Bring a pizza crown to Brooklyn, where it belongs

It’s a brawl for it all. via Coty Gonzales

October is apparently a magical month, because in addition to housing Halloween and being American Cheese Month, it’s also National Pizza Month. Who knew? To celebrate it, WCBS-FM asked their listeners for their favorite pizza places in the tri-state area. They responded, and now it’s down to the top 10, with the winner to be decided by a poll. And fittingly, Brooklyn has three entrants in the poll.

L & B Spumoni Gardens, Di Fara Pizza and Grimaldi’s are tangling with pizzerias from Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and (ugh) New Jersey.  The winner gets the pride of being the champ for a year and a visit from WCBS DJ “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi. And while my personal favorites (Roberta’s and My Little Pizzeria, for those keeping track) aren’t up for a shot at the title, are we really gonna sit back and potentially let some place from Jersey walk away with this?

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