Brewskee-Ball has a Groupon getting you into their new season for over 50% off


It’s time once again, but you’ve got more money in your pocket this time. via Facebook

More than just the October chill (or uh, September curtain of humidity we guess), you can also feel competition in the air as the seasons turn. The baseball playoffs are here, Brooklyn’s first minor league football team is getting ready to kick off, but most importantly, it’s time for another Brewskee-Ball skeeson. And unlike other years when you had to go digging in couch cushions for your registration money, this year they’re making it cheap to roll up and play, with a Groupon that knocks off almost half the price to play this season.

Usually, it would cost you and two more amigos $516 to register to play in a Brewskee-Ball season at the Full Circle Bar. With this Groupon though, that cost gets knocked down to $246. That gets you 8 weeks of skee-ball, as well as also with three beers and three hot dogs each week. The only restriction is that you have to play on Tuesdays, but you know what? Tuesdays are the freaking worst. Even though everyone talks about how they hate Mondays, Tuesdays are also very bad, so you may as well make them better by playing skee-ball.

Sign up soon though, because the skeeson starts on Monday, October 6, with the traditional “free rolling and open bar” party at Full Circle Bar.