08/07/13 10:22am
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All the Internet, coming soon! (Via flickr user Pro-Zak)

Well, this sounds awesome. A significant portion of Red Hook is about to get a little tech upgrade, thanks to the efforts of the Red Hook Initiative; they’ll be installing a free wireless network around the neighborhood. The project is spearheaded by Tony Schloss, RHI’s director of media programs; he and a group of neighborhood young adults involved in the youth-and-community-outreach organization, dubbed “Digital Stewards,” have been hard at work installing antennae on top of the RHI building and around Coffey Park, creating a significant wireless hotspot area. (more…)

01/02/13 1:22pm
Well, everyone's always talking about how they want a return to 70s New York

Well, everyone’s always talking about how they want a return to 70s New York

Given that this Congress has been the least productive in recorded history, maybe Brooklynites and other victims of Hurricane Sandy shouldn’t have gotten their hopes up for any federal aid. If you have, well, here’s some disappointment to start your year, because after promising a vote on the Sandy aid package, House Republican leadership has pulled the bill without any explanation. Good thing the city isn’t facing a massive rebuilding effort or anything. (more…)

10/17/12 4:12pm

Next, an app to to let people know you’re being Tasered. via The Verge

Of all the police procedures used in Bloomberg’s New York, stop and frisk has become the most contentious one. One the one hand, it’s supported by noted 80s caricature Curtis Sliwa, but on the other hand, it’s recently been revealed by The Nation as perhaps not a path to racial transcendence. Now Occupy Red Hook and the Red Hook Initiative community center have entered the fray with an app to for people to report when they’ve been stopped and frisked immediately after it happens. (more…)

11/08/11 3:01pm

As ze poster says, Occupy Brooklyn is having another meeting tomorrow evening, this time at Brooklyn College. And that’s about all the info we have on that, but Patch reports the group is planning an Occupy Your Block weekend with sit-ins, direct action and other stuff in and around downtown this Saturday and Sunday from 10am-9pm. So, who’s going and wants to report back to Brokelyn on the haps? Perhaps another Occupy Grand Army Plaza is in the works too?

via I Love Franklin Ave, Patch.