Amazing Savings mock antique kitchen tools.

Amazing Savings mock antique kitchen tools, $1.99.

Back when we started this blog way back yonder in 2009, one of our first posts was on the wonders of Midwood’s Amazing Savings, where you can get all kinds of books, toys, dishes, small appliances, crafting gear, gift wrap galore for super cheap. We just went back to the Avenue M location after a decent spell away, and it’s actually gotten better. Now that it’s in a bigger space, there’s more of the stuff we want (kids’ books, brand-name toys, fashion-fun shopping totes, adorable crockpots for one) and less of the stuff we don’t want (unrecognizable kosher dry goods; under-the-sink necessities.) How good are the prices? We did a comparison shop.  (more…)

12/08/11 9:33am

Keep your happy white family happy

When I first read about Toygaroo — the “Netfilx of toys” — I was really hoping it was a rental library of like, German tile games. It’s not, which is unfortunate for me, BUT if you’re a Brooklynite with kids, Toygaroo may be just the ticket to a fat wallet and a happy child. Maybe? Certainly, it has the potential to be super space-saving. The premise is Netflix-simple: you subscribe to a plan (4 toys, 6 toys or 8 toys, to be delivered in bundles either every month or every other month). When your kids get bored with their haul, you FedEx ’em back using the pre-paid label, and the elves at Toygaroo send off the next batch in your queue. (more…)

12/06/11 1:07pm

Yo buddy!

Who doesn’t love a good yoyo? And I’m not talking about the Ma kind. Module R, an art and design store on Atlantic Avenue, has a design your own yo yo kit for only $16! It comes with a wooden yoyo, a set of acrylic paints and an itty bitty paint brush, all bundled in a well-designed case. Great for the art school drop out on your list, or the ones like me who will crudely draw a ding dong on it, then stroll around Williamsburg, “walking the dog.”
$16, Module R, 141 Atlantic Ave.

Shoes, $3 to $20, at The Swap Shop.

Shoes, $3 to $20, at The Swap Shop.

If you’re a parent you may notice that your inbox is especially quiet today: that’s because Yahoo Groups is having a maintenance blackout this afternoon, so no Park Slope Parents, Brooklyn Parents, etc., at least for a few hours. So we decided to step into the void with a breeder-centric item (sorry, FiPS) on places where you can resell gently used maternity and/or kids’ clothes and gear. (more…)

Secret identity kits, $7.99.

Secret identity kits, $7.99.

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store has a brand new online store selling the “quality crimefighting merchandise” that helps pay for Dave Eggers’ creative-writing non-profit, 826NYC. So now Brooklynish parents everywhere have access to oddball gifts that make other kids’ parents think they’re weird. Like would it be cool, or not so cool, to give a kid one of five “secret identity kits” that instruct them on how to adopt the persona of one Bunny Lipton or Ruben Fletcher, in order to perform undercover operations without being detected? Answer: cool. It’s only $7.99. Onward… (more…)

veggierattlesYou don’t have to spend $20 every time a birthday party rolls around (and you don’t need to go to Target to get a deal). We did the local rounds on foot to find perfect presents for half that.

, 323 Atlantic Avenue (between Smith and Hoyt), 718-522-3760
Crocheted Baby Rattle ($10): These sweet, one-of-a-kind baby rattles seem more expensive than they are. How can something handmade be so cheap? Not to worry—proceeds go to promote fair trade.