The New York Abortion Access Fund is looking for a few good board members


You’ve already got way too many tote bags, so why not get involved on a deeper level? via Facebook

There are jobs out there to be had, but maybe you’re one of those lucky people who’ve found professional fulfillment. In that case, you might be looking to branch out for other forms of feeling fulfilled. Here’s one way: Help low-income New Yorkers and Americans get access to abortion by applying to be a board member on the New York Abortion Access Fund.

If you’ve still got some residual inspiration from Wendy Davis but figure you can’t make a difference around here, you’re wrong. The battle for abortion rights and access is basically never-ending, so if you’ve been looking to join said battle, NYAAF needs an institutional fundraiser, who’s in charge of things lie grant writing and finding potential donors to shake down, an events coordinator who’s tasked with thinking up big ideas like the annual Bowl-A-Thon and smaller events to draw in smaller donors, and a development coordinator who basically makes sure things run smoothly in the organization.

The NYAAF is committed to helping women who can’t afford an abortion help pay for one, which is a brokester-friendly idea if we’ve ever heard one. The Fund also says they’re committed to a diverse board, so don’t think that you’re not white enough, or too young, too old or too queer to volunteer for the group. If you want in, you can email info [at] for an application.

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  • With free birth control pills under Obamacare how is this even an issue?
    And doesn’t Obamacare cover this in the first place?