01/27/17 12:01pm
Price check: Downtown Brooklyn's brand-new Target is selling cheap produce and meat

Target has dropped some ‘duce on Downtown Brooklyn. Photos by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Brooklyn’s newest Target opened Wednesday in the City Point development, putting it in the same new vertical mall as Alamo Drafthouse and Century 21. Unlike the other Target a few blocks down the road at Atlantic Center, so far it’s not a devastating hellscape of empty shelves and unattended children playing out a Mad Max scenario with shopping carts (so far, at least). The store is clean and bright, with big windows overlooking the surrounding development so you can watch the gentrification of Fulton Mall happen in real time.

The store also offers something you won’t find in the Atlantic Center Target (though you will find it at the Brooklyn College one): a way bigger grocery section that includes fresh meats, produce, fresh (ish?) bread and more, all for pretty cheap prices. The cost on some things is similar to what you might pay at Trader Joe’s. But should you be buying your strawberries and ground beef at the same place you get a six-pack of undies and the extended director’s cut of Suicide SquadWe did a quick price check to find out: (more…)

11/18/15 1:04pm
You can thank energy inefficient 838 5th Avenue for some of the coming floods. via City Realty

You can thank energy inefficient 838 5th Avenue for some of the coming floods. via City Realty

Ah the horrors of global climate change. While some of our top minds are busy working on some way, any way to deal with the fact that the angry ocean is planning on swallowing us up, us lesser minds can focus on other things like who we should be blaming for the looming catastrophe. There’s plenty of blame to go around of course, but let’s focus on the richest New Yorkers in the city’s most expensive buildings, buildings that a new report says are using an inefficient, disproportionate share of the city’s energy  resources. (more…)