Just look at how happy that tree has made her

Just look at how happy that tree has made her

Spring is on its way, sort of, which means bright trees and bunnies and joy and other things we forgot exist are slowing creeping back into our frostbitten hearts. While we can’t do much to provide you with more bunnies and joy than we usually do, we can help you get some trees. As part of MillionTreesNYC, New York Restoration Project is hosting a tree giveaway this weekend, where you’ll be able to get a tree to plant and hug and do whatever else the kid in The Giving Tree does (except at the end, that part was sad). (more…)

02/12/15 12:42pm
Finally, a chance to wear that unicorn onesie!

Finally, a chance to wear that unicorn onesie!

1. Make this Friday the 13th worth remembering with a $13 tattoo from any of these fine tattooerys. (Friday)

2. Side Ponytail will get a little help from Matteo Lane of Comedy Central and Christi Chiello of Girl Code to make sure you do your Friday the 13th-Valentine’s Day mashup right. (Friday)

3. Bitches Brew Comedy has music by Reformed Whores, so we’re sure there won’t be any potty mouth from the comics to worry about. (Friday) (more…)

01/12/15 11:25am
nyc municipal id

The ID card of Real America

A leak promised that NYC’s municipal ID card program would start on today, and hey, look at that, the website for the cards is up and running and chock full of information. So, wanna get your hands on a new form of ID that will separate you from the jerks who live in places like Buffalo or Syosset? Read on then, because we’ll let you know where and how you can snag an NYC municipal ID card of your own. (more…)

01/09/15 9:51am
brooklyn public library immigration

Tiny American flags for some, free immigration services for others. via Flickr user Jeff Myers

Citizenship status got you down? Hey, been there. Brokelyn’s resident Canadian here, nice to meet you. As a fellow foreigner who’s constantly checking her life choices against the USCIS handbook of How Not to Fuck Up Your Delicate Status Here (OK, there is no handbook), I was pretty jazzed to hear that the Brooklyn Public Library has announced FREE immigration programming to help residents take that next step towards becoming full-blown ‘Murrican.  (more…)

12/15/14 9:51am
Go shopping sangria drunk and find something special for your pet unicorn-donkey.

Go shopping sangria drunk and find something special for your pet unicorn-donkey.

1. Brooklyn, Stand Up (until you fall down giggling) for comedy at The Knitting Factory. (Monday)

2. The next Brooklyn will be, well, Brooklyn. Find out what it might look like in a couple years at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Brooklyn Transitions series. (Monday)

3. Neuroscientist Gary Marcus will be at the Bell House for the Secret Science Club to talk all about future brains, and how they’ll be much better than your lousy present brain. (Monday) (more…)

12/09/14 3:52pm
donna minkovitz

She knows what she’s talking about

You might not have a job that requires you to do a lot of writing, but you know that deep inside you lies the soul of a great human of letters. The only issue is adding the actual ability to write to said soul so that you can get words on a page that people want to read. Don’t go crazy staring at a blank sheet of paper until it happens, instead, take advantage of a couple of free writing courses that award-winning memoirist Donna Minkowitz is offering at some Brooklyn libraries this month. (more…)

12/02/14 1:40pm
brooklyn public library

It’s where the internet lives now. via Flickr user gigi_nyc

This is 2014, and the thought of having no access to WiFi at home is a blogger’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, there are still an estimated 2.5 million people in New York City who’ve yet to experience the wonderful sorcery that is seeing that little triangle at the top of the screen fully connected and ready to stream episode after episode of Breaking Bad. Well it’s looking to be a very happy holiday for those who can’t afford at-home WiFi, because according to the Wall Street Journal, the New York Public Library is rolling out a program offering portable wireless Internet hubs to the masses, free of charge later this month. (more…)

11/25/14 10:00am
brooklyn charm shop

Why fight someone over a charm bracelet when you could just learn to make you on the cheap at Brooklyn Charm Shop? via Facebook

Black Friday is upon us and if you completely hate yourself, it’s prime time to buy presents for the holidays. Sure, we get it – the discounts are great, but it’s always a little awkward when your one friend gives you the perfect present and your gift to her was found after a hard won fight at the bargain bin.

Make your friends and family wish you were their secret Santa this year by giving them something you made at one of these six craft classes that you can take for $40 and under. We’re usually against learning anything that’s actually practical, but we would love to find a hand-knit scarf under the tree this year. (more…)

11/17/14 10:39am
Oh we are about to do some damage.

Oh we are about to do some damage.

1. Brainstorm ways the Eastern Parkway Branch Library can serve the community better, like by sending librarians to deliver bedtime stories and possibly snacks. (Monday)

2. The Old Souls Collection Launch Party features an experimental steel furniture installation along with free music and snacks. (Monday)

3. Rocket and Lightship’s author discusses his collection of essays from famous writers exploring how literature can illuminate our ethics, politics, and pleasures. (Tuesday) (more…)

09/10/14 11:27am
Time 2 learn

Time 2 learn

If you’re suffering the wave of back-to-school nostalgia that Target commercials and Old Navy window displays forces on the post-grad crowd, you’re not alone. You may be done shopping for dorm supplies (take a minute to celebrate never needing a shower caddy again) and composition books may never be in your life again, but you’re never too old to continue learning.

College classes are tempting, and expensive, to broaden your education, but there are plenty of university-less classes in New York that will teach you valuable, and practical lessons, like new languages, how to further your career, make a ceramic bowl, code an app, and much more, and you shouldn’t have to take out any loans to do it! Plus, you may learn a new marketable skill. Etsy always has room for another liberal arts grad… (more…)