$10 to use this bathroom in Crown Heights

This moment of the sharing economy was probably going to come at some point, so aren’t you glad you’re alive to see it: there’s finally an app that lets you rent your bathroom to strangers in need. AirPnP, which sounds like a joke but somehow isn’t, works on the AirBnB principle, but instead of violating New York state housing law, just invites strangers into your home to use your bathroom. For money. There’s only bathroom on the market in Brooklyn right now, so you better get yours up there before the market gets clogged (gross).

AirPnP was started by two techies in New Orleans as a way for people to rent out their bathrooms for people to use during Mardi Gras, which apparently has a bit of a pissing in the street problem. But now Mardi Gras is over, so it’s not as if the app just folds up its tent until next year. After all, there are plenty of people out there who need to pee and either find themselves out of range of a bar or a cafe that doesn’t make you buy a muffin to use the bathroom.

While you might consider yourself (and be) the kind of savvy, street-smart individual who wouldn’t need to rely on an app to help you find a bathroom, there are probably plenty of people out there who would need this. So then the question becomes: Would you sign your bathroom up on the service by use for strangers who were willing to pay you to use it? There are two bathrooms in the Brooklyn market so far, one in this “Crown Heights mansion” for $10 per use and the other one in Carroll Gardens that’s free, but requires you to submit to a post-use photo. We wouldn’t put out bathroom on it, but if you need some quick cash, it’s probably a little safer than selling drugs.

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