Looks like we picked the right week to start being cheap

Despite the fact that it involves partaking in the miracle of human flight, air travel is a pain in the ass. It’s expensive too. But it’s less expensive this week on JetBlue owing to NYC Flight Week, a veritable orgy of discounted flights, to the tune of 80% off. Each day this week, the carrier is offering three bargains. But like all great deals in life, there’s a catch.

In this case, it’s that there’s a very limited timeframe in which you can take advantage of the deals (you have to be willing to do the traveling in the next couple of weeks) and you can only go to the places that JetBlue picks. Not all of them are winners (“Hey guys, let’s go to FLORIDA!”) but there were also two deals offered yesterday, to Costa Rica and to St. Maarten. Plus, 80% off translates to something like $300 in savings for some flights, which sounds pretty great.

Keep checking the site this week to see what else is offered, but don’t think too long and hard about your plans. Based on the number of “sold outs” currently on the JetBlue landing page, tickets are going quick.

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  1. i don’t think the destinations they picked are that bad (the Gulf Coast of Florida isn’t a bad place to spend a few days, especially as compared to winter in NYC), but discounts on last-minute travel aren’t all that useful for most of us.

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