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Kenji Magrann-Wells

04/09/14 8:46am
CBGB needs a recipe consultant to tell them, "More weed in this cookie. Or less maybe? I'm high as hell man."

CBGB needs a recipe consultant to tell them, “More weed in this cookie. Or less maybe? I’m high as hell man.”

Spring is here! I can tell that because it’s been raining instead of snowing. Spring means new and better things are coming, both in terms of foliage, and now, occupation, since we’ve found a bunch of new jobs that will help you cruise all the way to summer in style: (more…)

03/28/14 10:38am

Beastanetics will graciously kick your ass to get you in shape after this miserable winter. via Facebook

So, as you can tell by the freezing weather outside, spring is obviously here. That means, regretfully, that layers will quickly be shedding, and people will be realizing just how much cheese was consumed over this winter. So yeah time to hit the gym. You can’t head into spring without your beach bod, but unfortunately you don’t have the money to pay someone to follow you around and yell at you…huh, when you write out what a trainer does, it sounds like a weird job. Anyways, for some excellent ways to get fit that fit your budget, here are some of our suggestions (or, you know, just go outside, find something heavy, and lift it): (more…)

03/18/14 8:25am

Want to wash all this down? You can for free now. via Briskettown

Hey guess what? Free beer! Now, for those of you who ran out of their house after reading that, then had to come back once realizing you didn’t know where or when, I like your spirit, and you’re about to be even happier. The free keg happens to be at Brokelyn-approved barbecue temple Briskettown (359 Bedford Avenue) in Williamsburg, and will be getting tapped every Tuesday at 5pm for the foreseeable future. The beer is self-serve, because you seem like a trustworthy kinda person, and will keep going ‘til the keg runs out (a.k.a. when I arrive with my Big Gulp cup). (more…)

03/07/14 2:49pm
yellow king true detective

The Yellow King has been there the whole time. Of course!

Time is a flat circle and we are trapped in eternity, doomed to repeat episodes of True Detective over and over again over drinks, which doesn’t sound so bad actually. Still, you don’t want to do it alone, so why not hit The Silent Barn’s Yellow King welcome party/8-hour marathon of True Detective this Sunday? Starting at 1pm and leading into the big finale at 9pm, they’ll be showing every episode of the first season, with time scheduled afterwards for people to pick their collective jaws off the floor and stop weeping. (more…)

02/19/14 7:00am
david chang

Why is David Chang smiling? Because he’s realized the futility of culinary school

So, you want to be a chef in New York City?

First off, don’t.  The hours are usually absurdly long, with the overtime just barely making your obscenely low pay livable. The stress of the job is usually said to be on par with surgeons and airline pilots, and it goes on for a large portion of the night. The hours strand you in a world where you’re wandering the city while everyone else is working, and you’re working when they’re having fun.

So, despite my warning it still sounds worth it? Well OK, here’s a tip to start: Don’t go to culinary school. (more…)

11/25/13 6:52am
Our author (right) did not test these recipes but here he is with Wylie Dufresne, so they must be good. Right?

Our author (right) did not test these recipes so we don’t have any photos. But here he is with Wylie Dufresne, so they must be good.

This year, in a miracle that can only be compared to the beauty of a perfect shooting star, two of the most food-centric holidays on the calendar, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, will be falling on the same day, though Hanukkah’s eight days helps the spread). Is Thanksgivukkuh a holiday we need? Probably not, but by combining two of the most artery-exploding cuisines out there, we here at the Brokelyn kitchen have devised some Franken-recipes that take the best of both worlds and create a dream team of gut-bustiness. Let the feasting begin. [Author note: FYI Most of these recipes are on spec. I haven't been able to try them all out because I'd spend too much and have a shit ton of kugel. But the recipes are as solid as I can get them. Editor note: Lamb bacon, Kenji? ] (more…)

09/04/13 9:29am
via Facebook

You cooked that (but they measured it out for you)! via Facebook

Good news for all the measurement-averse foodies in Park Slope: you’ve got a new store that’s answered your prayers for less time spent cooking and more time spent eating. The Walk-In Cookbook has recently set up shop on 7th Ave and Berkeley Place, and they take the “measuring” part out of “all-cooking-is-is-measuring-stuff-and-heating-it” by selling specific amounts of groceries that let you make one recipe, no more and no less.

The concept makes cooking easier and less messy than it can be otherwise (although all their recipes are for two or more, so lonely foodies should prepare for leftovers), but for those of us who cook not only to be generally impressive people, but also because we’re on a budget, does it make sense? It depends. (more…)

07/09/13 10:41am
Nope, not Oklahoma, it's Mable's Smokehouse. via Facebook

Nope, not Oklahoma, it’s Mable’s Smokehouse. via Facebook

Barbecue, with its long, long cooking times and slow perparation has traditionally been seen as the province of the South. Things just move too fast up here in the go-go North to sit all day smoking pork butt. Or so people said. At some point when these people weren’t looking, eleven barbecue restaurants have opened in Brooklyn, displaying skills in everything from St. Louis mastery over ribs to Asian/BBQ fusion to the best brisket you’ve ever had. Which one should you go to though? Well, none of these are really bad choices, but at least this will give you a peek at what to expect in Brooklyn’s new barbecue heaven. (more…)

Photo by Deena Atkinson

Photo by Deena Atkinson

629 5th Avenue (Between 17th and 18th Street)
South Slope
(718) 832-4720

What it is: A local staple built around the idea of a perfect neighborhood dive, with a touch of Belgian-beer-obsessiveness thrown in.

Why we love it: Friendly is the key word to this bar. Buried in the unknown depths of South Slope, this bar doesn’t tend to get a lot of tourists or other-borough immigrants looking to party. Instead, think of a bar where everyone knows your name (including the owners). To top it all off, with over 70 different bottled options and 6 taps, the beer selection here makes you dream of tulips and prostitutes (two of the three things the Netherlands is known for). (more…)


Black Swan
1048 Bedford Avenue (Between Lafayette and Clifton Place)
(718) 783-4744

What it is: Out in the “wild west” for foodies (aka that kinda hidden part of Bed-Stuy with inexplicably amazing restaurants), this is the place to be for beers, cocktails and snacks.

Why we love it: Like we said: “beers, cocktails, and snacks.” This place is a destination for anyone looking to hang with a crew and a microbrew (taps change on the regular), and they throw a great cocktail list and a crowd-pleasing food menu on for good measure. (more…)