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When you find a place that offers draft beer, growlers, retail beer for sale and good sandwiches, it only makes sense that you’re going to become loyal and hold on to it for dear life. So it’s with a heavy heart that we have to let you all know that Park Slope’s Bierkraft, the bar/retail beer spot that had all of the above mentioned items that people love so much, appears to be closed for good. We’re sure it’ll be replaced with another cool spot, and not off-street stroller parking or something.

There are conflicting reports about what exactly is going on with Bierkraft. Here’s Park Slope reported that the store was closed, before being pointed to a picture of a bucket that Bierkraft put up on Instagram, one that promised renovations were being done and that the shop would reopen soon. However, the picture is a day old at this point and there hasn’t been any clarification of what the renovations are exactly or how long they’ll take. The Twitter account and website for the store are down, and while there’s a listed phone number, whoever it is that picked up the phone sounded annoyed to tell us that we hadn’t reached Bierkraft and hung up on us before we could finish asking if he’d gotten one thousand calls asking about the store.

Further complicating matters, Brew York, which is immersed in the sudsy world of New York beer news, reports that employees were informed that the store was closed when they showed up for their shifts this past Sunday. Brew York also noted that the closure was rumored since new owners took over the store in 2013. There are also no permits filed with the Department of Buildings for anything, which is more evidence for the “closed forever” ledger. If this closure really is permanent, it’s a loss for everyone who loves beer, sandwiches and backyards, which is a venn diagram that probably encompasses almost everyone around here.

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