11/30/15 11:04am
Some of Bushwick's famous street art beckons new office buildings to its garbage-y shores. via Flickr user Shawn Hoke

Some of Bushwick’s famous street art beckons new office buildings to its garbage-y shores. via Flickr user Shawn Hoke

It seems like eons ago, but was actually just a couple years ago, that Vogue sent a reporter to Bushwick to tell us how it was a bombed out wasteland that would never escape the shadow of Manhattan. It was the place where Hannah and the gang smoked crack at a party before another emotional epiphany. Then the SantaCon threats started coming and the same Vogue called Bushwick cool, actually. And now Bushwick is so cool that the coolest population of all has their eye on it: office developers who see it as the next hot neighborhood for white collar workers. Cool! (more…)

10/28/14 10:47am
clinton hill apartment

Just picture a Sims version of yourself right there, as a placeholder under 2017

So, you saw the Williamsburg affordable housing and decided that you’re too good for living in Williamsburg. Or more likely, you’re just feeling hopeless that you’ll win the lottery to get in, which makes more sense. Well, if you can hold on here for a little more than two years, you can start the teeth-gnashing process for an affordable apartment in Clinton Hill, with the Observer reporting that 20 percent of the 40 units in the above Fulton Street building will be affordable. Technically that means 7.6 units would be affordable, but we don’t see the developers rounding up, do you? (more…)

03/04/14 10:21am
PRESENT Architecture - Green Loop

Sure our park is on a floating island of garbage, but it’s a park! via PRESENT Architecture

The future is impossible to know, what with all of our promised flying cars and jetpacks not even close to being made. Nor do they seem like a good idea. That doesn’t mean we still can’t turn to fanciful sci-fi ideas to solve our problems, like the proposal from architecture firm PRESENT that New York solve its garbage problem by making giant floating compost island piers with parks on top of them. As if we’re suddenly better than the old fashioned way of just sending it to be buried in Pennsylvania. (more…)