Nice office, but looks like you have to wear pants. No thanks

If you’re trying to get a job in media in New York, it’s pretty standard to bitch about how there are no more jobs out there or the field is too crowded. It’s usually true. Today though, it’s not true, because Al Jazeera, the Qatari satellite news network has opened up a branch in New York City and they’re hiring. They’re doing a lot of hiring.

The new office has an astounding 97 job openings at the moment, everything from blogging to being a senior producer. And hell, it makes sense that they would be, since they’ve already shown they have money to throw around, having bought CurrentTV from Al Gore. While none of the jobs are exactly entry-level, some of them, like the assistant editor on their blog or a reporter only ask for around three years of experience. So if you’re already in the media and looking to jump somewhere else, or you got laid off, this is a good landing spot.

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