01/28/15 4:04pm
gowanus art

Something like this, but maybe not this exactly. via Flickr user Jason Eppnik

Arts Gowanus is putting out the call for artists to send in plans for new public works to be displayed all throughout the neighborhood, which is good news for the, what 3 artists in Brooklyn that aren’t already millionaires lounging on private yachts? If you’ve got a concept for a love letter to that most canal-est of neighborhoods, send it on over to Arts Gowanus and have the chance to see it come to life in your very own backyard. They’re looking for pieces that capture the history, diversity, and community of Gowanus, and bonus points if you can visually express exactly what that smell coming off the canal resembles. (more…)

01/12/15 9:25am
smith-9th street bridge

BYO Pink Floyd. via Flickr user Timmy Caldwell

When was the last time you went to a laser light show, that youthful rite of hand holding and possibly making out passage (we’ve never actually been). If you feel like it’s been too long, you’re in luck, because Brownstoner notes that for two weeks starting tonight, the same group that re-lit the Kentile Floors sign is projecting a “light sculpture” on to the side of the Smith-9th Street Bridge in Gowanus. For once, the strange lights in the sky won’t be an LSD flashback, which is nice. (more…)

11/06/14 9:13am
death by audio

Death By Audio curator Mark Kleback relaxes in DBA’a cargo net. Photos by Mary Dorn

Before we were mourning Glasslands’ announced closure, we were hit with the news that Death By Audio would be closing at the end of this month. The pedal company/venue/artist studios lasted 10 years, which is a pretty good run, all things considered, but it’s still a shame to see it go. Before they pack up for good though, DBA’s community will be hosting Death By Art for the rest of November, an art show that opens up the space behind the venue itself, which is rarely seen by the public. Before the show though, we got a look behind the scenes at Death By Audio’s studio space, whose chaotic, DIY aesthetic is an outlier in Williamsburg today instead of the norm. (more…)

08/15/14 2:13pm

This one seems like it could be good for you.

If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, congratulations! We hope it doesn’t have bed bugs. Also, you might want to do a little bit of decorating. Finally get rid of your Reservoir Dogs poster and that Ikea art you made a huge mistake buying, and check out Gilt’s Banksy sale for a quick way to spruce up your new pad. (more…)
07/31/14 4:47pm
bushwick mall

Yes, see, the black-and-white suggests themes of a simpler time, before we saw the world in color. via Wyckoff Heights

Despite our occasional appreciation of it, we here at Brokelyn are by no means art experts. Unless you’re counting Cowboy Bebop, some of us have seen every episode something like three times. Otherwise, stick us in front of an abstract painting or some experimental photograph and the best we’ll come up with is, “Yep, that’s a thing.” Still, even we were struck by the haunting new renderings of the long-dreaded Bushwick mall, delivered to the world in black-and-white instead of the usual splashes of color that developers try to show off with. What does it all mean? (more…)

07/24/14 8:08am
deli grossery

Hell, they almost look appetizing. Photo by Michael Silber, via Deli Grossery

New York City, the advertising hub of the world. Everyone here is keen on the effectiveness of advertising, even so far down the line as bodega owners with those classic food posters with pictures of what’s supposed to pass for delicious looking food. They have become an unmistakable staple of delis and bodegas, and have become so ingrained in the city’s landscape that they’re one of the many awesome definitive characteristics of the city. So much so that one man has devoted his time to photographing and mapping out all these signs and posters on his Tumblr, Deli Grossery. Depending on your perspective, this could be art, but at the very least it proves to be interesting. (more…)

the passion of kim kardashian

Man, Bill Donohue is gonna be pissed. Then again, he always is. via ANIMAL

Given that her introduction to America was feigning shock, shock that her sex tape with Ray J was made public, Kim Kardashian has managed to do exceptionally well for herself. Even if you don’t have a reason to know who she is, you still somehow do, kind of like The Pope or the president or Osama bin Laden. So, taking things to their logical extreme, ANIMAL informs us that artist Hannah Kunkler now has an exhibit up in Bushwick that imagines Kim Kardashian as a god in various religious settings. (more…)

06/12/14 1:51pm
two hustlers

Have you made a bunch of crazy stuff like this? If Two Hustlers likes it, there’s some cash in it for you. via Facebook

If you majored in a fine art (or even the humanities), chances are you were like me and thought it was a get rich quick scheme. While your parents may have advised you to add an econ or poli-sci concentration alongside your sculpture major, you knew the real money was in experimental performance art flash fiction.  And yet, you’re still reading Brokelyn. Over stolen wifi. On your roommate’s ex’s iPad.

Now’s your chance to prove yourself, with an artist’s grant from “new-media creative lab” Two Hustlers and their partners Studio Formichetti. (more…)

06/03/14 9:58am
bushwick open studios 2014

Pretty much says summer, doesn’t it? All photos by Joseph Talman

After a long, brutal winter, people in the art world have been looking forward to Bushwick Open Studios more than ever. Finally, from May 30 to June 1, artists and art  collectives threw open their doors for shows and a celebration of the neighborhood’s art. For people who make the trek out to Bushwick, BOS is not just merely art, it’s an experience, but it’s also special for those of us who live here, the creatives and art-lovers alike.

The following photos document only a very small portion the weekend’s endless art party, one I am happy to call one of the most amazing weekends I have ever had in Brooklyn.


05/12/14 4:36pm
sorrow of rolldavia

Did you know that Vigo liked the drink and roll? Now you do. via Skee the People

You might have been under the impression that something as magical as the combination of drinking beer and playing skee-ball wouldn’t be controversial. We know that we were. Well, it turns out we were all wrong. The minds behind Brewskee-Ball, the skee-ball and drinking sport, are locked in a legal deathmatch with the Skee-Ball Inc., who say that “skee-ball” is a trademarked term and are looking to get Brewskee-Ball to change their name. Breskee-Ball is trying to raise money for their legal efforts with a crowdfunding effort, and now, an art show at Full Circle Bar with skee-ball-themed paintings called The Art of Skee-Ball. (more…)