03/20/17 10:04am
Be ravished by Jezebel Express (#3)

Be ravished by Jezebel Express (#4) (pic by slipperroom/Flickr)

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Laugh at illustrated jokes at the Picture This Two-Year Anniversary, where comedy from Jon Glaser, Phoebe Robinson, Jo Firestone, and Seaton Smith gets animated in real time by Bryan Brinkman, Dan Pinto, Victoria Montes, and more. (Monday, Bell House, $8)

2. Score some sweet spring duds at Thrift On, where you can “shop” your heart out at a plethora of free clothing rummage tables while DJ Shakey spins a soundtrack. (Monday, The Keep, FREE)

3. Hear a slew of bitchy screeds at Las Culturistas: I Don’t Think So, Honey, where 50 comedians, including Anna Drezen, Alise Morales, Mo Fry Pasic, Phoebe Robinson, and Julio Torres, go off for one minute each about something they hate. (Tuesday, Littlefield, $8) (more…)

09/10/15 1:23pm
Christie Chiello and Lorelei Ramirez

Two of the actors acting in Actors. Yeesh, say that three times fast

Sometimes it’s nice just to go down a creepy flight of stairs and into a basement theater, y’know? Sometimes it’s nice to see the exposed heating pipes wrapped with rope behind a bare bones stage because, let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of money in this theater thing. Not at this subterranean level. But hey, that just means the tickets are cheap, and so is the beer. Walking down rickety steps to see live performance is kind of like turning over a rock, and seeing what kind of black box bugs are wriggling and clicking down where the sun don’t shine.

I mean that in a good way. Mostly.

So it was that I found myself guiding my most frequent play-going companion underground to the The Annoyance Theater. Located on Bedford beneath the perpetually-locked Williamsburg Music Center, The Annoyance (DOB: Chicago, 1987) has the distinction of being the first improv company to create full-length shows from its sketches and larks. And that’s what brought me down here, into the guts of Williamsburg’s South Side, checking out a new hour-long show called Actors. (more…)