04/11/17 2:45pm

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Tax Day is exactly a week away (it’s next Tuesday, April 18), and as much as us individuals and small businesses struggle to get our returns in on time, it is clear that no one is having quite as much difficulty with his taxes as Donald Trump. When an entire country, all American media, your fellow elected officials, and your patriotic duty demand you file your taxes, not even on time, but at some point eventually, and you are still incapable, clearly you need some help – thus was born 1040fortrump.com, a website dedicated to helping President Trump, “gets the help he needs.” (more…)

04/15/13 3:41pm
No free stuff for these guys!

No free stuff for these guys!

Well, kids, April 15th is almost done! Or, at the very least, it’s very nearly  a reasonable time to crack open that bottle of Jim Beam you bought with what little money the government left you with. Luckily, though we’re all desperately hoping the IRS might not find a daily bodega coffees a suspicious deduction, there are a bunch of warm-blooded American companies out there willing to dole out freebies even to the self-employed. Take a look, and let us know of any other gratis goodies out there today in the comments: (more…)

02/12/13 7:00am
Paying taxes won't kill you - right? (via flickr user Mat Honan)

Paying taxes won’t kill you – right? (via flickr user Mat Honan)

Considering that the coffeeshop office is so popular in Brooklyn that even bars have gotten into the wifi game to woo the self-employed, it should come as no surprise that our borough has the largest population of freelancers in the city. But guess what, all you 1099-using graphic designers, bloggers, journalists and independent contractors galore? You still have to pay taxes, lest the wrath of the Internal Revenue Service befall you. (more…)