04/18/14 5:00pm
brooklyn bridge

The bridge for you if you live in Brooklyn. via Flickr user Will Hedington

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-We determined how to tell if you live in Brooklyn

-The Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant said they were coming back

-So did the Fourth of July fireworks!

-Speaking of explosions in the sky, we were also promised vagina fireworks in Prospect Park

-Fikriyyah’s roommates brought home some damn pigeons

-Socially conscious street art was given the documentary treatment

-Theatre came to bars in Brooklyn

-The cost of having a woman bathe in a bathtub of ramen went up. It went up a lot

-We hooked you up with some cheap ways to get fresh for spring

-Free vibrators? Free vibrators

-Cyclones imagned what if Seinfeld honored at MCU Park today

04/17/14 2:57pm
g train touch screen kiosk

At least you’ll have something to play around with while you wait. Photo by David Colon

The G isn’t exactly a line one that’s known for technological innovation, unless you count “waiting for so long it feel like you’ve gone back in time” as a form of time travel. Which maybe you do. But over the weekend, we noticed what looks like a promising upgrade for the G. Not more than four cars per train, but one of those fancy touchscreen kiosks that give you directions and real time-information on train delays. Well look who’s fancy now. (more…)

04/17/14 12:00pm

Do liberals need to ditch Andrew Cuomo? Probably! [Washington Post]
Insane series of tubes proposed for Woodside [Curbed]
Hannibal Buress hates the Nets’ mascot. Just like us! [Rolling Stone]
The Meatball Shop’s Dan Holzman on his raucous 90′s Williamsburg loft [BrickUnderground]
Peter Parker isn’t Jewish, shut up [AV Club]
Man turns street signs into weapons [ANIMAL]
Just accept, eat doughnuts, don’t weirdly fetishize them [Brooklyn Magazine]
Hot97 hosts urge Mayor Tall to kick Liam Neeson’s ass [Observer]
Kevin Corrigan talks Williamsburg in 1990, Spike Hill [Bedford + Bowery]

04/17/14 9:45am
rooftop films

That could be you, seeing you up there this summer!. via Facebook

One of the joys of summer is the plethora of free outdoor movie options that come our way, including the offerings from the folks at Rooftop Films. They’ll be back this year with more movies, but first, they’re offering you the opportunity to nudge your date and say, “Hey that’s me up there on the screen,” with their call for extras for the trailer they’re filming to be shown before each movie this summer. Just don’t expect your date to be that impressed, he could be in the trailer too, for all you know. (more…)

girls hbo

Will Laird be there? We hope Laird is there

Girls may have ended their third season looking like Hannah would choose the “MFA” side of the MFA vs. NYC argument and and head off to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, but we all knew the show wouldn’t just be packing up and moving there. Especially with the University of Iowa saying “No fucking way,” to the show’s request to film on campus. And lo and behold, they’re coming crawling back already, but far away from the show’s usual stomping grounds, with Ditmas Park Corner noticing that the show will be filming in the neighborhood on Thursday and Friday this week. Bring your autograph books/noisemakers, depending on where you fall on the pro vs. anti Girls spectrum. (more…)

04/16/14 12:47pm

Nothing like a little explosive action over your weekend. Photo by Donald Woodman, via Prospect Park

For one night only, the Brooklyn skies will be aflame with fiery feminist passion. And no, I don’t mean that I’ll be yelling out my window at random people about male privilege, because that happens every night. In an equally loud, but presumably more pleasant display, DNA Info reports that artist Judy Chicago will show a 20 minute feature of fireworks and light called A Butterfly for Brooklyn. The piece includes hundreds of fireworks, thousands of road flares and miles of LED lights erupting over Prospect Park’s Long Meadow on April 26. (more…)

04/16/14 12:00pm

Mayor Tall released his tax returns [Wall Street Journal]
State pols try to make rent sabotage a felony [Capital]
Good thing too, since Prospect-Lefferta tenants are suing over it [Daily News]
Michael Rapaport disagrees with Spike Lee [New York Magazine]
According to Mike Bloomberg, Mike Bloomberg is going to heaven [New York Times]
Pesach in Williamsburg [The Awl]
Keith Hernandez gonna Keith Hernandez [Deadspin]
Shooting on Knickerbocker and Putnam [Bushwick Daily]

04/16/14 11:00am
beirut band

Set sail for summer with Beirut. via Facebook

Snow be damned, summer is on its way here. That’s what we’re sticking with anyway, and that’s what the news cycle is sticking with. So, here is some great summer news: Williamsburg waterfront venue 50 Kent, (North 12th Street and Kent Avenue) formerly Williamsburg Park, will be hosting performances by both Beirut and the War on Drugs during the upcoming Northside Festival. Go ahead snow, just try to fall on that, we dare you. (more…)

seinfeld night brooklyn cyclones

The only remaining question is whether the Staten Island Yankees hold a “Todd Barry Night” in retaliation

There’s nothing like minor league baseball promotions, especially when the Cyclones do them. Already the proud organizers of Manti Te’o night, along with both a Williamsburg night and a dinosaur night, they know how to do the ridiculous but intriguing really well. And that tradition will carry on this year when for whatever reason, the team honors the 25th anniversary of the July 5 Seinfeld premiere, by holding “Salute to Seinfeld Night” at MCU Park. Sorry, we meant Vandelay Industries Park. And that’s just the tip of the Seinfeld iceberg. (more…)