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Union Hall is for indulging your inner Belle's library fantasies.

Union Hall provides ales and ambiance, perfect for getting lost in a novel.

We often can’t help ourselves from buying a book whenever we pass a bookstore. We’ll save money for beer, of course, because we want to devour our literary haul with some lagers in one of our favorite reading venues: a bar! Not all bars are equal in the eye of the reader, naturally. Who wants to read where jaeger bombs are the norm? To save you the time searching, we compiled a list of fifteen places we think are the best Brooklyn bars to read in, along with suggestions on what to read.

Since most normies converge on pubs when night falls, these places are best read in during the day. But a good number of them remain quiet enough on weeknights to take in some text. Just remember to take care of your bartender if you’re going to spend a lot of time there.  (more…)

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tk via Facebook

Your prayers for a great date spot near a lot of trains have been answered by St. Gambrinus. via Facebook

Looking for love, but can’t bear to give up the comfort of your closest train? Hey, we get it. But what will you do when you meet someone who lives in Midwood? Don’t you want to give that cutie from Long Island City a chance? Thankfully, there’s no need to schlep all the way to their hood until things get serious. Despite the head-scratching lack of fine dating establishments by some of our premier subway stations there are always those dive bars in the rough, so here are some places where you can meet up halfway and still have a great date. (more…)

Alchemy Bar

Alchemy Restaurant & Tavern
56 5th Ave. (5th Ave. and Bergen St.), Park Slope

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What it is: A cozy, low-key pub in Park Slope with a rotating set of hard-to-find beers, an extensive cocktail menu, and excellent food.

Why we love it: Alchemy is the perfect place for a date, a casual meal, or enjoying a quiet drink and a book. Its die-hard set of regulars and bartenders who remember your name make it feel like a local pub. You’ll also find secluded tables and booths if you’re looking for a little privacy and a great outdoor patio if you’re looking to chill outside during the summer. Need WiFi? They’ve got that, too.

You won’t find greasy bar food here. Four different menus — breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner — have something for the vegan, the veggie, the foodie, or the guy who just wants a good burger. The chorizo eggs (brunch) is a great way to start a Sunday, while the wild mushroom barley risotto with truffle oil (dinner) is one of the many uncommon treats you can share with a date. And if you do have a hankering for some chicken wings, you can get those, too, during the way affordable weekday happy hour.

What to order: Alchemy’s beers rotate every couple of weeks, but you’ll always find a stout, an IPA, a pilsner, an ale, and special seasonal beers on tap. Pair one with the gooey shells and cheese or the Monday Mussels deal—a dozen mussels for six bucks!

Regular tip: The bar was named Alchemy because at the time the owner was reading up on the ancient art of chrysopoeia, thanks to the Da Vinci Code.

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saint catherine trivia night

You can use that smart brain of yours to win stuff like cheese at The Saint Catherine’s trivia night. via Facebook

You can pretty much find trivia any night of the week in Brooklyn. Sure it’s great to win a round or two of drinks, but sometimes we want to feel like we’re on a game show and take home a grand prize—besides a hangover. Here are eleven bars that offer more than a bar tab. (more…)

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Marty didn't even give them an almanac or anything. Photo by Tim.

Marty didn’t even give them an almanac or anything. Photo by Tim.

I took this picture on July 27, in front of Alchemy in Park Slope, in the dead of the heat wave (almost exactly six months ago). It was a perfect steamy summer saturday: I had camped out at Uncle Barry’s under the blissfully refreshing air conditioning, the Mets afternoon game on TV, sidling up to the bar for a drink while reading the just-released post-humous David Rakoff book, Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish, which was wonderful and sweet and just sad enough. The summer was swinging hard for the fences with high temps, and the Mets were puttering along in another loss to the Washington Nationals, Dillon Gee trying his best on the mound but unable to break the fever of a lost season. With a cold beer in hand, the summer was cresting in all its sweaty, gritty glory, that golden page of the calendar when all your neighbors suddenly turn into an art show hawking beautiful tattoos that burst alive from under tank tops and jorts, speeding by on bicycles. It’s that time of year we flock to bars to abuse their air conditioning, not fireplaces. The sign is, as one twitter follower said, predicting the obvious, so why the hyperbolic fretting now?  (more…)

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It’s really a knock-out, you know? via The Film Emporium

1. Go see Manhattan for a reminder of what it was like before there was a Guy Fieri restaurant there. (Monday)

2. Put a dollar value on your collection of useless knowledge with trivia at Alchemy. (Monday)

3. Check out a book-release party about the secrets of the hotel industry and maybe you’ll never stay at a hotel ever again. (Tuesday)

4. Tell a story and get a cookie at I Like You, Maude. (Tuesday) (more…)