01/11/17 3:29pm
Here are the museum memberships you can get with your NYC ID in 2017

The Center for Performance Research now accepts the NYC ID for a free membership. via FB

2017 brings with it a wave of anxiety about the future, as prose-inept-eel-necked Donald Trump looks poised to take the White House despite allegations of treason, assault, ethics, etc etc. Whether it shows on our faces or not, we’re all quietly panicking about our future access to health care, the survival of the free press, and whether we’ll even be able to function in America after January 20.

The great thing about NYC is that it remains a Whoville-esque snowflake in this blinding political avalanche, at least where culture is concerned. Few other cities can boast such impressive access to public programming. The NYC ID is a shining example of that access. It’s free to obtain, and gets you free memberships at dozens of cultural institutions, not to mention movie tickets and discounts at your local grocery store. Regardless of when you first obtained your NYC ID (and if you haven’t gotten yet, what are you waiting for) you can get a free one-year membership at any of the participating cultural institutions so long as you haven’t been a member of it since Jan. 1, 2013.

The roster of participating institutions in the IDNYC program has changed for 2017. Some institutions have bowed out, while a number of others have joined. Our friends at DNAinfo made it easy to spot the changes with a list of institutions that have taken leave of the IDNYC program, as well as the list of places now participating. Here’s what your ID gets you in 2017: (more…)

05/12/14 8:34am
Millennials can make old-timey puns, too

Millennials can make old-timey puns, too

Recent research shows that we millennials aren’t doing much of anythingor anyone, these days. But in a shocking twist of events, a twentysomething in East Williamsburg went and translated a whole book! He didn’t stop there, either. Arden Rogow-Bales took Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther—which is a series of angsty letters by a twentysomething living in 1774, originally written in German—and turned the book’s protagonist into a modern-day pen pal.

Now, you can subscribe to a mailing list to receive those letters as though they were being written to you, Werther’s BFF, with Rogow-Bales project What Werther Went Through. Besides providing access to some seriously vintage angst, this Lousy Millennial’s little social experiment is setting out to prove that twentysomethings have always been full of feels (and were probably also afraid of spiders in 1774). (more…)