03/21/17 12:26pm


Now opening up his third business on Bushwick’s Wilson Ave., 32-year-old Cuban-American Danny Teran’s entrepreneurial skills are prolific to the point that he has earned the moniker The Wolf of Wilson. I sat down with him at his restaurant, The Wheelhouse, to discuss how he started out on this road to Brooklyn domination.

So, how’d you get started as an entrepreneur? 

My parents are Cuban-American immigrants and when I came back to Jersey after college, my brother said “Let’s open up a Cuban restaurant together.” At that time food trucks were very popular so, instead, we did that for about three – four years. It was very successful, but after a while it became a little tiring and when our permits were about to expire, my brother and I said, “let’s start thinking about a new project.”


04/07/16 12:08pm
This eleven-year-old is living every Silicon Valley startup's dream. via Instagram

This eleven-year-old is living every small business owner’s dream. via Instagram

For the past week or two, I’ve been seeing stories about young kids getting what they want. I don’t mean in a bait-y, “This First Grader Had The Perfect Response To A Teacher’s Closed-Minded Math Question” kind of way. I mean in a career-minded, actually getting what they want kind of way. Last week, a nine-year-old boy in Carroll Gardens was making waves with his 25 cents a case detective agency. Meanwhile, an 11-year-old girl had just struck a multi-million dollar deal with Whole Foods to sell her own boutique brand of lemonade. And a couple days ago, DNAinfo reported that a four-year-old in TriBeCa had successfully lobbied to get a gumball machine re-installed in his neighborhood grocery store after the old one disappeared.

Call me crazy, but… should we be taking notes? Are these preschoolers the Silicon Valley startup CEOs of tomorrow? (more…)