08/27/13 2:22pm
The good news is, there are so many liquor stores. via Flickr user Adam Jarmon Brown

The good news is, there are so many liquor stores. via Flickr user Adam Jarmon Brown

Everybody hates work. You work harder and harder and have nothing to show for it and you come home and your lousy kids are looking at you with those accusing eyes and your husband is more interested in Matt Harvey’s elbow than giving you a shoulder rub. If only you could worse less, you tell yourself, then everything would be great. Sadly, sociology is here to dispute that notion and inform you that working less won’t make you happier. Sounds like someone’s stopping at the liquor store on the way home from work! (more…)

01/07/13 3:03pm
Do it. It's good for your wallet.

Do it. It’s good for your wallet.

In yet another sign that you really, really screwed up your life when you were a teenager, it turns out the happy popular kids in your high school set themselves up to make more money than you. Yep, all that time you spent moping in goth makeup and black nail polish hurt how much money you’re making today. And now, of course, you’re stuck not being able to make any money even though that also makes you happy, thus making you sad and continuing to depress your income. It’s a vicious cycle. (more…)

10/18/12 3:05pm

This is why you’re sad. via Too Many Kisses

Attention nerds: while we know you voluntarily waited to have sex until you were 20 (you had to fend the women off with a stick while playing Warcraft, obvs), you actually made the right decision because a new study in the journal Psychological Science  finds that people who waited until they were 20 to have sex are “less dissatisfied” in long-term relationships. (more…)