Amy Sohn was right: Park Slope full of slutty, cheating spouses

park slope

What kind of longing for something new exists behind these brownstone doors? via Flickr user Wally Gobetz

A couple summers ago, we had some fun at author Amy Sohn’s expense, after she wrote a rather tame article about how all of her Park Slope friends were sluts and dope addicts, despite a lack of much sex or drugs. But, if the New York Post, is to be believed, Park Slope really is full of slutty spouses, because the neighborhood leads New York in most members registered to married person affair website Ashley Madison. 

According to the Post, Ashley Madison, which facilitates affairs between married people, released their number of members by neighborhood in New York, and Park Slope has a full 10 percent of the site’s 840,300 NYC area members. That’s more than any other neighborhood around here. Now, it goes without saying that there’s a big difference between joining a website focused on getting married people to cheat with each other (and that will trumpet you being part of it, potentially) and actually blowing up your sad sexless marriage by boning someone else. Someone else who’s married too.

Still, next time you’re wandering through Park Slope’s lovely brownstones and almost get run over by bougie couples pushing SUV-sized strollers, you can turn around and yell “One of you is unsatisfied with your marriage!” Because yelling insults doesn’t always make you feel better, but yelling accurate insults might.

[via BK Mag]

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  • If 10% of 840,000 alleged users live in Park Slope… that’s bigger than the population of Park Slope. I guess there are babies in strollers with multiple Ashley Madison accounts

  • Exactly. How about doing some basic math before giving free PR to a horrible website that is making up numbers?