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j'eatjet? brunch

At j’eatjet it’s more like moremosa, Photo by Dave Rosado

[We updated this list for January 2016 and added some new spots so everything is up to date!-ed.]

Brunch: it’s that magical meal that’s somehow both over- AND underrated. It’s a great way to start a weekend or coast through a Sunday morning hangover, a meal where you can order a boozy drink and loudly proclaim “It’s five o’clock somewhere, right? Who cares? It’s brunch o’clock here!” to the hearty enjoyment of nobody, because come on. Brunch can also be expensive, as day drinking is apparently a fancy affair once you introduce a fruit cup to the occasion.

Still, there’s no need to be one of the five richest kings of Europe to get your boozy brunch on. Instead of buying a sixer of Milwaukee’s Best to drink alongside some hastily-made scrambled eggs at home, class it up by heading to these eighteen restaurants (!) which offer the best Brooklyn unlimited brunch drink specials.  (more…)

01/06/16 10:13am
They're coming

They’re coming

It’s the first Wednesday of 2016, and it’s like every other Wednesday. That’s not a bad thing, Wednesday is a herald of the coming end of the week, so those among you who are truly devoted to partying and poor decisions must be thrilled. Even if you’re a little more responsible though, the Brokelyn Events Calendar has a whole bunch of stuff you can get out there and do, without using work on Thursday as a base for your hangover. (more…)

12/29/15 11:51am
Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

You might have missed it, but it snowed last night, real snow. Of course, it wasn’t the kind of snow you could frolic in, so don’t worry if you missed it. Instead worry about still getting your frolicking in tonight, since you deserve it. A look at the Brokelyn Events Calendar shows that there’s plenty of ways you can do it even though there’s no snow, so get a look at the best picks from it and make some plans to get out there. (more…)

12/22/15 11:59am
Say goodbye to 2015 in style at any of these great parties. via Facebook

Say goodbye to 2015 in style at any of these great parties. via Facebook

There are only a few more days of 2015 left! Whether you are filled with hope, melancholy or dread for the upcoming year, don’t let the old one go out with a whimper. Even if you didn’t get invited to any killer house parties this year, you don’t have to schlep into Manhattan to find an awesome party. From booze to burlesque and food to fireworks, there are plenty of Brooklyn New Year’s Eve events and activities in every neighborhood to fit any-sized budget. (more…)

12/22/15 8:39am
Proof they can co-exist in one place. via Flickr user Zervas

Proof they can co-exist in one place. via Flickr user Zervas

We’re one more day closer to Christmas, and you can really see it on the Brokelyn Events Calendar, where it seems totally inescapable. Eh, that’s alright, because you’re one day closer to the end of a short week, and then there’s a short week after that. So when you think about it, you kind of get two Christmas miracles. Anyway, go out and have fun tonight, because it’s December and it’s warm and who knows when this will happen again (maybe forever, but we’ll figure that out later).

12/16/15 8:58am

Look who’s a special guest in your life tonight. via Love Boat Insanity

It’s Wednesday baby, “The Fulcrum of The Week!” For myself and other here at Brokelyn, it’s even closer to the end of the week than usual though, because we’re planning on making Friday a hangover convalescence day for our giant horrible hangover from our awesome party (now with Crystal Pepsi). You should plan that too, and with that knowledge in hand, find something great to do tonight. Fortunately, the Brokelyn Events Calendar has a bunch of great things to do. Pretty cool how that works, tbh. (more…)

11/18/15 8:40am
Witness the birth of the legend, tonight

Witness the birth of the legend, tonight

Wacky Wednesday, as it’s known in morning zoo-type radio shows across America, is upon us and there’s nothing you can do about it. Unless you have a time machine, although if all you’re going to do with your time machine is avoid some random Wednesday, I’d ask you to just let me use it instead because there’s much more fun to be had than that. Anyway, you don’t have a time machine, I don’t have a time machine, so why don’t we just consult the Brokelyn Events Calendar and see the best things going on tonight, huh? (more…)

10/30/15 12:00pm

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685 5th Avenue (Between 20th Street and 21st Street), South Slope
(347) 227-7410

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What it is: Adorable, kitschy neighborhood spot with bar food, patio, and open mic night.

Why we love it: Prices are reasonable, there’s a full menu of southern-inspired bar food, staff is friendly. Pretty basic stuff.

What to order: Begging the eternal question “did you eat yet,” D’jeatjet offers up some substantial answers with bar food favorites like fried mac n cheese balls. Let me say that one more time: FRIED MAC N CHEESE BALLS.

Regular tip: If you’re in the neighborhood on a weekend, stop by for brunch and $10 bottomless mimosas. Just be sure to line your belly with some of their delicious brunchy type fare like chicken and waffles.

10/21/15 9:46am
Judah Friedlander has some pictures he'd like you to see

Judah Friedlander has some pictures he’d like you to see

Oh, hello there. I didn’t think anyone would be around, doing nerd stuff like reading today, what with the sudden onset of spring-like weather hitting again and chasing away any thoughts of fall moving its stuff in and getting comfortable. That being said, you’re here, so at the very least I can let you know some good stuff to do tonight that I found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar. You could even get out there and do it wearing a t-shirt. (more…)

10/16/15 1:12pm
Get seduced by this transexual Transylvanian in Williamsburg

Get seduced by this transexual Transylvanian in Williamsburg

It’s getting colder out and there are more and more ghost sightings (or attempted ghost sightings anyway) around the borough. That can only mean Halloween is almost here, and you know what that means: Putting on a crazy costume and getting freaking wasted, all in an attempt to ward off the ghost of you getting old. We’re here to help, with the best ways you can celebrate Halloween in Brooklyn, both on the big day itself and on the run up to it. (more…)