11/14/14 10:04am
the worst kind of lay.

the worst kind of lay.

Welcome to layoff season! It’s the unhappiest time of the year between Columbus Day and Christmas when employers slash costs to make way for end of the year profits by decking the halls with pink slips. Sure, you might have seen that last Friday the official unemployment rate dropped to 5.8 percent. But don’t be fooled: Last month, employers also sent 50,000 people in all sorts of industries to the unemployment line.

Finding yourself suddenly without a paycheck can be terrifying — especially if you live paycheck-to-paycheck in an expensive place like Brooklyn, where rents have become ridiculous. You don’t have to be gripped with fear about becoming a statistic, however. There are things you could do right now to cushion the blow if the axe is coming for you. (more…)

10/21/11 2:10pm

Where everybody knows your Twitter handle

Where do you go to tie one on after you’ve been laid off? Our friends over at FiPS have a good debate going on today — although one we hope you won’t have a need for anytime soon! — on this very topic. It’s a specific alchemy of elements you need: a place that’s comforting and friendly (Norm!) but not too rowdy that you can’t still drown your sorrows, with beers cheap enough to afford with your non-existent paycheck (free bar food helps too). Kerri at FiPS says her pick is High Dive, for its free popcorn, Boss-filled jukebox, chalkboard walls on which to scribble your unemployment rage and, most importantly, a drink board where friends can pre-pay for your drinks. What’s your pick? Team Brokelyn weighs in with some of ours below, several of which are sadly drawn from real experience. (more…)

09/30/11 11:14am

Inside: How about, "I'm buying!"

As if shopping for greeting cards wasn’t depressing enough (re: your average bday card that reads something like this: Front: “You’re how old? Inside: “GAH HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD YET??”), Hallmark upped the ante by releasing a line of cards targeted at the unemployed, laid off or otherwise economically down-and-out.  “Don’t think of it as losing your job,” one card reads. “Think of it as a time-out between stupid bosses.” These $3.49 gems of corporate poetry join the card rack under the category “Encouragement” and teeter the line between clever compassion and depressing document of these 9 percent unemployment times. Plus, there’s only eight of them, and we know way more than eight people who could use some encouragement. So we asked Team Brokelyn to come up with our own line of Brokemark Happyface Cards For Sadface Times. Add yours! (more…)