11/11/16 10:36am
Artists, we have to start a pussy riot. via Censorpedia

Artists, we have to start a pussy riot. via Censorpedia

I make art. While I was in college at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts — in the Experimental Theater Wing, no less — an acting teacher asked us to make a list of 10 reasons why Art was essential in the 21st century. Among the reasons I wrote down, many of which have since become less relevant to my professional life in theatre, there was one that has stayed accurate. “Art is the only language left that we can all understand.”

Trump’s win affected everyone here in New York, but it seemed to have an especially curious effect on New York’s artist community. The night of the election, I watched as my artist-heavy news feed grew increasingly grim while the votes were counted. It was probably the internet equivalent of watching Hillary supporters’ faces at the Javits Center.

Eventually, there was mostly silence on my feed. People turned off their phones. People went to bed. People announced they’d be taking a break from the internet for a while. And on Wednesday, statuses were bleak, rambling and hopeless. But by Thursday, there was a shift in the collective voice. By and large, the resounding sentiment of artists has become: Well fuck, okay. Let’s make shit. (more…)

11/23/15 3:21pm
When regular police tape just won't do! via gilf!

When regular police tape just won’t do! via GILF

Gentrification is pretty much everywhere you look these days in Brooklyn, New York City and really any urban area, but you might feel it needs a better marker than a cupcake shop or a coffee shop or a characterless million dollar condo building or an influx of people trying not to be racist while they dance around the question of whether a neighborhood is safe.

If you feel that way, now you can put a big yellow marker on everywhere you think gentrification is happening, with this 1,000-foot roll of yellow caution tape that says “GENTRIFICATION IN PROGRESS.” Sure it’ll run you $60, but just think of how mad yuppies in their million dollar condos will be when they have to knock this down from the front door of their building every single morning until you run out of tape. (more…)

08/12/15 11:13am
This could be you, making some art, doing some good. via Twitter

This could be you, making some art, doing some good. via Twitter

Hey there talented Brooklyn artist wondering how you can get your name and work out there so that people finally understand how talented you are. It’s definitely tough out there, but don’t give up just yet, because here’s a fun opportunity: the Department of Transportation is looking for artists to paint some bright and pretty pictures onto our otherwise dull and crappy traffic barriers. (more…)

05/27/15 8:28am
sonya art walk

Look how much fun these people are having with art! via Facebook

It’s late spring in New York City, and you’re probably being inundated with images of all the highly Instagrammable art happenings that are perpetually popping up around here. Though it’s inarguably awesome to have access to so much new art on the reg, maybe you want to have a serious art binge without venturing into Manhattan or taking a boat. Look no further than the 16th Annual SONYA Art Walk this weekend! (more…)

greenpoint gallery night

Get a look at this work from Jonathan Campolo, and more, as you stroll trough Greenpoint Gallery Night. via Facebook

Spring has just about sprung, and you’re feeling like you want to stretch your legs and get a good walk in. You can do that and get get your wine and cheese on at this Friday’s Greenpoint Gallery Night. The first Greenpoint Gallery event of the new year, this Friday’s art walk (weather permitting) promises a chance to hobnob with local artists and explore the environs of Greenpoint gallery scene.  (more…)

02/16/15 11:15am
This is completely innocent

This is completely innocent

Puberty was probably the worst time in your life for you, a confusing rush of hormones and patchy beards and so many feels. You don’t want to revisit it, not for any reason in the world. Well, maybe one reason, because an art exhibit opening in Williamsburg Friday is turning your hormonal trauma into delicious candy that you get to eat. As long as you’re okay with eating cotton candy boobs and candy off of ropes coming out of a gourd, which is supposed to represent menstruation. You know, normal ways to eat candy. (more…)

02/13/15 3:00pm
green-wood cemetery clown


You might remember that last year brought us joy in the form of captivating Brooklyn-based mysteries. They made us ask questions related to the security of our landmarks and whether living in a building with a garbage chute was really worth the convenience after all. A couple of them even made us consider the paranormal, if it weren’t so obvious that all of them were some lousy art thing. There were the white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge, the Prospect Park Brooklyn Nets skeleton and, of course, the clown just hanging out in Green-Wood Cemetery last summer.

Sometimes mysteries remain unsolved, eventually becoming local lore and capturing the imaginations of generations to come. But sometimes, you just have to consider Occam’s Razor. No, it wasn’t the incorporeal spirit of a dead clown haunting the grounds he would no longer ever get to leave, because come on. It was some jerk who was performing a piece of what he really wants us to call “art.” (more…)

02/02/15 2:57pm
black artstory month

Sure you could look at a picture of Anthony Boone’s painting, but you could also go see it live this month. via Facebook

February is Black History Month, and there is no better place to celebrate the heritage of African Americans than here in Brooklyn. The Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership is celebrating with their 3rd Annual Black Artstory Month, under this year’s title of “Where I’m From: The Black Artstory of Myrtle and Beyond.” The month-long series of free art exhibits, performances, film screenings and more in Fort Greene, Clinton Hill and Wallabout, Brooklyn will explore themes of time, travel and transition by over 25 Brooklyn-based artists celebrating the neighborhood’s rich African American history. (more…)

01/28/15 4:04pm
gowanus art

Something like this, but maybe not this exactly. Mural by Tonky Designs, via Flickr user Jason Eppnik

Arts Gowanus is putting out the call for artists to send in plans for new public works to be displayed all throughout the neighborhood, which is good news for the, what 3 artists in Brooklyn that aren’t already millionaires lounging on private yachts? If you’ve got a concept for a love letter to that most canal-est of neighborhoods, send it on over to Arts Gowanus and have the chance to see it come to life in your very own backyard. They’re looking for pieces that capture the history, diversity, and community of Gowanus, and bonus points if you can visually express exactly what that smell coming off the canal resembles. (more…)

01/12/15 9:25am
smith-9th street bridge

BYO Pink Floyd. via Flickr user Timmy Caldwell

When was the last time you went to a laser light show, that youthful rite of hand holding and possibly making out passage (we’ve never actually been). If you feel like it’s been too long, you’re in luck, because Brownstoner notes that for two weeks starting tonight, the same group that re-lit the Kentile Floors sign is projecting a “light sculpture” on to the side of the Smith-9th Street Bridge in Gowanus. For once, the strange lights in the sky won’t be an LSD flashback, which is nice. (more…)