09/21/14 6:00am
Where the hip hang out. (via New Republic)

Parliamentary buildings: where the hip hang out. (via New Republic)

On Choice: “The pizza must fit in the oven.” [WaPo]
On Chivalry: “His rule? ‘You invite, you pay.’” [The Atlantic]
On Gigs: “Was my house cleaner … homeless?” [New Yorker]
On Geil: “Berlin isn’t the only city trying to sell itself as ‘poor but sexy.’” [NR]
On Sunrises: “As you may have heard, things are happening in Sunset Park.” [6sqft]
On Safety: “A bike rider is flesh, bones, tendons and skin against a two-ton S.U.V.” [NYT]
On Vines: “…citizen-captured footage has become a vital part of conflict coverage…” [Medium]
On Video Games: “I’ve spent a few days inside the body of an angry Hugh Jackman-lookalike.” [Time]
On Old-is-New-Again: “Throughout the restoration, we’ve only gotten a few glimpses inside…” [Curbed]

09/19/14 4:23pm
littleneck brooklyn

Make it an oysters kinda weekend. via Facebook

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-There were $1 oysters to be had (sexy time not guaranteed)

-Affordable apartments could be found in…Park Slope?????

-Apartments on the Williamsburg waterfront are for “monsters” though

-New Yorkers loved smoking more than life

-Australia got a Brooklyn bar, where a bespoke dingo will eat your baby

-You ever give sex advice? Ever give sex advice…ON WEED?

-Williamsburg got another jobless trust funder

-Crime: It still exists in Brooklyn

-The R train was back, but so was our existential crisis

-We love taking the high road to Lowlands Bar and we love Skinny Dennis, because it’s a little bit country

And don’t forget: WE’RE HAVING A PARTY!!

bric biennial

Get some ding dang culture at BRIC. Photo by Ayelen Paganelli, via Facebook

Which neighborhood in Broolyn has the best art? It’s a question that has led to knife fights on the streets, with partisans of Williamsburg and Fort Greene battling it out with violence we haven’t seen since the Civil War draft riots. Not that they’re picking sides, but BRIC is starting their BRIC Biennial (take that, Whitney Museum!) tonight with a survey of artists that live in Downtown, and nearby neighborhoods like Fort Greene and Boerum Hill. (more…)

09/19/14 11:44am
saakashvili williamsburg

Look at this fucking hipster and possible human rights violator. Photo by Todd Heisler, via the New York Times

If it wasn’t bad enough that Williamsburg was being flooded with bros, it’s now the choice of comfortable exile for at least one defeated politician, former Georgian president Mikehil Saakashvili, per the Times. What does a former foreign president who lost a war to Vladimir Putin do in Williamsburg? Well you know, the same things that you do: go to Smorgasburg and talk up your former glory, ride a bike and wear ridiculous sneakers, visit your war-crazy pals like John McCain, hope to god you don’t end up being convicted of embezzlement and human rights abuses in your former country and just hang out in the “time-honored tradition of mysteriously sourced wealth” as the Times puts it.  (more…)

09/18/14 2:55pm
Get culture for free (via Facebook/BrooklynMuseum)

Get culture for free (via Facebook/BrooklynMuseum)

#deblasio’s New York is shaping up to be a good place for people who like free stuff.

Signed into law this past July, municipal ID cards will become available to New York City residents, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. The municipal ID works instead of a state ID, like a drivers license (because New Yorkers really need those…), and offers perks like the ability to get a library card or a bank account. And, now free and discounted admission to some of NYC’s finest cultural institutions! (more…)

09/18/14 12:00pm

Brooklyn Boulders is expanding…to Chicago???!!! [DNA Info]
Mast Brothers, Radegast buildings bought for a whole lotta money [The Real Deal]
A 16-foot Statue of Liberty is nice, but you can’t use it to fight Vigo the Carpathian [Sheepshead Bites]
It’s time for Fantasy Foodball [Medium]
We haven’t seen the last of Zephyr Teachout, allegedly [New York Post]
Mayor Tall sucks at baseball [The Awl]
Also, he’s still dealing with that horse carriage ban [Capital]
What real estate people at real estate conferences say about Brooklyn [BrickUnderground]

09/18/14 11:01am
gowanus canal

For once, the answer isn’t the Gowanus. via Flickr user prizepony

Here’s an uncomfortable thing to think about, especially if you’re eating lunch right now: New York’s waterways are full of shit. In a very literal sense, poop just streaming along without a care in the world like the salmon of the Miramichi River. Which New York waterway is the MOST full of shit though? Well, in case you were curious, IQuantNY’s Ben Wellington has determined the answer. It’s in Brooklyn, but it’s not the Gowanus. (more…)

09/16/14 12:00pm

Happy Birthday, The Power Broker! [The Daily Beast]
Secrets secrets are no fun, especially when it means an NYU student gets doxxed [WSJ]
East River Gondola will allow rich people to literally float above all their problems [Crain's]
The New York State governor’s race is already incredibly fucking idiotic [Business Insider]
Idaho drivers are ruder than you, NYC [CBS2]
Daniel Pantaleo is a pretty average cop when it comes to the era of Broken Windows [WNYC]
Mayor Tall, Mayor Rich fighting it out through flacks [New York Times]
Lena Dunham book tour tickets are going for big bucks [Gawker]

09/16/14 9:57am
nyc smoking rate

It’s all…it’s just too much, man.

Despite the fact that they know, they know, it’s bad for you, they’ve heard it all, more than a million New York City residents are self-reporting smoking cigarettes for the first time since 2007 according to findings in the city’s 2013 community health survey. Years of anti-smoking efforts seemed to have hit a wall, with the number of smokers in the city steadily rising since 2010, despite again, yeah, we heard all about how it’s bad for you. (more…)