08/18/14 9:19am

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Despite the fact that we don’t want it to, summer is ending one of these days, which is a bummer. However, you can look forward to more than just playoff baseball as the temperatures cool, at least if you win this new contest we’re running with the folks at Glasslands.

Remember the season pass that they sell, the limited-run card that gets you into every show no matter how sold out it is and also gets you a drink when you walk in the door? It usually costs $235, but you can skip all that paying nonsense and get one absolutely free, merely by entering below. How exciting! A magic card that allows you access to every show at Glasslands from September 1 to November 30 (and a drink at that show), in a season that includes shows from Dinowalrus and Javelin, a Robyn dance party and the Glasslands 5th Anniversary party. Why are you still reading? Enter now and win!

Win a Glasslands Season Pass for Fall 2014!


04/10/13 12:57pm
Even if you don't like Titus Andronicus, you won't care. The show is free for you

Even if you don’t like Titus Andronicus, you won’t care. The show is free for you

Summer is a time when you might be a little dumber with your money. The scientific reason for that is because the heat makes your brain work more slowly and keeps you from carefully considering things. It’s OK though, it only lasts for like three months. Glasslands, recognizing this, is offering you the opportunity to get started on that early with a season pass to the in demand DIY spot that will get you into every show, no questions asked, for $225. Is it worth it? Actually, it just might be. (more…)