08/28/15 4:12pm
Good dog. Photo by Scott Lynch

Good dog. Photo by Scott Lynch

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-Check out pictures of people beating the crap out of a Donald Trump pinata in McCarren Park

-We’ve got all the Bed-Stuy eats for under $10 you could ever want

-Yep, that’s Gowanus on this week’s New Yorker cover

-Need a job? Here are some jobs, like one for the NYC Ballet or The Verge

-Where will south Brooklyn’s new Citi Bike stations go? You have the power to decide

-Join the debate: Are beer halls lame or cool?

-Author Colleen A.F. Venable gives you her must-see spots in Windsor Terrace and Kensington

PWR BTTM have great cheekbones, great tunes and great Gwyneth Paltrow fan fiction

-Want to camp in Prospect Park? Here’s your chance

-We love Royal Palms, we love the Dardy Bar and we love Erv’s on Beekman

08/28/15 12:00pm

What’s the fate of Willets Point? [New York Times]
NYC cabs are rolling out their own dang app [Crain’s]
WeWork’s union busting is going swimmingly [DNA Info]
The 7 line extension is finally opening on September 13 [Second Ave. Sagas]
More bike lanes will solve the problem of rude cyclists [New York Magazine]
The legend of Wilmer Flores, and why people want to be on the Mets now [ESPN NY]
What’s the deal with schmearing too much cream cheese on bagels? [Slate]

08/27/15 4:20pm
Ooh, this could be you under a clear night sky. via flickr user Arup Malakar

Just think, this could be you under a clear night sky. via flickr user Arup Malakar

We know we sound like a broken record, but it bears repeating: summer’s almost over, and before you know it, you’re going to be kvetching about the cold temperatures and thinking back bitterly about all the things you didn’t do, like camp out under the stars. Only you can prevent ever going through all that bitter regret—by entering the Parks Department’s camping lottery for a night of woodsy fun in Prospect Park in September! DNAinfo tells us that signups for the lottery will begin on September 9.  (more…)

08/27/15 12:03pm

Someone tried to explain away the patriarchy with science [New York Magazine]
There’s a new police unit dedicated to “stripping” the city of its topless denizens [Crain’s New York]
“Manspreading” is officially an English word now [DNAinfo]
Who needs a bookstore when you could have a Target that has some books in it [Racked NY]
Hey look, it’s a bike locking arrangement that doesn’t make you want to cry [The Atlantic]
Study shows lousy millennials like coffee, need it to keep being lousy [Reuters]
Hanksy drew a mural of Donald Trump as a pile of shit, pretty accurate [Bedford & Bowery]
Hey young upstarts, here’s a guide on how to get your Kickstarter funded [New York Observer]

08/26/15 12:09pm

Stealing Citi Bikes, so hot this year [New York Post]
Woman from an iconic 9/11 photo dies from cancer [MarketWatch]
Shockingly, developers aren’t following 421-a rules [The Real Deal]
Hooray for our record-setting streak of consecutive days of 80 degree temperature [amNewYork]
This lack of FIOS citywide takes a personal turn [The Awl]
Someone put Andrew Cuomo on a damn bus [Gothamist]
There’s big business in online joke theft [Slate]

08/26/15 9:10am

Two Trumps, two Mexicans. What could go wrong? Photos by Oriana Leckert

Last night, as Donald Trump made news by having Univision journalist Jorge Ramos removed from a press conference, Brooklynites gathered in McCarren Park to show their appreciation for the short-fingered vulgarian by smashing a couple of money-filled Trump piñatas. Accompanied by the “relaxing live EDM” sounds of luchador-masked Mexican duo Chango, humans and dogs got their whacks (and bites) in at the Republican party’s current leading man, and got a monetary reward to go along with it. How was the night? As Trump himself might say, it was incredible, just the very best piñata smashing night that New York City has ever seen. (more…)

08/25/15 2:58pm
It has better hair, oddly enough. via Bucky Turco's Instagram

It has better hair, oddly enough. via Bucky Turco’s Instagram

Anyone sick of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign yet? Yeah, we’re not either, but that’s mostly because we didn’t live through the reign of Morton Downey, Jr. and always wondered what would happen when decades of resentment politics took on a physical form. That being said, whatever entertainment value he provides, Trump’s campaign is ugly stuff and while some of you out there might want to respond calmly to the man who praised his immigrant-beating supporters as “passionate,” some of us know we still have the option of resorting to violence. Or something close it, because tonight in McCarren Park, you’ve got a chance to beat on a Trump piñata that’s stuffed with money. (more…)

08/25/15 1:37pm
The people want bikes, give the people bikes. via the DOT

The people want bikes, give the people bikes. via the DOT

A Citi Bike membership costs $150/year. Makes sense if you have access to a bike station near home, but seems kind of useless otherwise. And until now, there weren’t many stations to speak of South Brooklyn. We know that’s about to change, and now DNAinfo reports that the bike share company is taking your online input on where to put docking stations all over South Brooklyn, choosing exact locations based on user requests.

Which user? You, sir. Yep, Citi Bike made this nifty online map for all your requests. All you have to do is click on the spot(s) you’d want to see a docking station and wait for the DOT to announce which spots they picked. Boy, sure beats having to go to a loud, contentious community board meeting(more…)

08/25/15 12:02pm

David Wright is back and it feels so good [USA Today]
Seriously, watch the Mets hit all these dingers last night [Daily Intelligencer]
A good old fashioned surfing fight comes to the Rockaways [New York Times]
How to act correctly on a neighborhood email list [City Lab]
Our former recycling head wants to turn dog crap into an energy source [The Economist]
Here’s how Brooklyn gets a janky bike lane network [Streetsblog]
New York’s medical marijuana biz will be all cash, because of the feds [Village Voice]
One of Mayor Tall’s aides got paid six figures to not get the DNC here [POLITICO New York]
Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan hates the infernal Kars4Kids jingle [AV Club]

08/24/15 2:00pm
city point

Brooklyn leads the city in this. Cool. Photo by David Colon

We love a good old-fashioned rent panic as much as the next web site (whether it be maps of high rents here or news of high rents leaking into neighboring areas), but that doesn’t mean we don’t like good real estate news either. For instance, guess which borough leads the city in the construction of affordable housing? Hopefully you guessed “Brooklyn,” because that’s the correct answer and also this is a Brooklyn-based website, so why would you expect us to write really nice things about other boroughs? (more…)