05/21/15 9:56am
atlantic yards

This, if we’ve ever seen it, screams EDGE. via A/N Blog

How easy has it become to bitch about how Brooklyn is changing and don’t you wish it used to be like the good old days? So easy that even Forest City Ratner CEO MaryAnne Gilmartin is showing up at real estate conferences wearing a Movement to Protect The People button and talking about how she’s worried about Brooklyn’s affordability and lack of an edge. Not that Gilmartin or her rusted space turtle stadium have anything to do with that, right? Right! (more…)

03/13/15 7:00am
Before and after. Photoshop by Megan Lovett

Renderings show you, before and after. Photoshop by Megan Lovett

Brooklyn’s building boom claimed another victim today, with this morning’s news that Forest City Ratner revealed plans to tear You down and replace You with a six-story luxury condo development. The plans, which were announced by a press release that included the above rendering, call for the building to have 80 apartments, with 30 percent of them set aside for affordable housing, a requirement the city attached to the sale of Your development rights to the Atlantic Yards developer. The plan to convert You to condos follows a string of Brooklyn landmarks closing or disappearing, and has fueled fears of housing advocates that more of You will soon become luxury developments in the near future. (more…)

09/22/14 1:00pm
atlantic yards

Pictured: Apartments that may or may not wind up full of water

As we all know, we’re supposed to allegedly maybe possibly see actual apartments fit for human life spring up at Atlantic Yards (or Pacific Park, if you have a very short memory) sooner rather than later. That possibility is looking a bit dimmer because Forest City Ratner is engaged in a nasty lawsuit with building partner Skanska USA Building over whose fault it is that the modular building going up next to Barclays isn’t going up anymore. The latest twist in the lawsuit is a fun one though, because according to Atlantic Yards Report, Skanska is alleging that the entire building could wind up leaking after it goes up. Maybe you don’t want any of that affordable housing after all. (more…)

atlantic yards

Hi, remember us? via A/N Blog

Hey, remember how the Barclays Center was supposed to wind up with a bunch of apartments around it, and some of them were even supposed to be affordable apartments? We know, it was a long time ago, before Mayor Tall and his crimewave, when whathisface, the short rich guy was mayor. Anyway, those apartments are still on the table, and according to the New York Times, after the bad press of yet another long delay, the governor and mayor have a new agreement with developer Forest City Ratner for an expedited build and two buildings made up entirely of affordable apartments. They mean it this time though. Seriously guys, stop laughing. (more…)

atlantic yards

Pictured: Apartments in Atlantic Yards that may or may not ever be built. via A/N Blog

It might be hard to remember, but the Barclays Center wasn’t supposed to be the only gigantic thing built in the Atlantic Yards project. The reason it was supposed to be such a boon to Brooklyn, aside from boosting or huge country music scene, was that Atlantic Yards was supposed to come with oodles of housing. The Times took  a look at what’s up with said housing and found a bunch of delays ahead, along with a shift in how the buildings are actually going to go up. If they ever go up, before World War III ends up starting over some disputed piece of Ukraine and we all have to live in underground shelters due to nuclear winter. (more…)

The new Nets stadium has been a slam-dunk for the rat population.

There’s a rat tsunami plaguing Prospect Heights, and it’s your fault, obviously. If your life has been made miserable and extra rodent-y from the Atlantic Yards construction, developer Forest City Ratner is throwing you a bone: no, not by cleaning up/shutting down/spraying down the project, but by providing garbage cans! Up to 1,400 free “rodent deterrent” (lidded, heavy duty) cans are available for buildings of 12 or fewer units in a 12-block radius south of Atlantic (see map below). To get one, contact the Atlantic Yards Community Liaison Office at communityliaison@atlanticyards.com or 1-866-923-5315. The Department of Health-approved cans come from Pintchik Hardware. So, problem solved, right? (more…)