming locations [Scouting NY]
Qatar, David Geffen, other rich people wanna buy the Nets [CBS]
Brooklyn Bridge repairs are just a teensy $100 million over budget [Daily News]
Here’s some art mashing up the LES’ gentrification with its gritty past [Gothamist]

02/27/15 4:45pm
We imagine the sommelier will caution against hot sauce chugging

We imagine the sommelier will caution against hot sauce chugging

-Brooklyn already has a mayo store, so sure, a Greenpoint hot sauce store with a hot sauce sommelier

-Brooklyn, still affordable (if you’re a star of House)

-Abbi and Ilana took a booze cruise and hung out with bros

-The Gotham roller derby girls made their case for royalty

-It’s not too cold to start thinking about working at Coney Island

-Or at Brooklyn Bridge Park (but fine, there are some indoor jobs too)

-Oh, it’s also not too cold to talk about Rockaway getting new surfing beaches

-Tipped restaurant workers are getting a big ol’ raise all the way to $7.50 an hour

-They might have better luck with the tooth fairy though, who allegedly gives out $13/tooth in NYC

-Female and/or a minority? HBO wants to take you to sunny California for an intensive writing workshop

-We got news of the Williamsburg and Greenpoint Citi Bike expansion

-We love Beer Street, the Boobie Trap and the Irish Haven

02/27/15 12:06pm

Multimillion dollar lawsuit is on the menu at Roberta’s [New York Post]
Anyone wanna buy the Daily News? [Capital]
Oh right, there’s still arguments over the Pier 6 housing in Brooklyn Bride Park [BHB]
Someone killed themselves by jumping in front of the L train yesterday [Bedford + Bowery]
Decoding broker buzzwords [BrickUndergound]
Taco Bell has Cap’n Crunch doughnut holes, because why not? [Grub Street]
Mayor Tall and the Sergeant’s Union like each other again [AP]

02/27/15 11:14am
Can the Gotham Girls win the hearts of Brokelyn as well?

Can the Gotham Girls win the hearts, minds and votes of Brokelyn as well? Derby photos by Sean Hale

Editor’s note: When we heard that Jay-Z and Beyonce were packing it in for LA recently, we ran a post seeking a new king and queen of Brooklyn. This is clearly a topic that arouses our readers’ passions because, at last count, 1,666 people voted in this vitally important election, which is a very democratic way to choose a monarchy if you think about it. So after weeks of counting chads and paper ballots and weeding out dead people’s votes, we are down to two finalists, the Halkiases, the owners of Grand Prospect Hall, and the “couple” (loosely) comprised of King Henry, the Cyclones’ mascot, and the lady on the logo for Gotham Girls, who is not technically human (though the Gotham Girls appear to be). There will be a runoff next month, after all parties have a chance to make their case. The Halkiases had their moment to tell readers why they deserve to be the next king and queen, not the least of all because they’re promising a big fancy party for hundreds of Brokelyn readers. What will the Gotham Girls do if they win? Here, Eva McCloskey, the captain of the Brooklyn Bombshells wing of the league, antes up. Stay tuned to hear King Henry’s stump speech next week, then be prepared to cast the final vote, oh, sometime really soon.


In the campaign for King and Queen of Brooklyn, are you going to vote royal or are you going to vote for some of the most determined, passionate and real women living and working in Brooklyn? The Gotham Girls Roller Derby work extremely hard to bring the aggressive and exciting sport to New York, and they have won more international titles than any other sports team here. (Knicks? Dodgers? Puh lease!) The 15-person Brooklyn roller derby team, called the “Brooklyn Bombshells,” are skating to win your hearts (and your votes) as the queens of Brooklyn. You’ve probably seen them skate or work all over Brooklyn, whether you’ve been to a game or not. (more…)