Eugene Mirman stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers the other night, and explained that since the Gowanus Whole Foods is trying to make nice with local artists, he had some paintings he’d like them to display. We’re no art critics, but we think the paintings, with names like “Couple Under A Tree Wishing They Were Biracial” and “Vegan On His Way To The Complain Store” would fit in perfectly with Whole Foods’ other ridiculous items. And as you can see below, Mirman also brought his campaign to Twitter. (more…)

pink elephant DUMBO

It’s uh, it’s exactly what it claims to be

You’ve got a backyard, but you need something in there more decorative than your rusty barbecue grill and overgrown weeds. Aren’t you fortunate then that the above pink elephant statue, a representative figure of your alcoholic delusions given terrifying life, that’s been hanging out in DUMBO the past few months is now free for whoever wants to give it a good home. The statue is 13 feet long, 6.5 feet wide and apparently “very heavy,” to the point where the person who listed it on Craigslist said that you’d need a pallet jack to haul it away. But where the hell would you ever get a pallet jack?

03/12/14 3:07pm
If you want to get your hands on David Sandlin's Train of Heartache, bidding starts at just $50. You can afford that! Courtesy of Booklyn

If you want to get your hands on David Sandlin’s Train of Heartache, bidding starts at just $50. You can afford that! Courtesy of Booklyn

It’s always nice to have something pretty hanging on the otherwise bare walls of your apartment, but you figure that art is too expensive for some schmuck like you who isn’t pulling down big bucks. But luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way! On Friday, March 14, non-profit artists’ book hub Booklyn (who we last saw surviving the 24-hour zine challenge), hosts their annual “Better Read Than Dead” art auction, inviting you to bid on art that starts as low as $50. (more…)

03/03/14 9:38am
cotton candy machine gallery

Come on, these can’t be easy to hide. via Facebook

Brooklyn’s art world has been hotter than hot the past two decades, but the one thing it’s been missing is a comical, slapstick art heist. But now we’ve got one, with an almost improbable tale of thievery involving art thieves nabbing enormous paintings of Nelson Mandela, Jean-Michael Basquiat and Snoop Lion from Williamsburg art gallery Cotton Candy Machine. A suspect in possession of the  5′ Basquiat painting has already been apprehended (finally get to write that phrase!), but the Snoop Lion and the Nelson Mandela paintings are still missing. (more…)

brooklyn artists alliance

You can check out Mike Taylor’s exhibition “No Future” at the Brooklyn Artists Alliance. Nihilism is always in. via Facebook

Winter, being that slog that it is, isn’t very friendly to going out. Still, you should reconsider your plan to just hole up in a bar or not even do that, because tonight, Greenpoint’s local art galleries are opening their doors from 6pm-9pm in celebration of Greenpoint Gallery Night. The event (organized by Scott Chasse of Calico and Lia Post of Fowler Arts) features a variety of local exhibition spaces and businesses with artistic elements. With every gallery being in walking distance of the other, you can set your own route, making it a perfectly casual night out, date or otherwise . So put on those snow boots and slog around Greenpoint to stare at some local art and feel smart. (more…)

01/29/14 3:06pm
nitehawk droppings

Does that veggie burger have eyes?

If you’ve been to Nitehawk Cinema before, you know how things work there. You sit down at your movie, and instead of shouting your food and drink orders at the waitstaff like a common hobo, you’re supposed to write them down and wait for someone to pick the paper up. And most people do that. But, as shown by Nitehawk’s tumblr, other people use their time there to draw very detailed and strange sketches. (more…)

01/21/14 2:56pm
figment nyc mini golf

Just make sure it’s something someone like this would like. Photo by Scott Lynch, via Facebook

Ever go to a mini-golf course and have a screaming breakdown because you think some idiot designed the holes to be impossible to finish under par? Just us, huh? Well, unresolved issues with mini-golf courses or not, you’ve got a chance to prove you can design a great hole, because FIGMENT NYC is calling for proposals for their ever-changing course on Governors Island. Just make sure it’s child-friendly, you don’t want to see a legion of frustrated kids swinging golf clubs around. (more…)

10/03/13 10:00am
Photo credit: Abigail Clark

Photo credit: Abigail Clark

Sponsored By BRIC.

BRIC is a non-profit arts and media cultural organization. BRIC's brand-new 40,000-sq-ft cultural complex opens October 3, 2013.

Created By BlankSlate

BRIC has come a long way since its founding in 1979, and it’s about to go a lot farther. BRIC Arts | Media House, BRIC’s new 40,000 square foot arts and cultural center, opens downtown today and we’re taking you inside to see the new building and what it used to be.  (more…)

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Sponsored By Brooklyn Poster.

The defining image of Brooklyn is here.

Remember Saul Steinberg’s 1976 New Yorker cover, “View of the world from 9th Avenue“? In case you don’t, it shows 9th Ave, 10th Ave, the Hudson River and beyond it, a big block of land covering the rest of the country. That illustration defined the way New Yorkers saw Manhattan in relation to the rest of the world. But it wasn’t just about Steinberg’s vision. Steinberg was illustrating the way New Yorkers already viewed themselves and their city. Now, Brooklyn Poster illustrates the world from Brooklyn’s perspective. (more…)

08/28/13 11:37am
Like this? Niv Tishby is one of the artists in Brooklyn's first art CSA. via Facebook

Like this? Niv Tishby is one of the artists in Brooklyn’s first art CSA. via Facebook

Let’s be real here: you need some new art in your apartment. That picture of “The Kiss” you have hanging up in your room makes everyone from your roommates to dates that you bring home uncomfortable. Ah, but art is expensive, even more so when you’re trying to pretend like you have taste. What to do, what to do. Oh, you could sign up for an art CSA, which is a totally real thing, thanks to Brooklyn Community Supported Art and Design. (more…)