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Brooklyn foodies are in for a great time, as Dine in Brooklyn is back for 2017, from March 20 to 30.

Borough President Eric Adams stated he hopes the borough-wide restaurant week will encourage Brooklynites to discover a new Brooklyn dish, or fall in love with their favorite Brooklyn food all over again.

“It’s a win-win for those who enjoy eating out with a bunch of friends and for those who are invested in the growth of our local economy. Nothing is more indicative of the transformation in Brooklyn than the various restaurants you see from neighborhood to neighborhood; it truly defines our ‘Brooklyn fusion’,” said Adams.

Here are three of our favorites from this year’s list of more than 80 participating restaurants: (more…)

10/16/14 2:41pm
Dine in Brooklyn offers gourmet dinners and a discount (via Facebook/kiwiana.restaurant)

Dine in Brooklyn offers gourmet dinners and a discount (via Facebook/kiwiana.restaurant)

New York Restaurant Week may still be prohibitively expensive but fortunately, you can get some actual good deals soon. That’s because Dine In Brooklyn, a three day celebration of local dining is back from October 20 to October 23 and October 27 to October 30.

Over 150 restaurants in the borough are planning to offer two-for-$15 lunches (so yes, you’ll need a friend or perhaps just take a meal to go) and $25 prix-fixe dinners. This may stretch your typical meal budget a bit, but you’re definitely getting a good value for the cost. (more…)

03/06/13 1:00pm
Williamsburg's St. Austere rolls out the welcome meats for Dine in Brooklyn. via Facebook

Williamsburg’s Saint Austere rolls out the welcome meats for Dine in Brooklyn. via Facebook

Manhattan can have their stupid Restaurant Week, we don’t need it. That’s because Brooklyn has its own temporally-suspect restaurant event, and it’s going down this month! The 10th annual Dine in Brooklyn starts on March 11 and will last until March 21, featuring over 200 participating restaurants (in list form or in google map) offering a mix of three-course dinner menus for $28, three-course lunches for $20.13 and some “two-fer” brunch/lunch/dinner deals. This is the week to try out places your mouth has been watering over, but you haven’t been able to fit into your budget. (more…)

07/10/12 1:19pm

Brooklyn is apparently the Bane of Restaurant Week’s existence. Photo via Vinnie’s Pizza.

As we well know by now, Brooklyn has no restaurants whatsoever and the food scene here is completely dead and in no way one of our borough’s more defining characteristics. Or so you would think by checking the listings for this summer’s NYC Restaurant Week, which again overlooks Brooklyn’s copious restaurant offerings. Only two restaurants are on this list this year: Benchmark in Park Slope and The Greenhouse Cafe in Bay Ridge. For the uninitiated, Restaurant Week is where eateries offer up prix fixe sampling menus: $24.07 for lunch and $35 for dinner, which is allegedly a deal. It runs from July 16-Aug. 10 (more…)

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Restaurant Week is for rich Manhattanites.

Foodies of Brooklyn rejoice! Dine In Brooklyn (Manhattan Restaurant Week’s younger brother that listens to obscure bands) is back, which means food blogs will soon be overflowing with pictures of fancy looking food. Dine In Brooklyn is March 19 –29, and features awesome deals from more than 195 restaurants. Enjoy cheap offerings from hoity-toity restaurants like Bacchus, Basil Pizza and Wine Bar, AOC Bistro, Blue Ribbon Brooklyn, Ortine, D.O.C. Wine Bar, Loreley Restaurant and Biergarten Fort Reno and the considerably less hoity Junior’s, along with many others. Deals include things like $25 for a three-course dinner or $20.12 for a three-course lunch (certain restaurants also offer two-for-one deals, for those who think that six courses is just the right amount). Call ahead for reservations, as highly discounted gourmet food tends to bring a crowd, See the full list here, and learn more about the event here.

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River Cafe is so romantic at night. Too bad the deal is only for lunch.

And just like that, it’s Restaurant Week season and Brooklyn gets the shaft yet again. Granted, we have Dine in Brooklyn in the spring, but it doesn’t compete with the myriad $24.07 lunches and $35 dinners that “official” Restaurant Week offers. Out of the 300 or so participating restaurants this year, only three (count ‘em) are in Brooklyn and, unfortunately, the selection doesn’t seem to have changed much from the winter version. Here’s a run down of this year’s slim list: (more…)

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Greenhouse Cafe cheesecake

Cheesecake from Greenhouse Cafe in Bay Ridge.

Borough Prez Marty Markowitz just announced the lineup for Dine in Brooklyn, our favorite time of the year for fancy midweek dates. From March 21 – March 31, more than 200 of Brooklyn’s eateries will serve three-course dinner menus for $25, three-course lunches for $20.11 and even some “two for the price of one” deals at participating restaurants. (more…)

03/11/10 1:55pm


The time of year has arrived to get out and splurge on a nice meal, but splurge a little less than usual. Dine in Brooklyn starts this Monday, Mar. 15, and over 200 of the Borough’s fine (and some really fine) restaurants are taking part. We’re excited about the $25 three-course dinner—or $20.10 lunch—at places like al di la Trattoria, applewood, Bocca Lupo, Chestnut, iCi, Miriam, Northeast Kingdom, Taci’s Beyti Restaurant and many, many others. And to make the deal even sweeter, the list includes more than a smattering of places where $25 covers a meal for two. See all of them here.

Whether the event means trying somewhere a $ or two above your usual fare, or you’re returning to an old favorite, let us know where you’re heading next week.

03/02/10 1:17pm
Enoteca on Court

Enoteca on Court

If there’s one dense, sluggish month that could use a jolt of cultural electricity, March is it. Other than St. Paddy’s Day, the month looked like 31 days of late-Winter doldrums with little to get us out and about to celebrate much at all. Enter Dine in Brooklyn, the seventh annual borough-wide celebration of Brooklyn and food. This year, more than 175 Brooklyn restaurants will offer specially-priced (i.e. cheaper) prix-fixe lunches and dinners all over the borough for 10 days. The event runs from Mar. 15 through Mar. 25, with three-course lunches priced at $20.10 and three-course dinners at $25.

The restaurant list includes Marco Polo Ristorante, Enoteca On Court, Dougies BBQ and Grill, ChipShop, Morton’s The Steakhouse, Moim, Picket Fence, Palo Santo, Waterfront Ale House, Petit Oven, Bussaco, Scopello, Bocca Lupo, Barrio, Graziella’s, Soule, First Oasis, Downtown Atlantic, The Woodburning Pit, Piramide, and many more.

This afternoon, BP Marty Markowitz will announce the rest of the event’s details, which we’ll bring to you à la carte later today. So check back for more.