The nightmare before Christmas. And also before you go to bed. And when you’re awake

Here comes Halloween guys, it’s right around the corner and OH NO IT’S GOT A BIG KNIFE. Scary, huh? Hopefully not too scary for you, though if that was, you definitely don’t want to read about this dismembered doll-heavy Halloween display that’s horrifying Boerum Hill residents.

The front yard display is like some kind of baby doll Hostel, which is turns out is not as cute as a baby doll comedy club. About as creepy though. Dolls are stuffed in mason jars, they’re missing limbs, and as you can see above, one doll’s quest for plastic surgery to look more like Barbie has taken a Tales From the Crypt-like turn. What do neighbors and passersby think? Like the Cobble Hill sexy shower, people are divided between thinking it’s awesome and thinking it’s in poor taste. Though the woman who says “In light of everything going on in today’s world, I don’t know how tasteful this is” provides a pretty good nonsense jumble of vague outrage.

According to CBS, the woman who owns the property decorates every year and is an Emmy-winning director. Whether for All My Children or 30 Rock we don’t know, because we can’t see the street  address this is in front of, but if you come across the scene while walking around Boerum Hill, shoot us a line.

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  1. It’s on Bergen between Nevins and Bond. It’s well worth the trip. Finally, Halloween as it is suppose to be, scary. Enough with the current slutty / box character Halloween.

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