The Toothaches help us leap into February

For a day that’s allegedly a holiday, Groundhog Day is pretty lame. Everyone just waiting around for their local groundhog to pop up and either cast a shadow or not to do that. And the king of all groundhogs is in backwater Pennsylvania. No thank you. People around here can make a party out of anything though, so it makes sense that there’s a free Groundhog Day party tonight in Gowanus. With beer. And tacos. And rock and roll.

Local design folks The Guild are using their Gowanus space to host a full-on rock show, featuring electro pop folks Avan Lava, indie kids Neighbors and dance-punk literature enthusiasts The Toothaches. As is befitting a show at a design office, there will also be art and projections everywhere, along with traditional Groundhog Day grub of tacos, to give you the energy to keep going when it dawns on you that we’re at the beginning of February. Groundhogs are also promised to be involved in the show somehow, but we hope for their sake they have tiny ear plugs or are puppets.

The Guild’s Groundhog Day Bash, 8pm, Friday, February 1, 110 8th Street, Gowanus, FREE

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