07/14/15 7:50am
Is there something else out there? Like a planet with two suns? Find out tonight at The Bell House!

Is there something else out there? Like a planet with two suns? Find out tonight at The Bell House!

Is it Friday yet? Haha, no, of course not, it’s only Tuesday which means your week of drudgery has barely begun! My goodness, what would make you think you get to skip to Friday so quickly? Let’s not focus on that. Also don’t focus on the meeting you’re at right now, instead focus on choosing which of these five cool things pulled from the Brokelyn Event Calendar you’re going to do tonight. (more…)

06/18/15 4:11pm
Best part is, you can't get detention. via Bartsblackboard

Best part is, you can’t get detention. via Bartsblackboard

Gone are the days where grad school was the only way to enhance your post-graduate skill set. These days you can find professional development classes all over the city—ones that cost only peanuts compared to their degree-granting brethren. And you’ve been saying for weeks now that you want to build your website. But when are you actually gonna do it, huh?

We’ve partnered with a directory called CourseHorse, that streamlines all of the classes in the city available for a given interest. Want to learn Photoshop? There’s a class for that. Want to perfect that chickpea dahl recipe? There’s a class for that.

05/04/15 8:53am

Set a good example for the children. via Facebook

Riding a bike in the city is one of life’s great joys, provided that you can deal with the drivers and the potholes and the police. Yes, even with all that it’s still very nice, but it should be noted that the drivers and the potholes could help give you some serious brain damage or even kill you. Get some protection for that skull of yours (it houses your brain, after al) without having to pay for it this Thursday when the Department of Transportation gives out free helmets at the Brooklyn Public Library’s main branch. You can use the money saved to buy yourself some tubes for the inevitable pothole-caused flat tire. (more…)

04/27/15 8:45am
We guess we've heard of it?

We guess we’ve heard of it?

1. Do some thinking and talking about race with Brooklyn Public Philosophers as they discuss W.E.B. DuBois and Brown vs. Board of Education. (Monday)

2. Hear comics angrily growl “and let me tell you” at Antagonist Storytelling Show (or ASS, naturally) at Over the Eight. (Monday)

3. Alcohol and strong opinions are always a great mix, so join Allen McDuffee and John Flowers as they break down the 2016 elections at Politics and Pints. (Monday) (more…)

04/09/15 9:37am
bike the branches

They’re ready. Are you? via Friends of the Sheepshead Bay Library

Your pal the library does so much for you, from helping with your taxes to making you reading lists to giving you internet, and it never really asks much in return. Well, it asks you to return things on time, but that’s fair. In this one instance though, it’s asking you to help it out, but the good thing is you can have fun doing it. Bike the Branches, the tour/competition to see who can get to the most libraries in a day, is back for the third year on May 9, and you can register for it today. We think you should. (more…)

03/31/15 4:00pm
Because nobody wants problems with the IRS

Because nobody wants problems with the IRS

Tax time is a stressful time for everyone, unless of course you’re some rich goon with an army of lawyers who know how to convince the government your highly profitable sweatshop operation actually made no money. Presumably, that isn’t you, so you’re sweating it out and trying to do your taxes on your own. Don’t do that! Your pal, the Brooklyn Public Library, will help you out with FREE tax preparation at the Central Library Branch, per Park Slope Stoop. Now who needs an army of battle-scarred tax fraud attorneys? Not you! (more…)

Just look at how happy that tree has made her

Just look at how happy that tree has made her

Spring is on its way, sort of, which means bright trees and bunnies and joy and other things we forgot exist are slowing creeping back into our frostbitten hearts. While we can’t do much to provide you with more bunnies and joy than we usually do, we can help you get some trees. As part of MillionTreesNYC, New York Restoration Project is hosting a tree giveaway this weekend, where you’ll be able to get a tree to plant and hug and do whatever else the kid in The Giving Tree does (except at the end, that part was sad). (more…)

02/12/15 12:42pm
Finally, a chance to wear that unicorn onesie!

Finally, a chance to wear that unicorn onesie!

1. Make this Friday the 13th worth remembering with a $13 tattoo from any of these fine tattooerys. (Friday)

2. Side Ponytail will get a little help from Matteo Lane of Comedy Central and Christi Chiello of Girl Code to make sure you do your Friday the 13th-Valentine’s Day mashup right. (Friday)

3. Bitches Brew Comedy has music by Reformed Whores, so we’re sure there won’t be any potty mouth from the comics to worry about. (Friday) (more…)

01/12/15 11:25am
nyc municipal id

The ID card of Real America

A leak promised that NYC’s municipal ID card program would start on today, and hey, look at that, the website for the cards is up and running and chock full of information. So, wanna get your hands on a new form of ID that will separate you from the jerks who live in places like Buffalo or Syosset? Read on then, because we’ll let you know where and how you can snag an NYC municipal ID card of your own. (more…)

01/09/15 9:51am
brooklyn public library immigration

Tiny American flags for some, free immigration services for others. via Flickr user Jeff Myers

Citizenship status got you down? Hey, been there. Brokelyn’s resident Canadian here, nice to meet you. As a fellow foreigner who’s constantly checking her life choices against the USCIS handbook of How Not to Fuck Up Your Delicate Status Here (OK, there is no handbook), I was pretty jazzed to hear that the Brooklyn Public Library has announced FREE immigration programming to help residents take that next step towards becoming full-blown ‘Murrican.  (more…)