12/08/15 10:38am
It's perfect for any holiday kard! via Facebook

It’s perfect for any holiday kard! via Facebook

You might have been wondering what the Kentile Floors sign has been up to since being removed from the Brooklyn skyline last year. Is it on a fabulous cruise? Working on its poetry? No, turns out that the Gowanus Alliance has been holding on to the giant letters, which makes sense. It’s the holiday season and sharing is the name of the game, so the Gowanus Alliance is sharing a piece of the sign with Brooklyn this weekend, inviting everyone to come on down to take a picture with the iconic K from the sign. (more…)

06/13/14 9:23am
kentile floors sign

Coming soon to somewhere else. via Flickr user Wieland van Dijk

In the kind of quick victory rarely seen in New York, preservation activists have been able to save the Kentile Floors sign. Kind of. It’s still coming down from its present location on Ninth Street and Second Avenue, but instead of being thrown into the scrap heap of history and into a literal scrap heap, it’s being donated to the Gowanus Alliance, who will find a new home for the sign, according to the New York Times. Where exactly? Hey, how about on your roof? (more…)

06/09/14 2:05pm
kentile floors sign

Brad Lander isn’t ready to let go. via Flickr user Julia Manzerova

Judging by the social media impact of the news the other day, everyone is heartbroken or angry about the imminent demolition of the Kentile Floors sign. You might be feeling powerless to stop it, but you’ve got a powerful-ish ally in the fight to save the sign in Councilman Brad Lander, who’s got a petition to save the sign up on his site, and some harsh words for Gowanus developers. (more…)

06/05/14 9:14am
kentile floors sign

Get your looks in while you can. via Flickr user Missy S.

We all love our old signs and our old history around here, especially when they provide something nice to look at while riding the train. So, even though everyone had been girding themselves for the day to come anyway, it’s officially time for us to all get sad because scaffolding has gone up at the Kentile Floors sign, according to the New York Neon blog, which means the sign isn’t long for this world. (more…)