You can now buy even more clothes tax-free

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Century 21, sales-tax-free. Via ManhattanStyle

In case you don’t follow all the intricacies of the New York State taxation system with bated breath, you should know that as of yesterday, you now don’t have to pay taxes on clothes and footwear tax-free up to $110. It’s an extension of the existing break that lets you escape the 4.5 percent sales tax on clothes; the difference now is that the state raised the cap from $55 to $110. The state has had an on-again, off-again relationship with the sales tax since it was first introduced in 2000, but it’s been put on hold a few times so the state could fix its budget problems. Of course, you could have always gamed the $55 limit by splitting your shopping into two trips. But still, spring shopping spree, anyone? [Via NYT]

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  1. I thought it was no tax on single items under $110 (so if you bought two items of clothing for $50 and $100 they both would not be taxed). At least that’s how it was in 2006.

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