12/05/16 10:36am
8 DIY ways to turn post-Trump hate graffiti into something positive

You’ll still find plenty in bloom in the Botanic Garden throughout the winter. Via Facebook.

Two things are true right now: unseasonably warm temperatures are making this December a more tempting time to embrace the outdoors; and also the horrifying onslaught of news since election day makes you just want to stay inside and in bed forever. Don’t give in to the bed (all the time, at least). Your body needs fresh air and a walk in nature to center yourself and take a break from reading Twitter dot com every now and then.

You’re in luck because one of the best nature walks in town just became free for the winter: The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is now completely free to enter on weekdays through late February. And there’s plenty to do there, even if the trees are in winter hibernation. (more…)

10/03/12 7:47am

She’s really screaming because summer’s over. Via Flu Clinic Locator

It seems like it was only yesterday we were welcoming summer with open arms and celebrating its many wonders. But now it’s getting cold and wet and the talk has gone from summer flings to winter boyfriends. Also, the flu, because that’s still a thing. Thanks for nothing, medical science. In the absence of the ability to vaporize the flu like a Predator drone does so many unlucky goat herders, you can inoculate yourself against its evil with a free flu shot courtesy of SUNY Downstate at Long Island College Hospital. Details below. (more…)

01/04/12 11:16am

Suck it, winter. Via Flickr's Karl Hassel.

Some science bros in Britain have declared this week to contain the single most depressing day of the year, what with the return to work, that rapidly drying fire hazard of a Christmas tree and these lousy caucuses making all of us pay heed to the opinions of 1 percent of Iowans. It’s easy to spend the few daylight hours feeling sorry for yourself and watching Arrested Development over and over again. Nay! Rage rage against the dying of the light! Winter is the perfect time to take advantage of things you’ve missed all year. (more…)