Her new permanent wardrobe?

Around this time of year, when it feels like all hope is lost because winter’s icy grip won’t let you go (which is a lie because winter ends and there’s never any hope), the idea of just packing up and moving somewhere warmer can sound appealing. Of course, just picking your whole life up can be difficult, unless you’re fabulously wealthy like say Lena Dunham, who’s done with this Brooklyn bullshit and is decamping to L.A. The news comes from TMZ (via Refinery29, who is very excited about this), who got a first look at the 3-bedroom house near the Sunset Strip that Dunham bought. Refinery29 talked to Dunham’s real estate agent who said the sale is basically a done deal, and Los Angeles is soon going to see a 200% increase in Girls references when the Times writes about it. OK fine, we said that second part. This is the second celebrity big deal to flee for L.A., after Brooklyn’s previous royal couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Which on the one hand, one less New York celebrity, if you care about New York City’s celebrity power rankings or whatever. On the other hand, maybe it means she takes Jack Antonoff with her, so addition by subtraction is what we say.

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  1. I dunno guys, maybe this whole “leaving to LA” is kind of a cool idea, ya know? #thinkaboutit

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