We've heard of pot brownies, but...
We've heard of pot brownies, but...

One of the payoffs of this line of work (aside from the obscene salary and endless stream of luxury freebies) is that you find out about interesting events before they happen, not the day after. So, we’ll admit to never having been to Dumbo’s Art Under the Bridge Festival, which returns this weekend, but holy crap does it look fun.

The idea is this: 80-plus young artists use “any medium imaginable to create temporary projects on-the-spot everywhere and anywhere” (thank you, well-written press-release). In past years, there were crazy art moments on bridges, benches, sidewalks, well-endowed men’s thingies and even in pizza boxes.

This year, you can help artist Gav Barbey lay out 1000 pigmented ice blocks, do some “texting” with Karina Bergmans‘ letter-shaped pillows, stick some garbage onto artist Chin Chih Yang, let Edisa Weeks redesign your hair into fantastical, playful hair sculptures or power Hye Yeon Nam‘s sound installation—by kissing. (Circle that one, sugar!)

Art Under the Bridge Festival, Friday, 6 to 9, Saturday and Sunday, noon to 9. Download the complete schedule or an iPhone app, here.

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