And the Nets ticket prices are…

Via Nets Twitter.

The ribbon is cut, the schedule is set, Jay-Z  is warming up for his opening shows this weekend and the rust is …. still rusty. But most importantly this morning, Nets tickets finally went on sale for the season, giving us the first glimpse of what it will cost to see professional sports in Brooklyn for the first time in 55 years. Ready? The lowest price tickets in the “upper bowl seating” cost $30 (including fees and such); the next cheapest ticket levels are $50, $55, $63 and $68; but the highest priced tickets are a staggering $3,000 for the best “lower-bowl seating” for opening day.

After opening day, the most expensive seats drop down to $1,570. The first game is Nov. 1 vs. the hated (probably?) cross-town rivals the Knicks, but it looks like all the tickets — the $30 ones at least — are all snatched up already. Your next bet is vs. the Timberwolves on Nov. 5 or the Magic on Nov. 11.

Gothamist says you can find opening day tickets on StubHub already … for $170, which, don’t.

So, who’s buying tickets? At least you can get some local Brooklyn food once you get in there.

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