Spend your subway fare at Milly & Earl. via Facebook

The big weekend L train shutdown cutting it off between Manhattan and Brooklyn is coming, and boy is everyone excited. Oh no, that’s not true, they’re not excited at all, they actually seem kinda pissed. We’ve already let you know that you can save on theater tickets during this whole thing, and now a few Williamsburg boutiques have let us know that in honor of the first weekend shutdown, you can come in and get a $2.75 discount on every purchase this weekend, so that you can spend your train fare on cool local merchandise instead of a disappointing train.

Bernadette Libonate, the owner of Milly & Earl (351 Graham Avenue), emailed us to let us know that her store, along with SlapBack (490 Metropolitan Avenue) and Antoinette (119 Grand Street) are all trying to make the best of the L train shutdown, which means offering a discount for you. Specifically, that means you can get $2.75 off every transaction this weekend only at the three stores, all of which are cool small boutiques offering up cool jewelry, home decorations and vintage clothes.

Obviously $2.75 isn’t a huge discount, but most of the fun is in the symbolism. And anyway, it still sounds like a better use of your money than a train that’s only going to take you to a shuttle bus that takes you to another train that takes you nowhere near where you were trying to go originally.

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