Stop waffling, don't be chicken, etc. via Brooklyn Beso

Stop waffling, don’t be chicken, etc. via Brooklyn Beso

Ah, brunch. That age-old institution of midday eating that leads to an afternoon and evening of napping, and then more eating. If you love this fictional, all-day meal as much as I do, then get excited, because Bed-stuy is getting another brunch crawl, courtesy of the Bridge Street Development Corporation as part of the Bed-Stuy Alive! festival. The crawl will move along Lewis Avenue, stopping off at some of the greasiest, rib-sticking ma n’ pop shops this side of the bridge. Start stretching your stomachs for Sunday, October 11.


01/11/13 10:16am
Just don't think about the idea of all that bank account info spilling OUT of it

Just don’t think about the idea of all that bank account info spilling OUT of it

The other day, when presenting this delicious Oaxaca Groupon, I expressed annoyance that I don’t get that in my inbox but get helicopter tour offers instead. Lifehacker found a service that is much more personalized, but also seems a bit more Orwellian, in the oddly named Bync. Ohhh, wait, is it “buy” and “sync” together? Yeah, still weird. (more…)

06/02/09 2:24pm

Important bulletin: Apparently, readers don’t care all that much about manners because we haven’t gotten any etiquette questions. But we’ve been overwhelmed with queries about whether making your own beer is cheaper than buying it, where to get the best hot dogs in Brooklyn, how to find a cheap, non-irritating dandruff shampoo (RiteAid?)  and now this one: about where to travel cheaply. So our nimble correspondent shall heretofore be dropping the Miss Manners racket and turning into the Brokelyn Answer Lady. We’re keeping the cute handle, though. Readers, fire away:

If I were planning a trip this summer, I’d hightail it to Mexico. Specifically, Oaxaca. And I’m not just saying that because I grew up next to Mexico, or because I spent an excellent two weeks in Oaxaca a few summers ago. The dollar is doing well in Mexico. Post swine-flu flights will get you down to Mexico for less than $300, and you don’t have to worry about dying while you’re down there because the State Department has lifted its travel warning. (more…)