Men finally realize women capable of paying on dates

They're smiling because she paid for the drinks. via Flickr user Ed Yourdon

They’re smiling because she paid for the drinks. via Flickr user Ed Yourdon

True equality is here, or at least a hacky comedian standby can be ripped from bad comedians’ hands, because according to a new study from the American Sociological Association, men are finally comfortable with the idea of women paying on dates. Or maybe “comfortable” isn’t the right word, since the survey found that guys just want women to pay. If Andrea Peyser weren’t on vacation we’re sure she’d have something mean to say about feminists causing this.

The ASA did a survey of more than 17,000 people, and the results were that 64 percent of men thought at a woman should pay for her “share” of a date. What the Post story doesn’t go into is what exactly the “share” of a date consists of. Food eaten? Movie tickets bought for? As we’re not in the habit of going to fancy restaurants, and more in the habit of going to bars, where our physical drawbacks can be hidden by low lighting and our personality drawbacks hidden by alcohol, we’d say things are pretty simple here: whoever buys the first round doesn’t pay for the next.

Not that we’re any kind of experts, but whoever asks someone out should be the one who pays. After all, you’re the one promising a good time, and the person you’re on a date with was nice enough to go out with you. The study also found that 44% of guys said they’d dump a girl who expects them to keep paying for everything, which makes sense, but mostly because everyone nowadays, men and women, have soul crushing jobs they hate and that keep them just above the poverty line.