South 4th Bar and Cafe
90 South 4th Street

What it is: A neighborhood bar (in Williamsburg!) that opens early and closes late, and is the perfect place to get some work done and get a buzz.

Why we love it: The spacious back room makes it perfect for meetings if you don’t have an office, so it’s become the unofficial Brokelyn headquarters at this point. Free wifi and a 7am opening hour mean you can make it your office, lunch spot and post-work drinks spot without ever leaving. If you’re feeling a little sluggish after a couple beers, just get a coffee, it’s strong and tasty. Plus the bar is dog friendly!

Who to bring: Someone who can use a pick-me-up after brunch or day drinking. Someone who wants to start day drinking particularly early. People who don’t believe there’s such a thing as a neighborhood bar in Williamsburg.

What to order: They have a good cast of 12 taps that change seasonally and the occasional cask beer, but don’t pass up the ice chest behind the bar which contains $3 cans of Snapperhead IPA and Pork Slap.

South 4th fun fact: The bar not only has a weekly Tuesday movie night (and are open to suggestions!), but they also have a large collection of board games, including Trivial Pursuit, Star Wars Monopoly and Settlers of Catan.

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  1. I would also like to add that South fourth is simply a great place to interact with people at the bar. Something about the bar area makes it easy to talk to people you don’t know. Everything above is true, but you can also spend a relaxing evening there being with friends. Oh yes, the bartenders are super as well.

  2. David Colon, you are dead to me. To everyone reading this post: stay home, there is no more room at the bar.

  3. Hey everyone! Meet me at South 4th! We’re going to meet up with American Gentrifier and get a drink, because he sounds super friendly and not full of himself at all!!

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