Bars We Love: Sackett to me? Sackett to me!

The Sackett.

Pursue things trivial or otherwise at The Sackett.

661 Sackett St. at Fourth Ave., Park Slope

What it is: An intimate little tavern on the edge of Park Slope with a fine cocktail menu, friendly staff and excellent jukebox.

Why we love it: The owners Michael and Ann are so cool you’ll want to become their third partner. The brick-lined space is a great place to meet your neighbors or catch up with old friends. It’s one of those bars you won’t feel like an outcast if you just want to bring a book and read. 

Who to bring: Classy cocktail lovers, craft-beer drinkers, board-game pros (co-owner Ann once had a standing challenge to buy a drink for anyone who could beat her at Boggle).

What to order: Buy some Walker’s crisps in flavors such as prawn cocktail. Order in empanadas from Bogota Latin Bistro; They deliver to the bar. And don’t forget to save a few bucks for the well-curated jukebox.

Sackett fun fact: The Sackett was the site of the first-ever official Brokelyn event nearly four years ago, Boggle Night!

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